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Analyst Relations, an Overview

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Credible reports – since confirmed - are coming into SageCircle that Forrester management has set a new policy that analysts with personally-branded research blogs must take the blog down or redirect readers to a Forrester-branded role-based blogs. An email was sent to Forrester public relations on February 5, 2010 requesting a statement.   Update 1 – 2/5/10 12 pm PT: Added text about SageCircle’s prediction about analyst firms will try to limit analyst participation to firm-branded communities, aka private social networks.  Update 2 – 2/5/10 1:25 pm PT:   Added Forrester’s official response below, ...
in the world. With the world's tenth largest military expenditures, and twelfth largest economy by nominal rates or fourth largest by purchasing power parity, India is considered to be a regional power, and a potential global power . It is India's growing international influence that increasingly gives it a more prominent voice in global affairs. India has a long history of collaboration with several countries and is considered a leader of the developing world . India was one of the founding members of several international organizations , most notably the United Nations , the Non-Aligned Movement , the Asian ...
Analyst relations: 10 tips for successful vendor briefings
For technology businesses, recommendations or favourable reviews from research organisations such as Gartner or Forrester can provide a major boost to sales. Keeping the appropriate research houses informed is therefore an essential part of your marketing. However, it is a mistake to treat analysts as if they were journalists or customers. Getting the most from a vendor briefing depends on understanding the analyst’s role and particular requirements. 1. Understand the analyst’s role The technology analyst has two main responsibilities: Advising technology developers : analysing product launches, technological trends and customer ... market research, surveys and trends
Measurement Analyst (Waggener Edstrom Worldwide) (NYC)
The Insight & Analytics team provides research and measurement services at all stages of campaign planning and execution. Insight & Analytics experts work in conjunction with agency teams and also directly with external clients to understand the market landscape and evaluate the success of a campaign. In addition, the team advances agency intellectual property through the development of new methodologies, tools and services to solve client business problems. Services include primary and secondary research, crisis communications and issues management analysis, campaign measurement, brand and competitive ... market research, surveys and trends


Accenture Newsroom: Wave of U.S. Physicians Planning to Adopt ...
RESTON, Va.; March 2, 2010 – Fifty-eight percent of U.S. physicians who don’t use electronic medical records (EMRs) intend to purchase an EMR system within the next two years, according to a new report from Accenture (NYSE: ACN). Today, just six percent of U.S. office-based physicians use a fully functioning system. 1 Accenture’s Innovation Center for Health and Institute for Health & Public Service Value worked with Harris Interactive to survey 1,000 U.S. physicians from practices of fewer than 10 practitioners to measure their views of EMRs. Approximately 15 percent of respondents were users of EMRS and ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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Software AG (Frankfurt TecDAX: SOW) reported a significant increase in revenue and net income for fiscal year 2009. In doing so, Germany’s second largest software company beat market expectations. Group revenues amounted to €847.4 million, up 18 percent in 2009 (2008: €720.6 million). EBIT increased by 21 percent to €218,2 million for the same period, delivering an EBIT margin of 25.8 percent. License revenues were at €269.9 million reflecting the difficult market conditions in 2009 (2008: €272.0 million). Maintenance was up by 16 percent to €310.6 million (2008: €267.1 million). The acquisition of IDS Scheer drove Services & ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Competitive bidding analysis: Providers were dealt an impossible hand
On July 2, after months (or even years) of anticipation, HME providers, industry stakeholders and analysts finally learned what the results of a second bidding process would look like. Unfortunately, it looked exactly as some prognosticators, including myself, had predicted. To steal a line from Van Miller, CMS essentially recreated a famous scene straight out of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Bidders were put in the precarious position of standing on the side of a cliff with the "bad guy" chasing them down. They were forced to decide whether to stand there and let the bad guy kill them (bid "high" and lose their ability to ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
NCART targets the other payer that starts with M
BUFFALO, N.Y. - When it comes to Medicaid programs, rehab providers often live by different rules and reimbursements, but there's still something they can learn from each other, says Don Clayback. "What happens in New Hampshire this week may happen in Montana next week," said the executive director of NCART. That's why NCART will host a National Medicaid Summit at the Marriott Nashville Airport Hotel Oct. 6-7 to encourage discussion between rehab providers in different states and to make them aware of the tools available to affect change. The Medicaid Summit will feature presentations on, among other things, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Analyst Relations, an Overview
Analyst Relations, an Overview. Developed by Cordell Koland & Judy J. Curtis ... Analyst Relations, an Overview. Relations with industry analysts are an ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Tensions in Analyst-Policymaker Relations: Opinions, Facts, and ...
This memorandum on tensions in analyst-policymaker relations is occasioned by recent media accounts of DOD-Intelligence Community differences over the extent of Iraqi-al Qa’ida ties. Similar patterns of tension have existed over the decades. The following conclusions could have been crafted about Vietnam War issues in the 1960s, Soviet strategic intentions in the 1970s, or Central American insurgencies in the 1980s. Tension over policymaker criticism of intelligence performance on hot-button issues is normal. Policymakers believe criticism of what they see as inadequate analysis is part of their job description, especially ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
An Overview Where Employed? Job Outlook Legal Career Possibilities ...
An Overview. The legal system affects nearly every aspect of our society, .... International Relations Officer. International Trade Analyst/Specialist ...
If you had to pick ONE book as the best to learn the basics of ...
Jonathan, I recommend "A Manager's Guide To Project Management" by Michael B. Bender, published by FT Press in 2010. (My copy has a list price of US $34.99 and CA $41.99) The author explains the "two faces" of project management (inward-looking vs. outward-looking). The inward-looking face is concerned with managing the project as you might expect from a typical PM book. The focus of this book is the outward-looking face, which is more concerned with have a project exists within an organization and how each activity is inter-connected with the organization. (The overall process flow he presents is a classic model of ...
WikiAnswers - What is the difference between MBA and MPA
An MBA is a Master in Business Administration, and provides a general overview of business. It is particularly useful for people who have a non-business undergraduate degree who may be lacking business courses. However, business savy students also enjoy an MBA for the ability to specialize further in their chosen areas. Typically, the MBA student will select a concentration in a variety of business fields such as finance, marketing, management, information systems, etc. Completion of an MBA provides one with a competitive edge for the business job market. On the other hand, an MPA is a Master in Public Adminstration, and ...