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Customer Event Marketing Examples

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Every aspect of your event marketing needs to start with a comprehensive understanding of your target market. In the case of events, your target market is represented by your ideal event attendee. I cannot stress this enough - Target market research is a big deal! People won’t buy tickets for an event (or attend a free event) that doesn’t hold their interest. A lack of interest is one of the biggest reasons that events fail. If you want to pack your event, the best place to start is with a hungry market! You can find a hungry market by doing a little online research. If you have a new event, target market research needs to be ...
Before event-driven SOA, the typical SOA platform orchestrated services centrally, through pre-defined business processes, assuming that what should have already been triggered is defined in a business process. This older approach (sometimes called SOA 1.0) does not account for events that occur across, or outside of, specific business processes. Thus complex events, in which a pattern of activities—both random and scheduled—should trigger a set of services is not accounted for in traditional SOA 1.0 architecture.
11 Ways To Create New Value And Bring Customers To Your Company or ...
a book that helps you build business models for your startup, company or even understand your competitors business models as the book describes in details the rationale of how an organization, create, delivers and captures value. In part one, we wrote an overview of the book mentioning the 9 blocks of how a company will make money: customer segment, value proposition, channels, customer relationship, revenues stream, key resources, key activities, key partnerships, cost structure. Today we focus on Value Proposition as it is the heart of any successful business. If you offer no value to users, no body will buy from you or use you. market research, surveys and trends
Top 12 issues your directors should know about eMail marketing
Over a decade into the internet revolution, you would think that eMail marketing would now be acknowledged as a valuable asset, even by company directors. This assumption is made at your own risk. It’s better to demonstrate eMail’s acceptance in the language that your directors understand – numbers. eMail is the most widely used internet-based communication channel and it’s the cornerstone of viral marketing. A few facts are worth pointing out: Sending and reading eMail remains is the #1 activity on the internet 99% of internet users say they use eMail 96% of internet users check their eMail weekly or more 60% of internet ... market research, surveys and trends


AMA – Digital Centered Marketing
Before the last AMA Digital Centered Marketing event, the presenters Toby Bloomberg and Dana VanDen Heuvel sat down with the AMA and produced a quick podcast on what to expect at the event. Click here to have a listen to the podcast.   Accenture has just released their  2008 Accenture Global Digital Advertising Study . It’s the  second annual report on important trends in the digital advertising industry where they surveyed executives of digital media organizations, traditional firms and media services companies about the attributes of high performance in the digital ad space.   While this is admittadley more of an ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Loyalty Marketing Best Practices
Loyalty programs are often part and parcel of a comprehensive customer relationship strategy. So welcome to our loyalty marketing best practices section. "As a customer's relationship with the company lengthens, profits rise. And not just by a little. Companies can boost profits by almost 100 percent by retaining just 5 percent more of their customers" - F.P. Reichheld     Loyalty programs have been used in commerce for many years, originating in Germany where price based competition was disallowed by governmental restrictions in certain industries. In the 1950s, S&H Green Stamps rewarded grocery store and gas ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
GeckoSystems Announces Dealer Program for Elder Care Robot Sales
announced today that they are now soliciting retail dealers for their first product, an elder care capable personal assistant robot, the CareBot(TM). GeckoSystems is a dynamic leader in the emerging Mobile Service Robot industry revolutionizing their development and usage with "Mobile Robot Solutions for Safety, Security, and Service(TM). "In the last few months, as a result of our on going in home elder care robot trials, we have received numerous inquiries as to the criteria we will be using to select continental U.S. retailers to sell our CareBots. We will be qualifying our resellers, both domestic and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Social media in action in advertising and marketing
As emerging technologies with nearly limitless boundaries and possibilities, social media give consumers unprecedented engagement with a brand. Consumers are empowered. However, this brings with it risks as well as gains. Consumers are not just buying a product or service online; they are discussing, reviewing, endorsing, lampooning, comparing and parodying companies and their brands. They are not simply being targeted for advertising; in many cases, they are participants in the creation and distribution of advertising. Companies can better enable, influence, monitor, react to and hopefully monetize the consumer conversations ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Good vs. Bad Marketing: Analytics to the Rescue
Event-Driven and Sensitive to customer ... Examples in the Finance Industry. • Best practices sample customers of Teradata: National ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Marketing Your Business with Events - Community Home
Last month I blogged here about how being socially responsible can help you market your business more effectively. Social responsibility is all about being part of a community, whether that’s the global community, an online community, your local community or all three. Closely related to socially responsible marketing is another type of marketing that’s also all about community: event marketing.   There are two types of event marketing. The first is organizing your own event; the second is sponsoring an existing event. Both types of event marketing are excellent tools for small-business owners because they are focused on ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
An IMC Approach to Event Marketing: The Effects of Sponsorship and ...
Results provide evidence for inclusion of event marketing in the company's promotional mix and indicate that experience ..... For example, products that are highly complex may not ... national Sports Journal, and the Journal of Customer ...
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What is the best use of social media within online marketing ...
If you are looking for use of social media for marketing and lead generation, SiliconCloud is hosting a webcast on 16 Tips for Lead Generation that you might be interested in. posted 3 months ago Hey Jes, I addition to the great examples provided so far from everyone on this thread, here are a few of my own ramblings below ;) - It's a great way to find out what people want, are looking for and build campaigns around that. - Customer service and PR, look at @twelpforce (Best Buy customer service, any one of their reps can help you out with a question/concern you may have)
Marketing ideas, sales strategies, and customer service tips for ...
        Find Customers With These  Marketing, Sales and Advertising Strategies   Does Volume Make Up for Low Price? When customers ask you for a discount in exchange for their promise of a large purchase, or multiple future purchases, it's hard not to give in. After all, you'll make up for the lower price by selling more of your product and gaining a good customer, right? Fake It or Make It: 9 Truths for Authentic Customer Experiences Trust and transparency are more important to today's consumers than ever before. Here are nine things to ...