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Special Report on

Customer-Centric Marketing

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For one the buyer has changed. As growing product sophistication intersects with falling prices consumers are now afforded every opportunity to grab the latest and greatest. Two the category itself has also changed evolving from a hardware-packed sector into a lifestyle channel serving consumers gadgets and gizmos to fit virtually every want and need. And the product technology has changed weaving itself into the DNA of everyday life. How has Best Buy responded? By making its name synonymous with the category. The chain now operating a base of more than 1 100 stores throughout the U.S. Canada and China has swelled into ...
How to Implement a CRM System
There is no doubt that in order to stay competitive companies have to invest in technology based solutions. When a small company has a limited number of buyers and suppliers, and the business is managed by one or two people, it is capable of delivering quality services. It is also able to keep its various business processes efficient enough. But for a company with several clearly identifiable departments, it is necessary to put extra efforts to keep productivity high. Naturally, in their pursuit of better performance companies at one point start to look at various technological solutions. Apart from accounting, which is by this ... market research, surveys and trends
Smart Stadia in Football
Many stadia managers and clubs are investigating smart technologies such as multi-application smartcards, cashless payment, near field communications (NFC), and short message service (SMS) to provide a better customer experience, generate additional revenue and deliver cost efficiencies. The stadia sector can use any combination of smart technologies to provide a more enjoyable experience for customers, including easy access to the event, convenient ticket purchase, shorter queues within the stadium – which will also provide opportunities to generate additional revenue for the club. On the surface, these time-saving ... market research, surveys and trends


Integrated, Customer-Centric Marketing
Fifty-five percent of marketers say that they use a standard or consistent framework ..... $1 billion to less than. $5 billion, 40%. $5 billion to less than ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
SIPA Luncheon Speaker – Marketing Trends 2006 and Beyond ...
74 percent have or intend to install pop-up and spam blockers ... Why customer- centric marketing? “Because it will increase profits. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
It's a Personal, Personal World
Today’s car shoppers decide what car they want to buy while they are still searching on the internet, long before they set foot in your dealership. When they do drop by your lot, they usually know what kind of car they want already. Currently their method of gathering the information to make this decision is to read the stats and look at the still photos that are on the site.   As dealers, we know that the best way to move the car shop... Read More Today’s car shoppers decide what car they want to buy while they are still searching on the internet, long before they set foot in your dealership. When they do drop ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Marketing: fishing for clients
The dark art of marketing is often the first to feel the cleaver during budget cuts, but truly successful marketing needs to involve a transformation in how your firm operates Written by Sue Nelson Accountancy Age , 08 Jul 2010 Marketing has always been seen as a ‘dark art’. Traditionally it’s a role which other people have difficulty defining and explaining – a bit fluffy, not quite sales, a job for the girls. And when times get rough, it’s the first contender for budget cuts, because it’s a cost and not an investment. The end point or key measurement for marketing activity is not about ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The Antecedents and Consequences of Customer-Centric Marketing
customer-centric marketing, the authors expect increased importance of marketing as a "supply ... ^y^j growth of customer-centric marketing as well as the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
What's New | CDC Health Marketing
How parents deal with the daily challenges of raising children is a personal decision, but sometimes they want more information from a reliable source. CDC has just launched a Parent Portal ( ) to help parents find trustworthy, accurate information on many parenting topics in one central location. Whether you are looking for information on safety at home and in the community, to immunization schedules and developmental milestones, the CDC Parent Portal can help keep children healthy and safe. Introducing Audience and Cultural Insights : In-depth written reports providing a glimpse into various audience ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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How do banks in India invest in sales and marketing? What is a ...
I realize many of my friends work with financial institutions in other countries. Benchmarks from other countries will be most helpful to draw parallels and determine best practices :) Location specific: India posted 3 months ago in Direct Marketing , Advertising | Closed Share This Passionate believer and practitioner of customer management see all my answers Customer centric marketing has become extremely critical in banking. Banks spend a lot on H/w and S/w to enable customer centricity. Media spends differ from bank to bank. Some banks spend almost 90% budgets on Direct Marketing while some banks do have TVCs being aired ...
Are high tech companies moving from speeds n feeds marketing to ...
I wrote about it today in my blog....after a meeting with a speeds n feeds client who didn't even know about their own customers' problems.... We all talk about customer-centric and focusing on the story- but is it really happening? What does everyone think? posted May 6, 2009 in Advertising | Closed Share This B2B Marketer with Technology focus; Business Owner, Strategic Advisor, Skilled Concept Developer see all my answers In many ways, I think it may be coming back around to speeds and feeds, and the reason for it is social media. The technical managers are the most ...