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Geo-Demos that Work

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  I’m working with IT on building a new database and at the same time hope to build in new query capabilities to allow me to understand our customer lifetime value and build it accordingly.  I’ve been tasked with putting some math examples together for IT so they can understand what I’d be looking at and how CLV would be calculated. A:   I’m sort of lost on this because it sounds to me like you are looking to forecast LTV; reality is that LTV is really only known after the customer has defected.  So, you can go back in time and say “the LTV of customers acquired through this campaign is X” a ...
one of the earliest successful colonies to be founded by the English in North America and the first sizable permanent English settlement in the New England region. Aided by Squanto , a Native American of the Patuxet people, the colony was able to establish a treaty with Chief Massasoit which helped to ensure the colony's success. The colony played a central role in King Philip's War , one of the earliest and bloodiest of the Indian Wars . Ultimately, the colony was annexed by the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1691. Despite the colony's relatively short history, Plymouth holds a special role in American history . ...
Answering John Wanamaker's Question - New Media, Social Media ...
Market Mix Modeling has advanced the state of advertising and media measurement. Thru regression modeling, MMM can now measure the relative impact of TV vs. Digital vs. Print, etc. Some companies have even driven this to more granular measurement of ROI by TV network, creative unit and daypart. However, MMM still breaks down in several important areas: Consumer Targeting – TV media buying is still largely done against broad demographics. Targeting consumers based on behavior, attitudinal profile, or geo-demographics is still challenging for most media. Engagement – Advertisers are still struggling to understand how engaged ... market research, surveys and trends
Consoles that were 'maxed' and ones that were not - AtariAge Forums
Actually, I feel the opposite about the Saturn. It just depends on which games you've played. Most anything I've played from Sonic Team seemed to push the system pretty hard. I daresay Sega Rally Plus and possible Sega Touring Car pushed it quite a bit, too. Props also go to Area 51 for making the jump from CoJag to the Saturn and looking halfway decent in the process. Oddly, in the 2D department where the Saturn smoked the sense out of both competitors, it hardly even broke a sweat doing so. The PS1 had to be pushed to the limit, especially after the Dreamcast launched. Some of the later games I have are ... market research, surveys and trends


The 2000 U.S. Census: 1 Billion RDF Triples
The U.S. Census data is provided by the Census Bureau in a structured format (with an enormous amount of documentation, no less) and yields on the order of 1 billion RDF triples. The task of extracting those triples is a hefty one, though fairly straight-forward, and this document explains what I did from start to finish --- first transforming the Census data into Notation 3 (with a Perl script), and then loading it into a MySQL database and serving it via SPARQL (using my own C# library for RDF ). Also see my original announcement of this data set on the semantic-web mail list . The Census data comprises population ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Expedia's Email Strategy
For most of 2001, online travel agents bucked the dot-com demise. Then came the airplane hijackings and attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. Online bookings immediately dropped by more than half, and cancellations were substantial. Within a few days, though, transactions began to increase, which Richard Barton, Expedia's president and CEO, characterized as an "encouraging indication of the resilience of the American spirit." The five-year-old company had achieved profitability earlier this year. And through June, Expedia -- rated the No. 1 online travel agent by and responsible for 25% of gross online ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
How I Didn't Get Killed At E3
How did I get to E3? How did I get a VIP pass? I don't even know. The idea was that I would walk up to E3 and, telling nobody anything, manage to just get in. That's what happened. It worked out pretty well. I have business in the San Francisco Bay Area from late June to early August, so I figured I would fly in from Tokyo a week early, and check out E3. At the time, I didn't think it was a stupid idea to fly in to San Francisco International Airport, despite the Electronic Entertainment Expo being in Los Angeles. When I booked my ticket, I was only thinking that it would cost a lot more money to fly into Los ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Photoshop Lightroom 3 reviewed
Superb new noise reduction algorithms; better lens correction tools and support for lens profiles; ability to maintain synchronised collections; great watermarking tool; slideshow module now exports video Still some interface anomalies; Publish Services needs some work; Lightroom�s modal nature can still inhibit workflow; lacks some of the frills found in Aperture Photoshop Lightroom 3 is a stealthy upgrade to Adobe�s image management and editing application for photographers. On the surface it looks much like it has since it was Lightroom 1, which shipped in 2007. The new feature list seems modest: a handful of ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


ArcGIS Desktop - Do we still need a desktop GIS?
role in a geo browser environment. It is ArcGIS. Desktop that is best used by professionals to create tasks for a service-based ... work flows that could only include flat image ... javascript/arcgis/demos/geoprocessor/gp_bottle.html ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
NASA World Wind Java Demo Applications and Applets
It features the Earth with SRTM Plus elevation and bathymetry, the Blue Marble Next Generation may 2004, I Cubed Lansat 15m, and United States Department of Agriculture NAIP imagery layers among others. It also displays the stars background, atmospheric effect, compass, world map and scalebar that are common to most of the example applications. >  ApplicationTemplate.jnlp - launch with Java Web Start. >  WWJDemo.jnlp - features an array of World Wind capabilities: surface graticules, terrain profiling, on screen view controls, and real time manipulation of terrain vertical exaggeration. This example application ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
GEO 465/565 Course Description
level (undergrads, see GEO 365 for an introduction to GIS). It combines an overview of the general principles of GIS with a theoretical treatment of the nature and analytical use of spatial information (aka "spatial reasoning" ). Although, the course has a laboratory component that exposes students to the ArcGIS 9 software package, it focuses more on the science behind the software, the issues surrounding the use of the software, and, once again, the fundamental nature and analytical use of spatial information in various forms (i.e., geographic information science or GIScience). I want to emphasize again that it is ...
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How do I create a login system with thats compatible with Godaddy ...
How do I create a login system with thats compatible with Godaddy Hosting? I am looking for a simple tutorial that will work with Godaddy, I have found none that have worked for me so far. And if it shows how to do it with Dreamweaver CS3 that works too. Thanks! Member since: July 22, 2006 Total points: 351057 (Level 7) Badge Image: You can do it with Dreamweaver or Notepad - since it's all text. You'll need a sign-up page and the code behind it, and a login page and the code behind it. It's FAR too much code to post here. You first need to know whether you're on a Windows server (ASP and ...
Image Resizing - a VERY intelligent algorithm that can drop or add ...
Shai Avidan and Ariel Shamir present a new method of resizing images that helps achieve new aspect ratios. Without use of cropping or other conventional methods images are resized in seconds, losing only "negative" space and retaining what the whole of the image was capturing. They also have developed off it's back the most amazing tool for removing center sections, seemingly seamless. [ ...] It is definitely worth noting that Shai Avidan, one of the creators of this technique, has recently been hired by Adobe. [ ...] Something I think that photographers should be very happy about is, instead of losing ...