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Special Report on

B2B Email Marketing

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is simple: Don't let theories or best practices restrict you when it comes to marketing - specifically B2B e-marketing. We all know that in marketing, anything goes and if you don't, it's time that you did. Expect to find tips and tricks to improve your online marketing skills and some harsh comments for poor campaigns, articles and posts that I come across - beware! One of the themes for marketers in 2009 is “doing more with less”. While some marketing teams are facing cut backs and spending freezes or reductions, they still need to hit their goals which may include generating X number of leads, Y ...
is a relatively new discipline within the Corporate Marketing function. Its existence was first recognized 15 years ago by research firms such as IDC and SiriusDecisions. Early adopters were high tech companies such as Cisco Systems , Symantec , and Adobe . Today, hundreds of companies across a variety of industries staff a Marketing Operations role within the Corporate Marketing function. The scope of responsibilities varies across Marketing Operations teams and so, therefore, does the definition. Here are definitions of the discipline. Examples include: IDC : The purpose of the Marketing Operations function is both to increase ...
Email marketing 5 quick email list building ideas | The eMail ...
It can be hard to come up with fresh ideas on new ways to build your email marketing list each month, so here are 5 innovative ideas you can put to work for your business. 1. Sandwich Board - If you’ve got a retail location like The North Face (pictured), why not use that valuable sidewalk to advertise your newsletter sign up. Create an offer to get them in the store joining your list and you might make a sale along the way. 2. iPad – People are dying to the get their hands on an iPad these days so capitalize on it while the going is good. Offer a newsletter sign up at your location or event. Use an opt-in form to ... market research, surveys and trends
B2B Marketing Combo
The fact is that the mixture of two or more marketing strategies is more successful than only one. Essentially one does not have to apply every well-known marketing strategy one by one to advertise his/her business. To make the B2B promotion easier it is meaningful to observe the market from diverse views. A successful B2B marketing strategy can be made by interconnecting B2B email marketing with other kinds of marketing schemes. As you keep scanning over this report, you are beginning to see additionally recommended suggestions on running effective B2B marketing projects. Many studies have already proved that combining two ... market research, surveys and trends


Calculating the Cost of Increased E-Mail Frequency - Be Relevant!
The bad news: as a result, "send more e-mail" is a frequent mandate from the executive suite to the marketing staff when more short-term revenue's needed. Ah, if life were only so simple: revenue on demand from e-mail, just like turning on a garden hose. Increasing frequency does work, of course. Whether you go from 2 to 4 times per month or 6 to 12, you're likely to see a strong increase in revenue. But you're also likely to pay a high price for the increased revenue. Impact of Increased Frequency Frequency bedevils both postal and e-mail marketers. Overmailing in both channels can potentially fatigue a list so ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
10 Tips for Effective B2B Email Marketing
According to Jupiter Research, spending on email marketing will reach $1.1 billion in 2010, growing at a compound annual growth rate. (CAGR) of 4.5 percent . ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
SalesFUSION, Inc. Announces New Partnership with ReturnPath. Relationship Will ...
ATLANTA, GA, July 09, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ — SalesFUSION, the maker of SalesFUSION 360, an integrated sales and marketing demand generation platform, today announced that it has entered into a direct use and partner/referral relationship with Return Path, Inc., the global market leader in email deliverability and reputation management solutions. “Return Path is a clear market leader in the deliverability space and adds tremendous value to our internal b2b email marketing platform,” said Kevin Miller, EVP Marketing & Sales for SalesFUSION. “As our client base and platform email volume increase each ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
My Favorite 6 Social Media Sites for B2B Social Media Marketing
is the default choice for any business-to-consumer (B2C) social media marketing, what social media channels are important for businesses hoping to engage with other businesses (B2B)?  How can these types of businesses use social media to engage with their potential clients, gain mindshare and be perceived as a thought leader in their industry, and increase potential clients visiting their website?  Here are the six that I would recommend to most businesses.  Note that, in order to create a sound social media strategy , you should not limit yourself to these 6 B2B social media channels and should also make sure that each site is ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Increasing the Response to your Email Marketing Programs
B2B Email Marketing Programs. A Marketo Best Practices eBook ... 8 Tips for B2B Email Marketing Success. For a nurturing program to be effective, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
BSP: Market Research - GCiS China Strategic Research -- U.S. ...
Beijing DDSINO Consulting Co., Ltd. is a specialized B2B market research service provider in China. We headquarter in Beijing and have formed a mature operation network in Shanghai, Xi’an and Guangzhou. Our members have provided consulting services for many of the world’s top 500 enterprises and accumulated a wealth of research experience in industrial field. We also keep good relationship with related industry associations and industry experts. 1. One-Step Service a)Investigation on Macro-market b) Selection of Direct Selling and Distribution c) Competitive Situation Analysis d) Marketing Promotion ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
EmailAppenders/Sales Universe/Sloan Marketing: They Try to Look ...
UPDATE: as of 10 July 2009, the domain is not registered. The links below to their website are dead, but left here for information. The spammers behind it are still active. See below for the other domain names, such as ListGalaxy, that they use. I've been spammed by Sloan Marketing and their affiliates since June 2003. They try really hard to look like a legitimate marketing company, but I have no doubt that they're just another spammer. For example, go to their website and try their nifty "Live Help". Ask the live correspondent for a phone number to be removed from their lists. ...
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  3. profile image maark Very interesting Post on how Email, Facebook and Twitter Audiences Differ! Check it out: #marketing #b2b #socialmedia
Need a good B2B email marketing company? The company would need to ...
I'd really avoid buying lists. From my experience they just aren't worth the ROI for the cost. I know that it's not what you're going to want to hear, but you're better off developing your own list of emails that are opt-in. posted 24 days ago Website adoptation to Russian visitors, SEO, SEM, E-mail marketing see all my answers I have same opinion like Nick. When you buy list from vendor you haven't possibilities to understand does this list realy relevant to your marketing strategy or not. Best way is build your own lists from public sources. I can offer for you this service. And avoid spam ...
What topics would you like covered in an Email Marketing Blog ...
I've answered some questions on LinkedIn in relation to email marketing best practices and would love to hear from small businesses and marketers what they'd like to see covered in an email marketing blog. Our blog,, has covered a variety of topics including: best practices (subject lines, content, frequency, etc.), domain structure, ins&outs of delivery, creative optimization & HTML coding suggestions, CAN Spam compliancy, Spam Traps, Industry Changes (yahoo, gmail,etc.) and more. What would you like to see in future blogs? What information would help you improve your email marketing ...