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Special Report on

Wage Dispersion and Productive Efficiency

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Personnel economics has put forward conflicting arguments concerning the impact of increased wage dispersion within a firm on the productivity of its workers. Besides giving more incentives, bigger wage differentials might also give rise to less co-operation and more politicking amongst workers resulting in worse outcomes. We try to shed light on these issues using panel data for Austrian firms. As indicators for firm performance we use standardised wages. For white-collar wages the following picture emerges: more dispersion leads to higher earnings up to some point where the relation changes its direction. For blue-collar wages ...
published in 1932. It explores the evolution of big business through a legal and economic lens, and argues that in the modern world those who legally have ownership over companies have been separated from their control. The second, revised edition was released in 1967. It serves as a foundational text in corporate governance , corporate law (company law), and institutional economics . Berle and Means argued that the structure of corporate law in the United States in the 1930s enforced the separation of ownership and control because the corporate person formally owns a corporate entity even while shareholders own shares in the ...
NEP: New Economics Papers Unemployment, Inequality and Poverty ...
This paper proposes a methodology for testing for whether tax reforms are pro-poor. This is done by extending stochastic dominance techniques to help identify tax reforms that will necessarily be deemed absolutely or relatively pro-poor by a wide spectrum of poverty analysts. The statistical properties of the various estimators are also derived in order to make the method implementable using survey data. The methodology is used to assess the pro-poorness of possible reforms to Mexico’s indirect tax system. This leads to the identification of several possible pro-poor tax reforms in that country. It also shows how the ... market research, surveys and trends
Teamwork and Intra-Firm Wage Dispersion among Blue-Collar Workers
that heterogeneous teams are more productive, with average ability held constant. 2. This evidence complements several theoretical analyses. As heterogeneous team members have different backgrounds, experiences and heuristics, the team can exploit new ...... “Efficiency Wages and Wage Dispersion,”. Economica 58, pp. 501-14. Seiler, Eric. 1984. “Piece Rates vs. Time Rates: The Effect of Incentives on Earnings.” Review of. Economics and Statistics 60, pp. 363-76. ... market research, surveys and trends


The Effect of Wage Dispersion on Team Outcome and the Way Team ...
After winning arbitration, arrest rates are 12 percent higher than ..... In the season 2004/05 the qualified clubs received in total € 414.1 million of broadcasting ..... Wage dispersion and productive efficiency: evidence from Sweden. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Executive Pay Dispersion, Corporate Governance and Firm Performance
sales of $3642 million and $960 million, respectively), and operate on average in 3.7 business ..... risk-adjusted average return of 3.76 percent. In Table 6 panel B, ..... Wage dispersion and productive efficiency: evidence from ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Wage Dispersion and Productive Efficiency: Evidence For Sweden
Wage Dispersion and Productive Efficiency: Evidence For Sweden. Douglas A. Hibbs , Jr. Department of Economics, Göteborg University and. Håkan Locking ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Has Compensation Become More Flexible? by Sandra A. Cannon , Bruce ...
Skill-biased technical change affects wage dispersion by changing the way ... high skilled workers at high skilled plants are more productive than high ..... Akerlof, George A., "Gift Exchange and Efficiency-Wage Theory: Four Views, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Effects of Redistribution on Productive Efficiency: The Cases ...
Specifically, the paper focuses on the effect of unions on wage dispersion and flexibility, and, consequently, on productive efficiency and unemployment. ...
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