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Special Report on

Consumer Privacy Best Practices

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Earlier this month while delivering his keynote speech at the Abu Dhabi Media Summit, Rupert Murdoch nailed it when discussing the role of content in our daily lives: "These days our homes and offices are cluttered with the latest electronic devices. It is easy to be dazzled by this new technology. But the bright and shiny wonders that technology gives us can be like the desert sun – they can blind us to what is real and valuable. Amid the digital dazzle, we risk missing the magic: the creative content that brings these devices to life." It has bothered me forever that the leading trade event in the interactive space is called ...
It is designed to improve the public’s interaction with the U.S. Government by quickly directing website visitors to the services or information they are seeking. links to every Federal agency and to State, local, and tribal governments, and is the most comprehensive site in—and about—the U.S. Government. While the primary target audience of is the American public, about 25 percent of’s visitors come from outside the United States. Until January 2007, was known as The name was changed in response to user suggestions and telephone surveys. is part of the Office of Citizen ...
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“Smart grids”  are the case where utilities would be able to collect granular data about consumers’ energy consumption — down to the daily electricity use by the fridge in your kitchen or the TV in your bedroom. I’ve spoken about the privacy issues connected with smart grids and smart meters before. Now, Ontario Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian has partnered with major utility companies in Canada to launch “a publication to guide utilities in how to ensure that consumers’ personal information is protected as the electrical grid becomes ’smarter.’” Privacy by Design: Achieving the Gold Standard in ... market research, surveys and trends
Science - Technology - Telecommunications: CRS Issue Statement on ...
CRS Reports pertaining to SCIENCE / TECHNOLOGY / TELECOMMUNICATIONS published by the Congressional Research Service (CRS). Gina Stevens, Coordinator Legislative Attorney Issues likely to be of concern to Congress include online behavioral advertising, financial privacy, health information technology and privacy, social security number privacy, and data mining. Data security issues of possible interest to lawmakers are data breach notification requirements, customer access to and amendment of records, enhanced enforcement authority for the Federal Trade Commission and state attorneys general, and preemption of ... market research, surveys and trends


Consumer Privacy & Practices Case Studies of Leading Brands | TRUSTe
For over a decade, TRUSTe has shown thousands of businesses--from leading brands like Microsoft, IBM, and eBay to smaller start-up Web sites--the advantages of protecting consumer privacy. Here are a few real-world situations that show how TRUSTe has helped businesses boost ROI by leveraging TRUSTe's leading privacy services, seals and programs.   7% Increase in Quality Lead Conversion Believing that an extra measure of privacy assurance for auto shoppers could boost leads, Dealix A/B tested the TRUSTe seal at the end of a lead funnel and saw an increase in quality lead conversion by 7% - a meaningful impact on the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
compilation of —best practices“ for protecting personal information .... As public concern surrounding consumer privacy grows, industry leaders and the federal ... billion per year.16 The Federal Trade Commission in an April 1999 report to .... personal information from site visitors.26 Ninety-two percent of web ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Twitter, FTC reach agreement on security
An investigation that the Federal Trade Commission launched into Twitter's allegedly lax security practices following two high-profile hacking incidents last year has been settled, the company announced Thursday. Twitter general counsel Alexander MacGillivray, who joined the company last summer after serving as a member of Google's legal team, posted an entry on the company blog Thursday explaining the situation. "Early in 2009, when Twitter employed less than 50 people, we faced two different security incidents that impacted a small number of users," the post explained. "Put simply, we were the victim ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Turn First DSP to Partner with Better Advertising
June 25, 2010 -- Turn Inc., the smart platform for digital advertising, today announced its partnership with Better Advertising, whose platform enables advertisers, their partners and industry associations to be more transparent in how consumer data is collected and used for online advertising. As the first demand-side platform (DSP) to join Better Advertising’s industry leading partners, Turn will advance the transparency and consumer privacy protection that the world’s largest agencies and brands demand. “The reality is that a wide range of consumer data is collected and used for ad targeting purposes,” ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


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choose to demonstrate their adherence to consumer privacy best practices will have the opportunity to do so. Proximity Committee ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Available: Accessed February 21, 2007. 7. Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Email Address Appending Best Practices for Marketers
This document draws upon the Direct Marketing Association�s (DMA) Online Commercial Solicitation Guidelines, which serves as a condition of DMA membership, and the Association for Interactive Marketing�s (AIM) Council for Responsible E-mail (CRE) Six Resolutions for Responsible E-mail. Both of the aforementioned documents address standards for permission, content, unsubscribe and opt-out processes, third-party assurances, and suppression against the DMA�s e-Mail Preference Service (e-MPS), a national list of individuals who do not wish to receive any e-mail solicitations. AIM�s best practices serve as guides for its members. [ ...
What are some best practices for online user surveys? I'm not ...
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