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Generic Brand Awareness

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Procter & Gamble has signed on as a sponsor of the United States Olympic team for the Vancouver and London Games, a move that will place the Olympic rings on more than a dozen household products, from Bounty and Tide to Pepto-Bismol and Pringles. The sponsorship, expected to be announced Tuesday, comes at a key time for the United States Olympic Committee , which has struggled to attract and retain corporate partners in the recession . Company executives said the deal would involve 17 brands. Procter & Gamble will capitalize on the Olympics’ appeal to women by running television advertisements for its ...
The word brand has continued to evolve to encompass identity - it affects the personality of a product, company or service.
Australians love NZ - pass it on (page 1) | Otago Daily Times ...
John Paul Cleary, Claire Dixon and Michael Patterson, all of Melbourne, relax on the Queenstown waterfront yesterday. On their first trip to Queenstown, the trio say they love the town and the country and will definitely be back. Photo by Emily Adamson. Who would have ever guessed it? Despite all their "good-natured" banter, and trying to claim everything of ours that becomes successful as their own, it is now a fact: Australians love New Zealand. The Neilsen Company's BuzzMetric's service has just revealed the results of its social media monitoring, using ... market research, surveys and trends
SEOmoz | Google AdWords is Giving Me a Headache
Keep up to date with the most current News, Tips & Highlights from the search marketing industry with the daily SEO Blog. At the beginning of October Rand and I launched 25 ad campaigns on Google AdWords. We chose keywords that got a fair amount of searches each month but were by no means popular so that we'd be able to bid on them for dirt cheap; hence, we bid on words like "Punnett square," "snark," Venn diagram," and "uvula." Our goal for this experiment was to see how many impressions AdWords tracked for each keyword and compare it to various keyword research tools. I made sure to adjust our bids so that our ads would ... market research, surveys and trends


$24.7 Billion in Generic Drug Savings Available This Year
June 6, 2006 � Senior citizens have been repeatedly urged to use generic drugs, which can provide large savings for those in the Medicare prescription drug program. A new study released today says generic drugs, including new anti-cholesterol and anti-depressants drugs - could save U.S. consumers $24.7 billion this year alone. The report was issued by Express Scripts, one of the nation's largest managers of pharmacy benefit plans. The report examined the clinical potential for greater generic drug use in six major drug-therapy classes used to treat common conditions like stomach ulcers, inflammation, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Advertising-Embedded Games Boost Brand Awareness Among Players ..., the revolutionary new gaming venture from idealab! that offers players opportunities to win life-changing prizes on every visit, today released results of a preliminary survey demonstrating that its unique games and promotions that integrate sponsored ads into Web games can dramatically increase brand awareness. Conducted this spring among 138 respondents In the context of marketing research, a representative sample drawn from a larger population of people from whom information is collected and used to develop or confirm marketing strategy.  selected at random, the new survey runs counter to the recent ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The importance of building brand awareness
Your brand is the identity of your business and your product. It lets you build strong product recognition and positive product association for your particular product without having to depend on the same generic terms as all your competitors. By itself, high brand awareness does not guarantee that the consumer will prefer one business over another, but without a distinct and well-known identity, your business won't even be in the running. In building brand awareness, you also increase your brand equity. A brand is a promise to the consumer that products released under that brand will live up to the specific set of consumer ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
The Challenges of Measuring SEO Success, Part 1
campaign at hundreds of meetings. During that time, both the data that was made available to me to analyze, and the repercussions of what that data means, has changed dramatically. In addition, I've learned a lot about the challenges of explaining to non-SEO folks why we do what we do, and how the data that we see and what it says drives ongoing SEO strategy. SEO Success Measurement Challenges In the old days, one simply looked at total organic traffic from month to month as a primary metric of success. Couple that with a rankings report across "x" number of keywords and you have what served as a ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


INTRODUCTION. GENERIC started as a new and innovative design brand in the 2- wheel market in 2004. Already in the first year the Austrian company achieved to ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Alaska Office of Economic Development
Generic marketing is a staple of any commodity industry. Many agriculture, livestock and other consumable commodity producers pool funds to develop marketing programs designed to raise consumer and market awareness of the commodity. Defined A standard definition of generic marketing follows: Generic marketing refers to activities undertaken by an industry or group to promote benefits that relate to a whole sector or category rather than to specific brands (eg, drink more milk, eat more pork, glass is best, cans are best). Its purpose is to ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Enabling Domain-Awareness for a Generic Natural Language Interface
generic system, resulting in loss of accuracy. In this paper, we describe our approach to enable domain- awareness for such a generic natural language ...
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How are "organic" or "food based" vitamins better than generic ...
Given that the company making the vitamin is trustworthy (i.e. they are sold at major retail outlets) and the tablet contains what it says it contains on the side of the bottle, what are the factors that make "organic" or "food based" vitamins better? My girlfriend recently put me on a new men's one-a-day multivitamin from a local organic food store (Mother's Market). She said that my previous vitamin, Centrum, was not good because it was made in a lab from chemicals, and that this one was superior because it is food based and organic. They sell this particular brand and others like it at places like Whole Foods, ...
How would you determine the value of 'Brand Awareness' when ...
Advertising on the internet is very measurable, but not always efficient in creating direct sales. It might be a while before you see the results of 'Good will' and 'Brand Awareness' campaigns in sales, but meanwhile they talk favorably about you, post good reports and give good reviews on sites like Amazon on your products, creating a good environment for you to launch your next product or commercial (maybe even give a keynote, or set up a hype more efficiently). But how valuable is this level of Brand Awareness when determining costs, the investment? How much money are incoming blog links, a community ...