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Special Report on

Influential Interactive Marketing

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event starts the excitement around planning early by releasing their "panel picker" - an online interface that lists all the panel submission ideas for SXSW along with descriptions and offers anyone the chance to vote or comment on the panel choices. This feedback is then used by the planners of SXSW as 30% of the decisions to finalize all the sessions for the actual event. This year there were 2347 ideas submitted for the Interactive portion of SXSW, with the most popular category being Branding/Marketing/Publicity (of course) with 175 entries. Social Networking was the second most popular with 132 entries. In this vast list, ...
Top 10 Corporate Blogs (Technorati Ranked) « Mario Sundar
I'm LinkedIn's social media guy. I blog about how professionals and their companies can achieve business goals through social networking technologies. July 16, 2006 • 8:13 pm Quick Update: In related news, Nicholas Carr from Rough Type blog, just wrote an article in Business Week on Lessons in Corporate Blogging , taking a page from Dell’s recent blog-launch . Nicholas is an unbiased expert in the field and I greatly value his professional insight. This article is a case in point. Back to Marketing Nirvana’s Top 10 Corporate Blogs post: What do 3 Search Engines, 2 Software manufacturers, 2 ... market research, surveys and trends
Influential Marketing Blog: The Carnival of Marketing at ...
over the holiday weekend (in the US).  The posts from this week range from new great content online, such as TEDTalks, to new ideas like the Earthboards or marketing in SecondLife, to highlighting several posts from newer blogs out there you may not have visited yet.  Looking back to other Carnival host weeks that I have enjoyed, I realized that they highlighted posts from bloggers outside of our circle.  One of the most useful outcomes of this week hosting for me has been the chance to find new blogs and new ideas.  Here are my seven picks - I hope you enjoy them: TEDTalks from TEDBlog - The TED (Technology, ... market research, surveys and trends


Checkposts~On marketing, culture and media
According to a recent report by Brand Finance, the recent economic recession has wiped $67 billion off the brand value of Top 100 Global brands. As organizations struggle to maximize ROI on their advertising budgets, this could well be the year when we witness digital and new media coming into the mainstream of the marketing and advertising strategy of corporations. In most cases, online media is far more measurable in so far as user behavior and sales can be traced back to the original act of click throughs. Having said that, one is skeptical about the blind enthusiasm that some internet advertising enthusiasts- ( Read SEM firms industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Social Media Marketing Blog: Facebook Age Demographics
It's pretty easy to fall into the trap of assuming that Facebook is a young person's game; after all, it was created by a college student and was only available to individuals with .edu email addresses originally. But ever since it opened to the general public in late 2006, the age demographic has been expanding. According to a report in March of 2009 , Inside Facebook noted that there were more Facebook users 26-44 than 18-25 today. And in a separate report, they also noted that Facebook is seeing massive increases in adoption among users 35-65. In fact, the fastest growing demographic on Facebook is still women over 55 . industry trends, business articles and survey research
Interpret LLC to Present Updated Survey Results on 3D Consumer Habits and ...
LOS ANGELES & MILFORD, Conn., Aug 13, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Interpret LLC, a leading entertainment, media and technology measurement and market research firm, will present its latest survey report on consumer attitudes towards 3D at the third annual 3D Entertainment Summit(TM) presented in association with Variety. The announcement was made today by conference co-producers Bob Dowling, President of The Bob Dowling Group; and John Golicz, CEO of Unicomm LLC, a leading event management company; along with Michael Dowling, CEO of Interpret LLC. The 3D Entertainment ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Action Sports Hub Inc.: Winners & Losers: Corner Man Shows Both
August 5, 2010: With Oakland Ca. turning into the Mecca for MMA and the UFC this up coming weekend, Corner Man is proud to announce the 411 picks on "Winners & Losers" for the upcoming event. Go to to check them out. Also displayed is information on the upcoming Alves Vs. Fitch showdown which should be made to be a great show this weekend. UFC is now more popular than boxing here in the US. An article on the front page also shows how Dana White has turned this monster mainstream. Go to to get more information and see you at the fights. Other News of other ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


New Trends in Product Placement
“A Gallery of Marketing and PR in Second Life”, Influential Interactive Marketing, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Interactive Food & Beverage Marketing:
influential and can spread negative word-of-mouth quickly.”80 ..... explained Tim Goudie, group manager, interactive marketing, for Coca-Cola. And because ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Internet and E-Commerce (social media marketing, social networks on the Internet , ... [3] Michael Trusov, Anand Bodapati and Randolph E. Bucklin (2010), “ Determining Influential .... Ad Hoc Reviewer, Journal of Interactive Marketing ...
How to find influential twitter users for a specific topic ...
I am looking for a tool that would list the most influential people on twitter for a given topic. Hubspot has tool at which tells me the certain twitter user's grade (or influence) on twitter; but I am looking for a sort of inverse of this functionality - where I get the top grade (most influential) users for a given topic. Also, if anyone knows of this kind of a tool for facebook or LinkedIn, let me know. Thanks. posted 3 months ago in Internet Marketing , Search Marketing | Closed Share This VP of Fruition Interactive. Online Publisher. Writer. Social Media Practitioner & Educator. see all my answers
Webinars for lead generation: what works, what doesn't, and why ...
There are numerous services and solutions for conducting Webinars, several of which enable easy set-up and conducting of audio conferencing, polling, presentation sharing, interactive Q&A and other features. And some of these services are available in free editions. So why aren't more companies using Webinars to generate, nurture and convert leads? If your company uses Webinars, what specific steps do you take to maximize their success and value? If your company doesn't use Webinars, why not? We have a Focus Community member that is looking for some help with this - any insight? ...