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ACNielsen Insights Asia Pacific

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There has never been so much competition for the retail dollar. Likewise, there has never been so much change in grocery retailing. To help you work out how markets will be influenced by changing trends, ACNielsen has created a common measurement of shopper behaviour across the region. With ACNielsen | ShopperTrends, you have access to information, analysis and strategies across 15 countries in Asia Pacific. With our help, you will be able to identify the factors that are more likely to have a significant effect on customers in a store in Bangkok compared to similar outlets in Tokyo or Singapore. Decision making will be ...
documentary film highlights telephone revolution in asia's ...
When it comes to using phones, the film says, people at the bottom of the income pyramid are no different from anyone else; they value the enhanced personal security, including emergency communications, and social networking benefits. Increasingly, poor people are not content with just using public phones or shared access phones (belonging friends or family). They see a utility and social value of having their own phones. These insights emerged from LIRNEasia’s large representative sample survey of telephone use at BOP in India, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand. The survey conducted by ACNielsen, a ... market research, surveys and trends
A bad hair day is out of the question when it comes to looking good.
Here you will find teeth whitening and cosmetics industry news and major headlines. We are gathering here important insights from industry leaders, legislation updates and just fun facts. To maintain or enhance their looks, two thirds of the world’s consumers focus on taking care of their hair – in conjunction with a daily skincare regime and regular facial treatment – and if money were no object, they would continue to care for their hair, but would spend more on body massages and teeth-whitening, according to a study just released by The Nielsen Company. In a recently released Global Consumer Report on Personal Grooming ... market research, surveys and trends


Nielsen Asia Pacific - Trends & Insights - In-Store Display and ...
Manufacturers in the Australian grocery market spend more than four billion dollars (AUD) on trade promotions each year - more than three times as much as on above-the-line advertising. A significant proportion of this is spent on promotional support such as in-store display and retailer catalogues. Yet many manufacturers do not have an accurate and complete measure of what was promoted when, where and how - let alone a measure of return on promotional investment. ACNielsen | ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Nielsen Company Introduces New, Definitive Guide to Media ...
Includes hottest product categories, advertising trends and consumer insights for a region home to more than half the world's population 20 September 2007 Hong Kong Already recognized as the most culturally diverse region globally, Asia Pacific is a potpourri of mature, emerging and rapidly industrializing consumer markets which are home to more than half the world’s population and some of the world’s most dynamic, rapidly expanding media and marketing sectors. Acknowledging the growing importance of this region on the world stage, The Nielsen Company has produced its first joint ACNielsen/Nielsen Media ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Measuring Service Quality in Internet Banking: The Case of Hong Kong
service quality in a self-service technology environment. REFERENCES. A.C. Nielsen (2002). Online Banking Surges Ahead. ACNielsen Insights Asia Pacific Is- ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Law and Justice in East Timor
development of a peaceful, prosperous, and open Asia- Pacific region. The Foundation ... also includes the insights of a panel of five respected Timorese legal experts whose ... Research in New York and ACNielsen in Jakarta. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
A.C. Nielsen Center for Marketing Research
I am looking for A Dir. Advanced Analytics with a FORTUNE 500 category LEADER. the company is Known for being an excellent place to work...very employee friendly...Rated #1 company to work for by a major business Trade journal in 2006. LOCATION : Mid size northern Mid-Atlantic town...Close to Mountains...very inexpensive cost of living...close to several major metropolitan areas i.e. Washington DC, NYC, Philadelphia, Baltimore. OVERVIEW : Leads the company efforts to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the $500+M marketing and sales spending budgets. This is accomplished by developing marketing mix models at various ...
Google Answers: Mobile phone, PC, and PDA penetration rates
I'm looking for estimated current household penetration rates of mobile phones, PC's, and PDA's in Europe, North America, and Asia. (I'm defining penetration as the installed base of each of these devices divided by total households.) Penetrations of consumer electronics technologies are interesting to track. In the U.S., initially the home market will seem saturated, then they acquire multiples of each product as the technology becomes less expensive. By 2000, there were more than 5.6 radios per home and 2.2 television sets per home. Here's what we know about each technology: ...
Google Answers: Statistic information about quantity of automobiles
Harold, There is information available on: 1) The number of cars produced in the world each year 2) The total number of cars in use in the world, and 3) Trends in both of the above. There are probably forecasts for the above as well, though I haven't come across them as yet. For individual regions or countries, the available information is much more spotty. It exists! But it tends to be tightly held, and available only in very pricey market reports. Would the global data alone meet your needs? Of course, I could summarize the data for China as well, but as I said, there's not a lot ...