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Funeral Marketing and Website Consulting

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Like all funeral directors, Bob thought his business provided the best service for the client and created a memorable experience for them in such a sad time.  When he looked at other funeral companies in his area and how they portrayed their business, they all looked the same – all offering great service and a long history of care in the region.  Bob wanted to stand out, and offer more to his clients to create an even better memory for them.  Also many of his clients, their family and friends were not always on location so needed to help them feel a part of the process and service where possible. Here is the funeral director ...
Founded in 1969, Owen awards six degrees: a standard 2-year MBA, an Executive MBA, a master's of finance, a master's of accountancy, a HealthCare MBA, and a Ph.D. as well as a large variety of joint professional and MBA degree programs. Owen is renowned for its health care MBA, a unique program that provides students an in-depth educational experience tailored to the health care industry. The student to faculty ratio is about 10 to 1, with 565 students and 49 faculty members. The school’s 7,008 living MBA alumni are found throughout the U.S. and around the world. 1 The Economist gave the Owen School a 97 out of 100 ...
MinnPost - Social Security: Is it so successful we take it for ...
Frances Perkins, shown greeting President Franklin D. Roosevelt upon his return from the 1943 Tehran Conference, was a major designer of the ground-breaking Social Security program. Without Social Security, life for America's elderly in would be drastically different. From a Congressional Research Report for Congress [PDF] dated April 2008: "Social Security has significantly reduced elderly poverty. The elderly poverty rate has fallen from 35% in 1959 to an all-time low of 9% in 2006, in large part because of Social Security. If Social Security benefits did not exist, an estimated 44% (of) the elderly would be poor ... market research, surveys and trends
Home Based Business. Better Home Based Business Also, home based ...
market research, surveys and trends


Veterinary Marketing ROI at Beyond Indigo Pets
When you talk about investing marketing dollars, you should be looking for the best Return On Investment (ROI), in other words, looking for the marketing tool that is going to bring you the most bang for your buck. According to "The Kelsey Group's Annual Forecast (2007-2012): Outlook for Directional and Interactive Advertising," interactive advertising revenues will increase significantly from US$45 billion in 2007 to US$147 billion globally in 2012, representing a 23.4 percent CAGR. In other words, the firm expects global ad revenues to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.7 percent and reach ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
2010 Insurance Customer Interactive Media Usage Survey Results ...
AIS Media, Inc., an award-winning interactive marketing and consulting agency announces the release of its 2010 Insurance Customer Interactive Media Usage Survey. The survey queried the public on where they obtain information about insurance services and how receptive they are to interactive promotions for insurance. The results of the survey showed that American consumers are increasingly looking to the web and interactive promotions when making purchase decisions with their insurance needs. Fifty-nine percent of the respondents stated that after receiving an insurance offer in the mail they are more likely to visit the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


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Consultant and Michael Simpkins, a Website Designer, Pet Service Advisors was created. ... Owners and Management Workshop– For Pet Funeral Home & Crematory ... at our facility on selling, marketing, merchandising, pet removals and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
SECRETARY OF STATE BRIAN P. K Update from the Director About the Board
o Certified Preplanning Consultant (CPC) o CPC Correspondence .... Generations in the Funeral Home, Marketing Today & Tomorrow, Beginning with the End in Mind, ... Board of Funeral Service website. Grounds for denial, suspension, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
TABA Community Service - Freeman School @ Tulane
Intern needed to assist in developing a strong marketing and business plan. Also need assistance in attracting and monitoring investors. Posted Date: November 16, 2009 Organization: Goodwork Network A nonprofit organization that helps individuals and businesses increase their income and wealth by acquiring the skills and resources necessary to participate more fully in self-employment and micro enterprises Project A: Intern needed for marketing project. A background in graphic design helpful Project B: Four students needed to serve as business consultants for research and advising potential start up business owners Project C:
Do small businesses need a website?
There are many businesses that simple do not believe in the web as a business tool. A website does not have to sell your products, it can be used simply to let potential customers know you are there. For small businesses particularly those that rely on a local customer base this can be an invaluable source of additional customer enquiries. For companies who are now considering gaining a web presence I would say go for it. You have nothing to loose and a lot to gain. You do not need to sell on the web to have a meaningful website. In many cases a business website can be used purely for lead generation. Many businesses rely on ...
Looking for feedback on smart phones. | LinkedIn Answers | LinkedIn
I'm in desperate need of a new cell phone. Given that I'm a web designer, I'm thinking it's time to step up to a data plan and a droid phone. Still tied to t-mobile (sigh). I'm most interested in call clarity with bluetooth and web browsing. Time to start testing designs on mobile! Looking for feedback. Who has this type of phone, what do you hate/love about it? Any recommendations or suggestions, let me know! Location specific: Greater Chicago Area posted 2 months ago in Telecommunications | Closed Share This Strategic * Global * IT Director see all my answers This was selected as Best Answer I have ...