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Special Report on

Emilion, Grand cru classé, suspended!

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to work for the summer. After a week’s sunbathing and beer-ing in coastal town, Leiden-an-Zee, my money ran out and I got an emergency flight home. It was shaming; but I was able to walk straight back into my old job, as they hadn’t even had time enough to replace me before I was back again. Ten years later, with a spanking new passport, I’m making the trip again. No work this time, just play. It’s my buddy, Fiachra’s stag weekend . He’s on the right in the picture, I’m on the left. The guy who is growing out of my shoulder like a creepy siamese twin is Garrett Moran; his father was Mayor of
regions, the Saint-Émilion list is updated every 10 years or so. Following the initial classification, the list was updated in 1969, 1986, 1996 and most recently in 2006. However the 2006 classification was declared invalid following a series of legal actions, and the 1996 version of the classification has been reinstated for the vintages from 2006 to 2009. The region's Syndicat Viticole started planning for a classification of St.-Émilion wine in 1930, but it was not until October 7, 1954 that the principles behind the classification became official when the INAO agreed to take responsibility for handling the ...
St Emilion classification finally ruled invalid - ...
Chateaux must now remove the classifications of Premier Grand Cru Classé A or B, or Grand Cru Classé - which should have applied from the 2006 vintage up to 2016 - from labels on wines dating from the 2006 vintage. 'The commission decided that the wine tasting mechanism was not an impartial system,' said Philippe Thévenin, the lawyer who acted for the châteaux that fought the new classification. At the heart of the ruling is the interpretation that by tasting one group of already classified wines, and then another group of wines that were hoping to be classified, a taster could not remain impartial. ... market research, surveys and trends
St Emilion Classification
just to the south of Bordeaux, so it is perhaps not surprising that the numerous estates around Libourne, some way to the east on the right bank of the Dordogne, were similarly excluded. Nearly a century had passed before the Syndicat Viticole considered the creation of a St Emilion classification to be a worthwhile undertaking, and indeed the fruit of their subsequent labours was published exactly one hundred years after the more famous classification of the chateaux of the left bank. The Syndicat Viticole began to lay out plans for the classification as early as 1930, but it did not really take shape until the ... market research, surveys and trends


Bordeaux/St. Emilion – Sept 07 – Wine Flair
I know this might seem to be one of those wine-geeky, meaningless technical things that “ordinary” wine drinkers don’t care about, but it is interesting and kind of important in terms of understanding how wine is rated, priced and sold. Especially if you like French wine, please read on. Chateaus in St. Emilion weren’t part of the original 1855 classification, for reasons no one seems to fully understand other than, perhaps, the haughty egos of the wine royalty at the time. I suppose that these wine barons looked down condescendingly on right bank chateaux, and probably felt that St. Emilion was a ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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If you have family roots in the southern United States, chances are you've seen a watermelon tapped, plunked or thumped to test for the sweet sound of ripeness. Many swear by the technique -- a 55-year-old Texas watermelon festival is even amed after it. So, in our search for the best way to pick a good watermelon, we visited the website of the annual Luling Watermelon Thump, a major event in that 3.8-square-mile city about 60 miles east of San Antonio. According to : "True thump experts say that a perfectly ripe watermelon will 'thump' and the thump will be about a b-flat note." ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Pavie Macquin 2005
SAINT EMILION GRAND CRU CLASSE. Bright ruby-red. .... Nicolas Thienpont makes wine of class and complexity here and this is no exception. ... although the 2006 reclassification of Saint Emilion has been suspended by a Bordeaux judge ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
FBI, and perjury before the grand jury. On June 14, 2001, ... Menyweather was sentenced on June 25, 2001, to a five-year suspended sentence with .... United States Postal Inspectors, Thompson stole several first-class letters and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Colegio de San Juan de Letran:: Letran News
Letran recently issued a decision on the involvement of twenty nine (29) high school students in fraternities.   An agreement was signed by the students and parents that the former will be subjected to suspension until February 18, 2002.    A schedule of make-up classes was designed by the High School department for the suspended students.  Of the 29 students, Emerson Chester Kim Go, represented by his parents and lawyers, filed a P3-M damage suit against the Colegio and some key persons led by Fr. Lao, Fr. Rhommel Hernandez, ...
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