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ACNielsen Forecasts Retail Trends

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I am looking for A Dir. Advanced Analytics with a FORTUNE 500 category LEADER. the company is Known for being an excellent place to work...very employee friendly...Rated #1 company to work for by a major business Trade journal in 2006. LOCATION : Mid size northern Mid-Atlantic town...Close to Mountains...very inexpensive cost of living...close to several major metropolitan areas i.e. Washington DC, NYC, Philadelphia, Baltimore. OVERVIEW : Leads the company efforts to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the $500+M marketing and sales spending budgets. This is accomplished by developing marketing mix models at various ...
Nielsen is active in over 100 countries, and employs some 36,000 people worldwide. Total revenues amounted to $5.0 billion in 2008.
INGENE: youth trends in India- few articles
A decade ago, India didn't have a single mall. A year ago, there were less than a half-dozen. But within two years, more than 250 are expected to be operational. It's an enormous shift in a nation that for decades proclaimed itself a socialist state. After independence in 1947, India celebrated ``swadeshi,'' or locally produced goods, and Mohandas Gandhi dreamed of a nation of small villages earning their living through cotton spinning and farming. So not everyone is happy about the new consumerism. Rights activists worry that the poor are being abandoned and nationalists wonder if India's native ... market research, surveys and trends
Industry Trends | The 6 top trends in food processing | Food ...
When it comes to food and beverage products, one rule of thumb defines a true trend: Real trends don’t come and go; they grow – over years, decades or even longer. For processors, fads can still bring in big money, but the risk is high. Ask any food executive caught last year with a million bucks’ worth of low-carb inventory. In between fads and trends are trendlets. These are the bubbles that pop up within a trend and are worth noting because they can provide a hook for food and beverage processors to hang their R&D hats on. We went shopping for real trends. We sifted through numerous media reports on what was ... market research, surveys and trends


China Fast-forward: 2007 Key Consumer and Market Trends
Although forecasts predict little dampening of consumer spending as .... only 20 percent of that of Key Cities, and only 28 percent of other A Cities. In the ... 844 billion! Chart 3. Untapped Potential. Source: ACNielsen | Retail Index ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Global Housewares Industry Hits $301 Billion | North America ...
recently published by the International Housewares Association (IHA), offers an inside look at the $301 billion global housewares industry, including major economic trends and forces influencing consumer spending. Category and Market Share: The average U.S. household spent $578 on housewares in 2005, according to U.S. government data. This represents a 0.5 percent increase from 2004, when the average household spent $575. Put into perspective, U.S. housewares spending was higher in 2005 than that for dairy products ($362), about the same as fruits and vegetables ($600) and about a third as much as gasoline and motor oil ($1,813). industry trends, business articles and survey research


As well as trends, Checkout's Top 100 Grocery. Brands report highlights several ... and Independent Retail News. Published by Nexus Business Media, Media House, ..... also set to impact the sector this year, forecasts. Cambridge. ..... Louise Boitoult, business insight director, ACNielsen, on how convenience is ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
GAIN Report
B. Retail Performance and Trends. According to the Brazilian Supermarket Association ... Source: ABRAS/ACNielsen. Based on the profile of the top 500 retail ... IBGE also forecast an increasing presence of seniors in the next years. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Marketing: Retail, target market, retail firm
What makes sourcing decision critical to every retail firm.With any 2 examples (say Walmart and Spencer) elaborate their sourcing process. What are the major concerns of Store Space management and retail space performance measures Answer MANASI, HERE  IS  SOME  USEFUL  MATERIAL. REGARDS LEO LINGHAM ========================================== 1.What makes sourcing decision critical to every retail firm.With any 2 examples (say Walmart and Spencer) elaborate their sourcing process. THE SOURCING  DECISION  IS  CRITICAL  TO  THE  RETAILERS FOR  THE  FOLLOWING  REASONS: ...
Google Answers: Market Research
I would like the following market data: 1. The current dollar size of the U.S. dental services market (the total amount paid by patients for dental services from dental professionals annually). 2. A subset of #1 above for "implant" related dental services. 3. A subset of #1 above for "x-ray" services provided in connection with dental services. 4. The current U.S. market for toothpaste 5. The current U.S. market for toothbrushes 6. Historical market data (4 years of historical data) for the above categories and/or projected market growth. 7. (Optional) international market size data for the market ...