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Special Report on

Green Marketing Coalition

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This report should spur us to inform our customers and prospects about our own environmentally responsible corporate policies and practices, and underscore how we, along with companies in our industry, are striving to make financially and environmentally sound decisions. Some notable facts highlighted in the report include: In 2008, more than 57 percent of paper consumed in the U.S. was recovered for recycling, more than any material. The paper industry is aiming to reach 60 percent recycling by 2012. Every additional percentage point means that a million tons of paper are recovered. Less than 10 percent of U.S. power comes from ...
cameras, printers, MP3 players and other electronics built by other manufacturers. The company is well known for its innovations in supply chain management and electronic commerce . On May 3, 2010, Fortune Magazine listed Dell as the 38th largest company in the United States and the 5th largest company in Texas by total revenue. It is the 2nd largest non-oil company in Texas (Behind AT&T ) and the largest company in the Austin area. Cite error: There are tags on this page, but the references will not show without a {{Reflist}} template or a tag; see the .
Is it “Green Marketing” or is it “Marketing Green”?
In the larger scheme of things, marketing is set of activities, functions, and processes for creating and communicating products and services that deliver value for customers, clients, and partners. Unfortunately, for many companies, “green marketing” has become a label that describes the way they tout their sustainability efforts and flaunt the responsibility of their products and practices. Perhaps we should consider using the term “marketing green” to more realistically describe how marketing practices are applied to not only improving the environmental and social performance of products and services, but also to ... market research, surveys and trends
Is It Really Possible To Green Direct Mail? | Twist of Lime
and they have introduced a few ways to help lighten the carbon footprint of those who insist upon using direct mail for marketing purposes. Don’t get me wrong, I too agree that direct mail is an effective way to reach potential customers, and I encourage my clients to use it in select circumstances. But, like others quoted in the Times article, I’m a bit skeptical of the effectiveness of the Green Marketing Coalition’s efforts. You can download a copy of their “Recommended Guidelines” at their site and see what I mean. Among the recommendations they list: Purchase recycled paper. Choose vendors and ... market research, surveys and trends


The Direct Marketing Voice
Last week the U.S. Postal Service requested a 2-cent increase of first-class postage as part of a plan to cover some of their staggering deficit. Many business groups that rely heavily on using direct mail for advertising reacted in outrage . However, in response to the news, author, Daniel Gross , wrote a smart article arguing that this move could urge businesses to think of more efficient and cost-effective ways of reaching prospects and consumers—an activity that could benefit the economy, environment, businesses and consumers alike. “So rather than complain about the rising cost, power mail users should do what ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Advertising - Direct Mail Tries to Go Green. No, Really. -
MOST marketers readily concede it: getting rid of direct mail — or junk mail, as environmentalists and most recipients call it — would save a lot of trees. But they are not about to render bulk mailings obsolete. “The return on investment is just too high,” said Jeffrey Horton, marketing supervisor for Kawasaki Motors Corporation U.S.A. So a group of direct-marketing companies, along with a handful of their corporate clients, are banding together to make an inherently unsustainable practice at least a little bit greener. The group calls itself the Green Marketing Coalition, and it includes Microsoft , ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Smart design creates energy-efficient home
ORLANDO, Fla. — The Lake County, Fla., home Paul Fallman shares with his wife and two daughters has 4,000 square feet of living space. Yet his electric bills have averaged just $180 a month so far this year. His natural-gas bill for two tankless water heaters and a fireplace averages $25 a month. "My focus with this house was energy efficiency," says Fallman, owner of Fallman Design & Construction in Clermont, Fla. "It's so easy to do. It's a great marketing angle. And it's the right thing to do." The key to the energy efficiency of the lakefront home, which is certified by the Florida ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Ethanol Subsidy Endangered?
A Ways & Means Committee spokesperson said that a reduction of the tax credit from 45 cents to 36 cents per gallon was among ideas the panel was considering for a green-energy bill. The subsidy would be extended through next year. A draft of the bill could be released in the next few days, committee spokesperson Matt Beck told the newspaper. The Hill , a congressional newspaper cited by the report, said that the committee's action on the bill would likely be delayed until September. Senate Democratic leaders are working on a broader energy bill that could include subsidies for biofuels, the report added. Senator Jeff ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


RE: Green Guides Regulatory Review, 16 CFR Part 260, Comment ...
of Environmental Marketing Claims. The National Recycling Coalition, hc., (NRC) is based in ..... green marketing." Journal of Consumer Marketing 12(2): 16. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Green Power Network: Publications: Categorical Listing
Corporate Guide to Green Power Markets (Installment 6): Developing Next Generation Green Power Products for Corporate Markets in North America . World Resources Institute, Washington, DC. ( PDF 532 KB ) Austin, Duncan and Craig Hanson. Introducing Green Power for Corporate Markets: Business Case, Challenges, and Steps Forward . World Resources Institute, Washington, DC, July 2002. Bird, L., L. Dagher, and B. Swezey, 2007. Green Power Marketing in the United States: A Status Report (Tenth Edition) , NREL/TP-670-42502. Golden, CO: National Renewable Energy Laboratory, December. ( PDF 2.1 MB ) Bird, L., C. Kreycik, and B. Friedman, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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If your company is not committed to excellence, your competitors may very well leave you in the dust. Today, more than ever before, it’s obvious that best practices are the key to a business’ very survival. Take a good look around and you will find that business owners and employees who are constantly working on their game and innovating are not only persevering but are growing. Luckily, there are role models for excellence all around us. By working on their business rather than in it, these companies not only achieve tangible results, they serve as inspiration to business owners everywhere. Thinking about going green? Revamping ...