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Is Flat Eric an earner?

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program in providing disability benefit coverage is not well understood. Using data from the 1996 panel of the Survey of Income and Program Participation ( SIPP ) we find that over one-third (36 percent) of the working-age population is covered by SSI in the event of a severe disability. Three important implications follow: (1)  SSI increases the overall coverage of the working-age population; (2)  SSI enhances the bundle of cash benefits available to disabled individuals; and (3) interactions with other public programs—most notably the SSI path to Medicaid coverage—also enhance the safety net. ...
Matthew Yglesias ยป Mobilizing the Lower Upper Class
One thing we talked about was the possibility of mobilizing class resentment among what you might call the lower upper class. As I’ve been emphasizing, if you earn over $250,000 a year, you’re earning more than the vast majority of Americans. And you’re also earning about five times what the average household takes home. At the same time, if you earn $250,000 then anyone who makes over $1.25 million is earning five times what you make . And in a very large country with an extremely large degree of “right tail” inequality, you can be in this weird position of being quite rich while at the same time ... market research, surveys and trends
Report: Toyota and Daimler planning "extensive cooperation" on ...
began developing fuel-cell vehicles way back in 1994. To date, the company has spent $1.23 billion on fuel cell technology. Toyota entered into the hydrogen realm even earlier by kicking off development back in 1992. With decades of combined experience, both companies have become front runners in fuel-cell technology. Toyota and Honda became the first automakers to put commercial hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles on the roads back in 2002. Toyota recently teamed up with Tesla for development of electric vehicles at NUMMI and now a new report suggests that the company may join with Daimler ( which also holds stake in Tesla ) to develop ... market research, surveys and trends


Limbaugh's living large while radio boss Clear Channel implodes ...
Even for a pancaked industry like radio broadcasting, which has become somewhat numb to years' worth of mass layoffs triggered by hyper, corporate consolidation, and more recently by an over-the-cliff advertising recession, last week's HR wave of mutilation unleashed by industry giant Clear Channel Communications must have felt like a pile-on. Drowning under massive debt and desperate to cut more costs, Clear Channel took an ax to its payroll -- again -- and hacked hundreds of radio pros out the door. Program directors, morning show hosts, production pros, news anchors -- all of them tossed over the side. A ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Real Jobs-Housing Mismatch
here is a fundamental disconnect between the rate at which the incomes of low-income households are growing and the rate at which rents are escalating. For millions of renters, there is little hope of escape from shouldering heavy housing cost burdens (near record levels), living in crowded conditions (at record levels) or renting severely inadequate housing – for the simple reason that the economy mints millions of low-wage full- and part-time jobs that provide incomes too meager to cover the cost of modest rental housing. Add to this the fact that government transfer payments are too low to permit those on welfare or the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Gambling, school aid top RI Statehouse agenda
Gambling, wind energy, pension reform and education aid dominated the agenda of the Rhode Island General Assembly this year, as lawmakers in a state with a double-digit unemployment rate scrambled for ways to find extra revenue and cut costs. Lawmakers wrapped up business early Friday, capping a busy election-year session and the first under new House Speaker Gordon Fox. It was a year when public policy issues, such as casino gambling and the decriminalization of marijuana, were debated with in the context of the state's economy. In the frenetic final hours of the session, lawmakers approved a voter referendum on converting ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
June Budget: Osborne sets out 'unavoidable' austerity measures
Mr Osborne said the austerity measures were ‘unavoidable’ and were the result of years of largesse under the previous Labour government. As expected, the coalition government’s Conservative chancellor presented his Budget as an attack on Britain’s spiralling debt crisis, and targeted swinging cuts in public sector spending as his main method of tackling the debt burden. "Council tax bills have more than doubled in the last 13 years while frontline services like bin collections were halved. Rocketing Council Tax has to stop, to offer real help to struggling families and pensioners." Communities Secretary ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


P. J .Eric Stallard,A S A ,F CA ,M A A A ;Kenneth A.S te i n e r,E A ,F S A ,F .... nature of Social Security from an income replacement program to a ... The first deck would provide a flat dollar amount for all workers with ... The inequity is greater after one spouse dies. In the two-earner couple, the surviving ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Minnesota bases child support obligations on a flat percentage ... pay a higher percentage of their salaries in child support than higher earners. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Eric's (quarterly?) Post Number 5
The cold I had last time I posted turned to pneumonia, which responded well to antibiotics. A big "Yay!" for western medicine, which has likely saved my life once more. I took last week off to do my taxes. Those of you who don't live in the U.S. might not understand why someone would need to take 2% of the year to figure out how to pay the taxes accrued during the rest of the year. I'm not going to complain about the amount of my taxes. Compared to the rest of the world they are quite low. How low depends upon how you calculate income, which is one of the difficulties of the tax code. There is taxable income, tax ...
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What is progressive income tax and confiscatory tax? - Yahoo! Answers
Progressive tax is levied based on the ability of the taxpayer's income to pay taxes, meaning the higher your income, the higher your tax is levied, vis-a-vis person those low income earner , does levied lower tax. While confiscatory taxes is levied generally to people at fixed rate irrespective of income people earns. 3 years ago A progressive tax is a tax where the rate increases as the taxable amount increases. A tax where the rate remains the same is generally referred to as a flat tax. Confiscatory taxes are more subjective. They are levied to correct a perceived inequality or to punish or deter undesired behavior.
Obama to eliminate interest deduction for home mortgage loans to ...
I think this is one more conflict in his policies. I believe he truly wants to turn the economy around (who doesn't?), but he continues to tax on one side while throwing money on the other. Eliminating deductions is the same as increasing taxes. He's doing the same thing with businesses, only on a much higher level. Need another example? Increase in capital gains taxes to pay for the tax credits he's giving to those who don't pay taxes now. Seems like we're going in circles. posted March 5, 2009 Senior Manager at AT&T see all my answers Best Answers in: Personal Investing (8), Personal Real Estate ...