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About Ipsos Marketing, Consumer Goods

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With more than 8 years market research and project management experience at international level, I have developed a strong quantitative and qualitative research expertise gained from both the agency and client side. I have passion for carrying out consumer insight-based initiatives with pragmatism and speed and would describe myself as a result-oriented individual with strong problem solving, analytical, organisational & planning, interpersonal relations and "sense of urgency" skills. Through the different projects I have led, I have developed strong communication & presentation skills. I manage research projects from ...
Why Do Consumers Visit CPG Web Sites?
In the consumer-packaged-goods (CPG) sector, there's no shortage of online interaction between consumers and brands these days. A 23-country survey by Ipsos Marketing, Consumer Goods, released last week, finds it's more likely to take the form of visits to brand Web sites than of fandom or followerdom via Facebook or Twitter. As a forum for "consumer feedback," though, Facebook gets more activity than brand Web sites. One part of the survey (fielded from last November through this January) asked respondents whether they're likely to visit online sites in the next three months for brands in various CPG ... market research, surveys and trends
Corporate and Responsible: We teach fish to eat corn and other ...
The movie is about the big problems in the American food industry. They stem from three major phenomena: companies' obsessive chase of efficiency and profit, government’s repeated failure to enforce food safety, and consumers’ ignorant preference for cheap unhealthy food. The result is that most Americans are eating engineered – rather than grown – food, which is causing serious and long-lasting public health problems in the US and having significant impact abroad. The agro-food industry is in denial just like the tobacco industry once used to be. Some of the food sold in the supermarkets is more ... market research, surveys and trends


Ipsos: Rich Spend More Time Online
(known as Monroe Mendelsohn Research, until Ipsos bought it earlier this year) found that as the rich get richer, they spend more time online.   Not surprisingly, affluent heads of house (defined as those with an income of $100,000 and up) are highly wired, with almost all owning and using a desktop or laptop and cell or mobile, according to the survey. This group, representing about 20 percent of U.S. households, goes online an average of 26 times per week using a computer and 17.6 times via a cellphone or mobile device.   Overall, the affluent spent 23.4 hours per week online, found the survey, out Sept. 2. Among ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
More Than 4 Million Americans Have Purchased Items Online for Less ...
A comprehensive, quantitative survey on the micropayments market was released today at the Micropayments Conference in New York City. The survey found that more than 4 million Americans have purchased digital content for less than $2 in the past year. Additionally, a projected 30 million Americans are at least somewhat likely to purchase content for less than $2 in the next twelve months. Further, the current lack of compelling content in this price range is cited as the primary reason consumers have not yet made an online purchase for $2 or less. Among consumers who had made online purchases of $2 or less, the most commonly ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


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Lauren Demar CEO, Ipsos Marketing, Global Consumer Goods. 1.212.584.9259 • About Ipsos Marketing. Ipsos Marketing – The Innovation ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Aug 11, 2008 ... confidence, which then increases consumer demand for goods, including furniture and .... According to market research firm Ipsos Reid, these ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
AgBioForum 5(3): Marketing GM Foods: The Way Forward
Genetically modified (GM) foods represent a significant technical and commercial breakthrough, but they have also revealed a major weakness in product development and commercialization in the global agri-food system. Although the biotechnology industry has developed a number of new technologies and products and marketed them effectively to producers, the biotechnology industry has almost completely ignored the need to market these products to consumers. One facet of the marketing literature suggests that innovative products need to be proactively positioned in the market either as a replacement for what exists or as an addition. ...
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WikiAnswers - Where do you find legitimate survey research companies
Attention: You Will Not Make Money on Paid Survey Sites as a living. You may make a small amount for extra spending money, usually what is offered are points that you accumulate for free items. Any company that wants YOU to pay is not legitimate. You will not make a living doing surveys, and no site can offer you surveys for XXX amount of hours. Legitimate surveys use certain criteria such as demographics for you to be eligible to take one, so you cannot take every survey that is offered. And survey sites do screen to exclude "professional survey takers" so they can get a true study from a random population of people. ...
Redefining the 4Ps for Web and Social Web Marketing | LinkedIn ...
For a long time, I have been looking for alternatives to / redefinitions of 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) for Web and Social Web Marketing. Although some folks have come up with the 3 New Ps for Web -- Personalization , Participation, and Peer-to-Peer -- I am not quite sure that these are as rock solid as the 4Ps that served marketers for a long time. The 4C framework (Customer, Cost, Convenience, Communication) is also not as actionable -- Cost is very limited a word, consumers are interested in Value (Benefit - Cost). Have you found an actionable and close to bullet-proof framework for web and social web marketing? I ...