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Google Maps Marketing

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Google, Yahoo, Bing and others feature maps now for more search terms than ever before – and it seems to be trending more in that direction. For example, 3 months ago, map listings didn’t appear for keywords like “Los A ngeles realtor” or Los Angeles realtors” – today, Google is not only displaying map results for these keywords, but shaking the foundations of traditional organic optimization . As map listings become more ubiquitously present in local search, the effect on overall marketing strategy requires a fundamental shift. A new discipline, local map optimization will reign, if it does not already, as the most critical ...
Google Caffeine; the latest Buzz | Marketing News | News
Now that the cat is finally out of the bag, I'd been getting some questions as to my personal thoughts on the world of Caffeine. So, here we go... say it once, then we're moving on with life. For those that missed the memo; Google's Caffeine updates is now LIVE . FIRST – this is infrastructure folks, plain and simple. If there's anything we've seen that is important with all of the recent movements is that this comes with a concerted 'need for speed'. We can only guess that it is a response to the many new elements since the last major update, Big Daddy such as, (bot not limited to); ... market research, surveys and trends
Google Maps™ And Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy
What you are going to find  out in this article is how Google™ is changing the way it is indexing websites especially with its new personalized search function “Web History”. And the geographical targeting and location based searches Google Maps™ to understand this more have a look at the image below… Before we go any further lets look at Google Maps™. As you can see when you type in anything that is related to a business and in this case we used “Mackay Fishing Charters” as a generic term so that we could find a business related listing that would bring up the Google ™ Map. You Will Notice Who Is ... market research, surveys and trends


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Face Book and My Space are also having phenomenal growth. Experts feel that social media will grow even more popular in the coming years from 2010 onwards and that is the current social media marketing trend. One of the notable features in the marketing trends is that the social media has started looking less social in the recent years. Groups, niches, and lists are becoming popular and that makes the media something exclusive instead of the generalized ones as in the past. It is n ... Tags: social media marketing , social media marketing Services By: Silas Reed | - The senior recruiters of the executive recruiting companies are ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Google Maps Optimization Articles - Page 1 -
Do you have a business that caters to people in a specific location? A brick and mortar business? If so I have some news that could dramatically increase your customer base, offering you more leads and more sales. Make sure you read all 7 because Im saving the best for last! 1.Your Customers are Already Looking for You If you offer a service or product that people want or need, they are probably looking for you on the internet. Maybe not specifically you, but the ... Tags: local seo optimization , local seo , google maps , local seo marketing By: karun | - You can promote your business to reach to millions of internet users ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
iPhone 4 customer parody stings
First and foremost it's a critique of the cultlike following Apple products have. No surprise here. (Hey, I'm guilty. I have an iPhone 3GS and a couple of MacBooks. OK, I have an iPad too.) But the customer avatar in the video distills this into a Terminator-like--I must have the iPhone 4, do or die. My interviews last month with the must-have-the-iPhone-4-first faithful camped out at an Apple store in Southern California on the evening before launch (more than 12 hours prior to sales) revealed similar single-mindedness in some cases. And that's the genesis of the YouTube parody. Though some may quibble with the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Indoor map apps focus on airports, malls and skyways
Mike Bleakmore had a basic request of his hotel concierge in downtown Minneapolis one recent winter: How could he and his party get to their restaurant, three or so blocks away, through the skyway system? This was possible, Bleakmore would later verify, but the concierge didn't have a clue. The women in Bleakmore's group, including his wife, weren't about to tramp through snow in cocktail dresses and high heels, so they ended up taking a taxi to their eatery. That's when Bleakmore and two partners hatched their idea for Skyway My Way, an interactive online map of the skyway system. Bleakmore and Co. are ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Marketing and Advertising Using Google™
Topic 4 – Integrating Local with Mobile: Google Maps for Mobile ..... Google Advertising Professionals (GAP) are online marketing professionals with ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Jesse Friedman, Associate Product Marketing Manager, Google Maps ...
Google. Associate Product Marketing Manager, Google Maps. Marketing and Advertising | San Francisco Bay Area. Jesse Friedman is an associate product ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Companies can learn from Google's marketing
Feb 5, 2010... Gmail, Google News, Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Video, Picasa ... Companies can learn from Google's marketing - Atlanta Business ...
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Are Marketing Companies and Affiliates allowed in maps for non ...
I am just curious, what Google's position is on Marketing companies and affiliate marketers showing up in Google maps for non-marketing results. If it's okay then I would like to know so that I can start buying leads from those marketers. If it's not okay then how do I help clean up the mess? I have asked this question several times without fail, and yet one affiliate keeps showing up.  I have my own affiliate beating me for local listings.  I have reported this but nothing seems to happen.  I have other marketers that are beating me and asking me if I want to buy leads from them.  ...
6 Steps to Get Local Business with Google Maps
The phone book has always been the first place people look to for local searches, but that is no longer the case. A few years ago, Google introduced Google Maps, providing a local search platform. It has since surpassed the traditional phone book model for local searches. It is a vital marketing tool for any small business that lives and dies with local and walk-in traffic. Google knows, with a fair degree of accuracy, where you are geographically searching from based on your IP address. For example, a search for Italian Restaurants will result in local restaurants specific to the general area where the user is ...