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Guerrilla Marketing for Consultants

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I knew well in advance that the renewal date was looming because I was barraged with mailers from Dow Jones offering me a "special renewal rate" for current subscribers. For $249.00, my service would be uninterrupted, at a substantial savings, for the next year. With time running out, I finally went to the Dow Jones web site, special renewal offer in hand, to extend my subscription. As I navigated through the site, I learned that a new subscriber got a very different deal than my "special" offer. For just $99.00 a year, a new subscriber would receive the same benefits, but the cost was 60 percent lower. I understand that ...
is the conduct of drafting, implementing and evaluating cross-functional decisions that will enable an organization to achieve its long-term objectives. It is the process of specifying the organization 's mission , vision and objectives, developing policies and plans, often in terms of projects and programs, which are designed to achieve these objectives, and then allocating resources to implement the policies and plans, projects and programs. A balanced scorecard is often used to evaluate the overall performance of the business and its progress towards objectives. Strategic management is a level of managerial activity ...
Guerrilla Marketing for Consultants Invades Orange County in October
The Association of Professional Consultants (APC) a California-based, non-profit assisting its member consultants in building and managing their successful consulting practices, and the Southern California chapter of Institute of Management Consultants (IMC SoCal), a national accrediting organization serving the management consulting community through education, mentoring, and growth practices, announces a collaborative meeting on Thursday, October 19, 2006, at the Irvine Hilton. The meeting will focus on guerrilla marketing as the topic of the day, and will features presentations by two prominent consultants in the field. The ... market research, surveys and trends
Marketing For Consultants
My biggest takeaways from the  book is a marketing mindset I should have as a consultant and also the prescriptive guidance on how to build my marketing strategy. Here is my distillation. Read on… The authors of the book provide an attributes of guerilla marketing for consultants. These attributes helped me to get into the mindset of eternal demand creation for my services I offer as a consultant. And that’s the essence of any marketing – creating the demand. [Marketing]Is the business. This attribute reminds me that I am in constant contact with a customer which is just perfect situation to market my service, and that’s ... market research, surveys and trends


Guerrilla Marketing for Consultants: Managing a Consulting Practice
asked more than 500 consultants what's ahead for consulting in 2010. The respondents offered these four perspectives on the rest of the year: 1. Don't be surprised if the market turns around in 2010. It's not clear, though, if the increase in business for consultants means a return to a stronger market. It's possible that new spending is focused on initiatives clients just can't delay any longer. 2. Budgets will remain tight, in spite of expected growth. Consultants cautioned that their clients' public statements have been optimistic, but increased budgets have not necessarily ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Management Consulting News July 2008
Ask a consultant how things are going, and you might hear, "I'm swamped," or "I'm crazy busy." So, it's not surprising when consultants tell me that, when it comes to being effective marketers, lack of time is their toughest challenge. If I just had more hours in the day, they say, I could roll out a winning marketing strategy. But blaming lack of time for inattention to your marketing is often just a convenient excuse to spend time doing something else. Naturally, we have to do justice to our clients, families, and friends. But it's funny how we always manage to squeeze in time for the things we really want ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Close-up: Ad job offers inspiration to get up in the morning
Jon Franko, 27, co-founder and co-owner of Gorilla76, an advertising, Web development and brand elevation agency with offices at 408 North Euclid Avenue in the Central West End. BIOGRAPHICAL DATA FAMILY • Single with dog, a 5-year-old yellow Lab named Deuce. Only child of Ed Franko and Jane York. Ed owns Bass and Baskets, a bed and breakfast at the Lake of the Ozarks; Jane is a fifth-grade schoolteacher in Granite City. EDUCATION • Granite City High School, 2001; University of Missouri, B.S., journalism, 2005. ----- What made you decide to go into the advertising field? I was a journalism major in college because I love to ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Guide to Guerrilla Marketing for Consultants, Marketing Your ...
That's what Guerrilla Marketing for Consultants is about: how to win ... will spell out the ABC's of Guerrilla Marketing for Consultants to get you started. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Guide to Starting a Home-Based Business
Guerrilla Marketing for Consultants, Publisher - John Wiley & Sons, by Jay. Conrad Levinson & Michael W. McLaughlin. • The Consultant's Guide to Getting ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
In the fast evolving world of consulting, clients seek talent, not ...
Guerilla Marketing for Consultants is about winning profitable work from a new, ... consultants' promotional material. Guerrilla Marketing can help to ...
  1. profile image virtuose1 tdn_: Guerrilla Marketing for Consultants: Breakthrough Tactics for Winning Profitable Clients - ISBN13:...
Consulting Business: 11 Web Site Tips for Consultants
A consultant's Web site can no longer be an afterthought. It must play an integral role in marketing your practice to new and existing clients. Too many consultants overlook the potential of a compelling Web site to help them stand out in a crowded market. According to a 2005 study on how clients buy professional services conducted by analysts at, 69% of prospective clients are at least somewhat influenced by your Web site when deciding whether or not to make contact with you. And almost 80% of decision makers visit your site before making a purchase decision. You need a great Web site to swing those decisions ...
Preparing Successful Proposals
The words, “Send me a proposal” are music to many consultants’ ears. Even though they might not really enjoy writing proposals, most consultants jump at the chance because they believe that exciting, lucrative work might be right around the corner. The invitation to write a proposal is a milestone in the sales cycle—an opportunity to get one step closer to a client and a new project. The best proposal is one you don’t have to write. Tip the competitive scales in your favor and try to eliminate the proposal process altogether. A competitive field reduces the odds of landing the business, so side step ...