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Email Marketing Statistics

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The 2010 Email Marketing Benchmark Guide is the latest iteration of Sherpa's annual stat fest for email marketers, with 283 pages and over 170 charts and tables. This one includes a special report on social marketing and email, as well as data from a survey of over 1400 marketers. 2. MarketingProfs The Email Marketing Factbook is a 67 page, 39 chart report which includes data on consumer behavior, response rates, current practices and tactics, etc. 3. Econsultancy Produces two reports with statistics of interest to email marketers: The Email Marketing Census 2010 is a 64 page look at UK marketer attitudes, opinions and ...
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7 Email Marketing Best Practices
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Email Marketing – email marketing statistics
2 Apr 2010 by ifydcat  Product DescriptionThe inherent power of email marketing is the permission the consumer has given you to communicate with them. Commercials are put on. – [ ] Email Marketing 1 hour ago by lisa2010  Hi, can you tell me which online email marketing software is best in service and price as well. My budget is low. Please suggest a good software from. Bulk email marketing lists and online advertising providing … 16 hours ago marketing list: Bulk email marketing lists and online advertising providing Bulk Email Marketing lists for advertising permission based bulk Email Marketing lists ... market research, surveys and trends


Email Usage - The Leading Authority on Email Marketing Metrics ...
67% of US internet users say the motivation behind giving their email address to a company is to receive discounts and promotions. - ExactTarget "Email X-Factor Study" (2010) 55% of US internet users say the motivation behind giving their email address to a company is to get a "freebie" in exchange for my email address. - ExactTarget "Email X-Factor Study" (2010) Only 14% of US internet users say the motivation behind giving their email address to a company is to interact with the brand. - ExactTarget "Email X-Factor Study" (2010) 57% of internet users worldwide said they are more apt to ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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The increase in purchase value of email subscribers versus non-subscribers is 17%. That means, on average, the email subscriber bought 17% more (Forrester Research) - 87% of consumers say email marketing has impact on their purchasing decisions. (Forrester Research) -According to Forrester Research, 79% of consumers have signed up to receive email at least from one company, and two out of three people surveyed said they read email every day of the week. According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing delivers a $51.45 return on investment (ROI) for every marketing dollar spent. A survey by Decision Direct ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Inactive subscribers: silent but deadly to email marketers
Email marketers' lives just got even tougher with the recent changes to the Windows Live Hotmail user experience, which enables users to better organise their inbox. The changes include the addition of a trusted senders icon to prevent phishing; the ability to "sweep" or automatically file "grey/gray mail," email that subscribers signed up for but no longer want; and the use of one-click and time-travelling filters, which remove messages that reach the inbox but are later discovered to be from senders with a poor reputation. The good news is that email marketers can proactively ensure their emails ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Ten ways to advertise your business on Facebook
The marketing potential of Facebook is huge, but many companies struggle to devise a strategy that’s suitable for such a social platform. But there are more than 400m active users of Facebook, meaning whatever your product or service, there’s a huge potential market there. So, how can you use the platform to promote your brand? Here are some of the ways marketers can approach it. Make a Facebook page Let’s start with the most obvious; do you have a Facebook page? Since the website began inviting users to ‘like’ business pages rather than ‘become a fan’ of them, it’s much less intrusive and people seem to be far happier about ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Lyris Email Marketing Statistics and Metrics
Lyris Email Marketing Statistics and Metrics. Types of Online Marketing. Email Newsletters. 49% of email marketers said their newsletters routinely ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Access is restrcted to current students, faculty and staff. You must register with Mintel before you receive full access to the database. Registration allows you to save searches for later use but will not allow you to access Mintel from off-campus without using the proxy server. Please use a University of Chicago email address when registering. OneSource Global Business Browser S&P Net Advantage contains S&P Industry Surveys. Has sections on "Communications Equipment" and "Telecommunications: Wireless ". Communications Outlook Biennial OECD publication. Available on SourceOECD and also located in Regenstein ...
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What are the Email Marketing Performance Benchmarks? | LinkedIn ...
Email marketing as most digital / online media planers and advertisers know, does have merit. Especially when the objective it to get quality responses or leads. What are the industry benchmarks for Open Rate, Open to Click Rate and Click to Lead / Action Rate therefore, to evaluate the performance of an eDM campaign or a database? Do these benchmarks vary depending on communication and TG for various industry sectors - Education, BFSI, Consumer Durables, Media & Entertainment etc.? If yes, please share your insights! posted 5 months ago in Internet Marketing | Closed Share This These benchmarks vary for different industry ...
What email marketing statistics are most relevant and why ...
Well the most relevant is “actions taken”. Did email recipient click a link, did they buy something, did they do what you asked them to do? If I sent 10,000 emails and all were opened and only 1 person made a purchase as compared to sending 100 emails and 2 people opened it and 2 people made a purchase I would be more happy with the latter. The problem is many people can not track purchases so they measure the next best indicator: clicks. After that is open rate. posted March 26, 2008 Click through rate. Open rates are a measure of effectiveness of the subject line and making sure people do not miss your email ...