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Disruptive technology or evolution?

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The motor car, mobile phones, personal computers, and so on, are all examples of disruptive technologies. There are numerous examples throughout modern business history of disruptive technologies appearing, apparently from nowhere, to threaten and ultimately displace existing technologies and the industries and vendors that grew up around them – such as the mainframe industry, communications and storage. But disruption is rarely a consequence of technology innovation alone, rather a reflection of how existing organizations and markets deal with it. While disruptive innovation can be seen as a threat, it is also an ...
seeds, plant leaves, or anything else that has DNA-containing cells. Because the sequence data that is produced can be quite large (for example, there are approximately six billion base pairs in each human diploid genome), genomic data is stored electronically and requires a large amount of computing power and storage capacity. Full genome sequencing would have been nearly impossible before the advent of the microprocessor , computers , and the Information Age . Full genome sequencing should thus not be confused with DNA profiling . The latter only determines the likelihood that genetic material came from a particular individual ...
A Simple Cure to the Web's Effect on Your Concentration | Science News
The Internet is rerouting pathways in our brains, researchers say, pushing aside the attentive mind of the book reader in favor of the distracted mind of the screen watcher. Author Nicholas Carr thinks that awareness may be the antidote to this Faustian swap. “Psychological studies show we have an enormous desire for new information and we have an enormous desire to be socially connected,” he said. “The Web plays to our desire to be inundated with information, particularly small bits of information. Were not adapting to this medium against our will.” Carrs new book, “The Shallows: What the Internet ... market research, surveys and trends
Green Car Congress: IBM Almaden Researchers Say Li-Air Batteries ...
Four different architectures of Li-air batteries, which all assume the use of lithium metal as the anode. The three liquid electrolyte architectures are aprotic, aqueous, and a mixed aprotic-aqueous system. In addition, a fully solid state architecture is also given. Credit, ACS, Girishkumar et al. Click to enlarge. While the practical energy density of Li-air batteries could approach that of gasoline—after factoring in tank-to-wheel efficiencies—and thereby enable a transition to an electrified road transportation system, there are challenges facing the development of commercial Li-air batteries and the current understanding of ... market research, surveys and trends


Cloud Services: Technology Evolution or Business Revolution ...
Some business leaders think cloud computing is the next big disruptive technology. Others argue it’s simply the natural evolution of distributed computing, requiring the same basic capabilities that have always been necessary for high-performing businesses. So which is it – technology evolution or business revolution? And why should you care?  Here’s the debate: Just another technology evolution. Cloud computing is important, but it’s not that big a deal. IT outsourcing focuses on various layers of the technology stack. Cloud computing focuses on enabling specific business capabilities. Cloud computing matters only to CIOs. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
NEWSWEEK Poll: 90% Believe in God - Newsweek
Rick Warren is as big as a bear, with a booming voice and easygoing charm. Sam Harris is compact, reserved and, despite the polemical tone of his books, friendly and mild. Warren, one of the best-known pastors in the world, started Saddleback in 1980; now 25,000 people attend the church each Sunday. Harris is softer-spoken; paragraphs pour out of him, complex and fact-filled—as befits a Ph.D. student in neuroscience. At NEWSWEEK's invitation, they met in Warren's office recently and chatted, mostly amiably, for four hours. Jon Meacham moderated. Excerpts follow. JON MEACHAM: Rick, since you're the home team, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Casino Royale: The story of Qualcomm
Published on Mon, Jul 12, 2010 at 10:44   |  Updated at Mon, Jul 12, 2010 at 19:03  |  Source : Forbes India By: Rohin Dharmakumar/ Forbes India How Qualcomm learnt to love the Chinese, parked its tank in Intel�s backyard and its tollbooth at the centre of India�s telecom highway There is something about technology companies that makes them want to dominate the world. Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, IBM, Google and even Apple all want the world to veer around to their point of view and therefore their products. Maybe it is something to with the transient nature of technology advantage. Those who manage to be ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Storage in a Virtualized Environment
Business in the 21st century is becoming increasingly data-centric. Companies are both creating and consuming growing amounts of data to build more complex products and services, operate rapidly globalizing organizations, and make informed business decisions. The result has been a proliferation of applications and data  that threatens to overwhelm IT organizations. For many, IT budgets and staffing have simply not kept pace. Server virtualization has emerged as a key technology that allows IT to do more with less – deploy less hardware and increase IT flexibility in provisioning new servers and clients. But server ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Netbooks - disruptive technology or evolution?
TECHNOLEDGE. TIPS. How to make your technology stand out. Netbooks Part 1. Disruptive technology or evolution? 'Disruptive' is marketing jargon for a new ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Technology's Advances Bring Evolution in Media, Journalism
By Dale Peskin and Andrew Nachison co-director and director of the American Press Institute’s Media Center in Reston, Virginia. SUMMARY The relationship between traditional media and the public is changing, a trend these information professionals call “We Media.” This emergent journalistic process allows the Web’s social network to produce, analyze, and disseminate news and information to technologically interconnected publics unbounded by geography. “WE MEDIA” Innovation in information technologies has thrust humankind into an era of democratic media in which almost everyone can have immediate access to news and information, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
With his concept of disruptive technology, Clay Chirtenssen made ...
technological evolution. Our study also has the following implications for the thesis of disruptive technology, though uncertainty about its definition has ...
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How would you define an innovation ecosystem? What are its ...
I guess to have a better understanding on the topic you would need to have a better understanding of the very process of Technology Life Cycle which is all so relevant with faster time of introduction when it comes to newer technology / standards etc. From a would be managers perspective for product development teams opportunities are unbound in terms of unexplored opportunities yet we most often hear about market shares being lost , cash being tied away on uncompetitive products , dramatic product exits , depressing market forecasts , stocks heading south and ultimately death of an product or firm. For a structured ...
Google Chrome OS Will Lead To New Service Revenue For Google Apps ...
For those of you who are On Site Service Vars turned Google Apps Solution Providers, there will be a huge opportunity for the on site service piece of your business in the near future. Depending how fast Google Apps spreads to the small business market or other verticals, and can Google Apps offer incentives to users to switch to the new Chrome OS by highlighting key component functions and highlights when you run Google Apps and a Netbook with Google Chrome Os together will determine if Google Apps Users switch to the New Os. And if that Can happen, then the on site service providers will see added revenue opportunity to their ...