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Color Marketing Group

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Durasupreme Cabinetry: Perimeter cabinets in Quarter-Sawn Red Oak in Mission Stain. Island Cabinets in Maple Tea Green Paint with Espresso Glaze and a rub-thru finish. Would you believe that the state of the economy and ecology are key drivers of color trends for 2009? This fact will be reflected in the choices in colors available for cars, purses, fabrics, upholstery, including new color tones in paint and stain finishes for cabinetry. According to the report released this December by the Color Marketing Group, the leading international non-profit association of color design professionals that forecasts color trends up to three ...
Painting Contractor Gives Tips on New Color Choices for 2009
For the painting contractor that understands color trends and pays attention to what is happening in his market, he can’t help but conclude that color is more important to the homeowner than ever. If any painting contractor or homeowner doubts this, then just browse through some of the most popular home-furnishings stores. You’ll most likely find up to date color charts and books from the leading paint manufacturers to help customers coordinate colors and furnishings. Paint Manufactures Depend On Accurate Color Forecasting. Paint manufactures spend tremendous amounts of money on studying and interpreting color ... market research, surveys and trends
Want to REALLY Grow Your Business? Partner With Your Customers
A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to travel across the Midwest and be part of an event provided by Crossville Inc. and Louisville Tile. Crossville Inc, in its third decade, is America’s largest domestic porcelain, tile and stone manufacturer located in Crossville, Tennessee. Louisville Tile Distributors is one of Crossville’s largest distributors serving the distribution area for 50 years. Presently they have 8 showroom locations, many staffed by interior designers who provide information and product to their retailers. There was a time when manufactures and distributors literally did their own thing. For years ... market research, surveys and trends


Vistory :: helping retail and creative businesses to develop ...
Hayley Rodgers has been submerged in the retail and creative industries since 1994. Vistory - established in 2008 aims to suport retailers and creative businesses in their quest for development and sustainability I have been thinking about colour and how readily available colour forecasting information is on the web. The two main sources that I have found are from Pantone and Clariant.$FILE/ColorForward2009.pdf The information from Pantone is most likely a bit late for use by ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
1998 Preview - Trends
Certain things cannot be predicted. The weather, for instance, is not predictable: beyond a range of about 10 days, meteorology gives way to climatology, which meteorologists regard as something akin to Ouija. Interpersonal conflicts may come and go with little warning. Soufflés fall. Celebrities die in tragic fashion. Sewer mains burst. But that's the exception. As you blink the sleep of 1997 away from your eyes, wondering what new marvels 1998 has in store, here's the answer: digital video disks; gourmet tea shops; more enthusiastic gardening; feminized Lego toys; soothing talk radio; interest in ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Net Neutrality Protesters Call for Google to Stand Tall
About a hundred net neutrality activists left their laptops at home Friday afternoon to gather at Google’s Silicon Valley headquarters to protest the search giant’s perceived betrayal of the movement for federal internet openness rules. The protest group’s ranks included eager young activists, long-time technologists, first-time protesters and the ever-present Raging Grannies, who led anti-Google sing-alongs set to classic Americana songs. At issue was a joint policy statement Google and Verizon issued on Monday that was widely interpreted as Google reneging on its years-long strong support for federal rules ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Jazz rallies on FDA comments. ImmunoGen granted orphan status
moved higher Wednesday after the FDA said that its drug candidate for fibromyalgia appears to be effective in treating the chronic pain disorder. The drug is set to be reviewed this Friday, August 20th by an FDA review panel. After closing Tuesday's trading at $10.25, shares shot up as high as $11.90 before pulling back and settling the day at $10.61, up 36 cents or 3.51%. Shares continued higher in the after hours market. ImmunoGen, Inc (Nasdaq: IMGN), a biotechnology company that develops antibody-based targeted anticancer products, today announced that the US Food and Drug Administration has granted orphan drug ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The Profit of Color! FINAL 4.07.qxp - Color Marketing Group
Color Marketing Group (CMG) consists of 1000 color experts from a broad ... Color experts from the Color Marketing Group share their success stories ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
NIST Appearance -- March 2000 Workshop Presentations
The appearance of an object is the result of a complex interaction of the light incident on the object, the optical characteristics of the object, and human perception.  The appearance of manufactured products, given that they will fulfill the intended purpose, is one of the most important commercial attributes.  Appearance often determines the acceptability of a product to its seller, and ultimately to the consumer or end-user.  The quality and consistancy of the appearance of a product is psychologically related to its expected performance and useful life.  It therefore determines its acceptance (or ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
CS2 Pantone Color - Color Marketing Group Pantone Color System
List 6 statistics from the Color Marketing Group, in the article that follows, ... The Color Marketing Group has made color forecasts for 2007. ...
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Painting & Wallpapering: what color to paint my living/dining room ...
Thanks for the quick answer!  The problem (in my mind anyway) is that the wood work has such a golden-yellow tone and the gray is a cool tone.  They seem to clash and I don't know what neutral color to go with that would complient the carpet and the wood.  I like the taupish, black, brown look but that wood just seems to yellow to go that direction.  Thanks!! ------------------------------------------- The text above is a follow-up to ... -----Question----- We are purchasing a house built in the 90's that has golden oak trim throughout with gold-tone hardware.  I am wanting to update the house ...
What is the most calming color in a bedroom? - Yahoo! Answers
Color trends in the bedroom are all about creating a personal space that expresses your innermost desires. For many of us, that means a retreat in which we can relax and rejuvenate. "People want to simplify their lives, and we're seeing that trend reflected in color palettes for the bedroom and throughout the home," says Jack Bredenfoerder, president of the Color Marketing Group (CMG) (, a not-for-profit international group of more than 1,100 designers who meet annually to forecast color trends in industries from fashion, to interior design, to automobiles. CMG predicts that the environment will ...