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Virtual community of practice

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The Change Foundation in partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Nursing Secretariat has awarded researchers at McMaster University $105,000 to develop a virtual community of practice for street nursing. Lead by Dyanne Semogas of McMaster University, School of Nursing and Claremont House Special Care Unit, and Ruta Valaitis of McMaster University, School of Nursing, the team includes Wendy Muckle (Ottawa Inner City Health), Cathy Crowe (Toronto Disaster Relief Committee), Noori Akhtar-Danesh (McMaster University), Anne Childs (Salvation Army Services Center, Hamilton), and Fiona Brooks (University of ...
many now claim that virtual CoPs do exist (e.g. Dubé, Bourhis & Jacob, 2005; Murillo, 2006; Zarb, 2006; Hara & Hew, 2007; Murillo, 2008). For example, some claim that a wiki (such as is a virtual CoP (Bryant, Forte & Bruckman, 2005), others argue that the essence of a community is that it is place based - a Community of place . There is also debate on the very term VCoP since the community is real though the form of communication is mostly, if not entirely, computer-mediated . Few believe that a community of practice may be formed without any face to face meetings whatsoever. In fact many leading CoP thinkers ...
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(selanjutnya akan disebut CoP) adalah proses belajar sosial yang muncul saat orang-orang yang mempunyai ketertarikan yang sama dalam suatu hal berkolaborasi dalam suatu periode yang panjang untuk melakukan sharing ide, menemukan solusi, maupun membangun inovasi [3]. Kelompok-kelompok diskusi, hobbyist, serta kelompok-kelompok sejenis merupakan contoh dari suatu CoP. CoP pertama kali dicetuskan oleh Jean Lave dan Etienne Wenger. Etienne Wenger kemudian memperluan konsep tersebut dan mengaplikasikannya untuk konteks lain, khususnya dalam hal pengembangan organisasi. Wenger [5] mendefinisikan CoP sebagai suatu kelompok ... market research, surveys and trends
Training Drupalistas -- and Propogating Drupal Culture | geekaustin
You don't want to get into a situation like CS had a few/several/many years ago, with a big influx of people learning Java because that's where the money was, and we end up with a wealth of lackluster, unmotivated, average Java developers who can "get by" but who aren't ever going to build you anything interesting. This certainly resonates for me. It's just a paycheck Back when I ran Europa, and later, Desert Books , I sold the entire O'Reilly catalog at 25% off. Although sales on CS books were good, only about 300 students from the UT CS dept. had ever visited the store. Knowing that was only ... market research, surveys and trends


The Impact of the California State University
In addition to the critical knowledge-based industries, California State University has educated many of the Golden State’s public professionals, including teachers , criminal justice employees , social workers , and public officials . In total, the CSU graduated about 75 percent of the state’s college degrees in criminal justice and prepared more than half its teachers. Education is the foundation for future generations of Californians’ success and is routinely cited as one of the major drivers of economic growth. The CSU is by far the state’s primary source of teachers; more than half of California’s teachers are ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Getting Students More Learning Time Online
2007.34 The same survey found that nearly 50 percent of schools had concerns over course .... Virtual schools have worked for more than 1 million American K- 12 students .... “Children Online: Learning in a Virtual Community of Practice. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Virtual worlds: is this where real life is heading?
while last month Small Planet Foods, a subsidiary of General Foods, introduced a new brand of organic blueberries. What have these two products got in common? Neither actually exist. Well, not except as pixels in the virtual worlds where they are traded. Only the money is real. The space station was sold in the virtual world Entropia Universe , which has its own economy and currency. The buyer, who converted his $300,000 into 3.3m PED (Project Entropia dollars), is convinced that virtual shops on his virtual space station will produce virtual profits that can be converted back into real dollars. The blueberries represent a ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Online copycats
The internet has often been referred to as the wild west, where reputations can be trashed with just a few clicks of a mouse. Now, California aims to outlaw the growing practice of online impersonation, which is often used for nefarious purposes. A bill, authored by State Senator Joe Simitian, aims to update laws written in 1872 to recognise that "in the age of the internet, pretending to be someone else is easy". The bill, awaiting the signature of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, would make it a crime to "harm, intimidate, threaten or defraud" through the internet or other electronic means. Penalties for such behaviour would be ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The Success of Virtual Communities of Practice: The Leadership Factor
Mar 3, 2005 ... Keywords: Virtual community of practice, virtual group, leadership, knowledge sharing, organizational learning. 1. Introduction ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Designing for Virtual Communities in the Service of Learning
school communities, and communities of practice, it is clear that ... apparent in terms of virtual communities where designers are employing ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Virtual Communities | EDUCAUSE
ELI is no longer actively pursuing this topic. This page is provided as an historical resource; it is not being updated or actively managed. Virtual communities of practice (VCOPs) function as persistent online forums in which people with common interests explore and address shared issues or problems. VCOPs provide their members with direct access to information and interaction at the time and place most convenient to them. Such access includes: Information resources and best practices / strategies Knowledge bases to which members can contribute their work and findings Colleagues engaged in similar work and tackling similar ...
Virtual ethnography at AllExperts
It extends the traditional notions of field and ethnographic study from the observation of co-located, face-to-face interactions, to physically distributed, technologically mediated interactions in virtual networks and virtual communities. In doing so it challenges the traditional notion of a field site as a localised space and moves it into the virtual world of physically distributed interactions. [ 1 ] Virtual ethnography attempts to maintain the values of traditional ethnography through providing a "thick" description through the "immersion" of the researcher in the lives of their subjects. This focus on ...
Ontology (computer science) at AllExperts
Contemporary ontologies share many structural similarities, regardless of the language in which they are expressed. As mentioned above, most ontologies describe individuals (instances), classes (concepts), attributes, and relations. In this section each of these components is discussed in turn.. Individuals (instances) are the basic, "ground level" components of an ontology. The individuals in an ontology may include concrete objects such as people, animals, tables, automobiles, molecules, and planets, as well as abstract individuals such as numbers and words. Strictly speaking, an ontology need not include any ...