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Special Report on

Joint Marketing White Papers

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earlier this year.  But this new study has some amazing findings covering everything from the influence of white papers compared to other marketing tools, how they are shared, their ideal length and when they are used in the purchase cycle. I outline the key findings below . (more…) If you're new here, be sure to signup for my newsletter and join 20,000 others. You can also follow me on Twitter . Thanks for visiting! Posted in Statistics | Comments Thursday, March 19th, 2009 InformationWeek recently released a report titled, “ Tech Marketing: Best Practices Research Series: White Papers: How to Maximize the Use ...
and a major contributor to the development of web course management systems and the evolution of teaching and learning online as a founder of CourseInfo LLC. and Blackboard Inc. CourseInfo technology became the foundation for the Blackboard platform when the two companies merged to form Blackboard Inc.
Health Coaching Firm Leade Health Hits Marketing Goals with HRmarketer
Capitola, CA (PRWEB) September 26, 2006 –- A pioneer in the field of health coaching, Leade Health is a disease prevention firm that helps corporations, health plans and governments reduce medical costs by supporting individuals in changing lifestyle behaviors that compromise their health and productivity. While experiencing rapid growth, Leade Health lacked the staff to mount large-scale marketing and PR campaigns that would increase visibility to its target markets of corporations and health plans. By partnering with, a Marketing PR service focused on the human resource industry, Leade has been able to brand its ... market research, surveys and trends
the die is cast » Blog Archive » NJ to take over AC casino district
New Jersey governor Chris Christie’s Advisory Committee on New Jersey Gaming, Sports, and Entertainment has issued its report, which calls for a partial state takeover of Atlantic City. From the AC Press : But Atlantic city and state officials have naturally focused most on the governor’s plan to create a state-run portion of Atlantic City, in a plan already described as a city within a city. Christie said he could no longer watch the “teetering”; of Atlantic City’s institutions. He said he gave “fair warning” to Atlantic City’s government to fix problems pointed out in a recent ... market research, surveys and trends


AT&T and Time Warner Cable Announce Joint Marketing Agreement ...
AT&T and Time Warner Cable said Wednesday they will enter into a joint marketing agreement that will provide valuable incentives to customers of both companies. Beginning in April, the companies will roll out the agreement with marketing campaigns in Albany and Syracuse, NY, where Time Warner Cable has a base of 600,000 customers. The theme of the campaigns will be, "Some Names Just Naturally Go Together . . . Like Time Warner Cable and AT&T." Once this initial deployment is completed, they will consider expanding their efforts into other markets. Consumers who choose Time Warner cable television and AT&T ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Lockheed F-35's Projected Cost Now $382 Billion, Up 65 Percent ...
June 1 (Bloomberg) -- The projected cost of Lockheed Martin Corp.’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the most expensive U.S. weapons program, is now $382 billion, 65 percent higher than the $232 billion estimated when the program started in 2002, according to a government official. This projection from independent Pentagon analysts is being sent to Congress today. The Pentagon’s cost-analysis office reports that the price per plane -- including research, development and construction costs -- is now $112.4 million, the official said. That’s about 81 percent over the original estimate of $62 million. The production ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
We pity the motion to recommit-loving snoozers who think recess is boring, especially when there's a slew of outside-the-beltway news keeping us entertained. We continue to drink from the well of Alvin Greene, whose economic platform involves giving Barbie and Ken a run for their money. Speaking of offbeat policy ideas, the Louisiana legislature's plan to pray against the oil spill is being supplemented by a Bobby Jindal proposal to allow churchgoers to arm themselves. Join us in giving our newest polling experts from a big, within the margin of error, welcome. This is HUFFPOST HILL for July 7th, 2010 : ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
PERMALIFE PRODUCTS, LLC; NEW YORK RUBBER RECYCLING, LLC; BRISTOW RUBBER RECYCLING, LLC; and ARIZONA RUBBER RECYCLING, LLC, Plaintiffs, v. TSJ DIRT, LLC; JERRY MORRISON; TIM WILLIAMS; DON C. FLETCHER, ESQ.; LAKE & COBB PLC; JIM P. MA; BULLDOG MARKETING, LLC d/b/a BULLDOG RUBBER AND RECYCLING; DAVID WILLIS; and IDM, LLC, Defendants. No. 09-11482 MS, Jointly Administered Adv. Pro. No. 10-1079 MS. United States Bankruptcy Court, D. New Jersey. July 8, 2010. RABINOWITZ, LUBETKIN & TULLY, LLC, Jay L. Lubetkin, Esq., Laura E. Quinn, Esq., Livingston, NJ, Attorneys for Debtors/Debtors-in-Possession/Plaintiffs. WASSERMAN, JURISTA & ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The Art of the White Paper
ready access to subject matter experts, joint ownership of the project .... Most white papers are prepared on the request of a marketing department. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Massachusetts Aquaculture White Paper -Economics of Aquaculture
Aquaculture is the fastest growing "agricultural" industry in the United States. In 1990, there were over 100 species cultured; eight species accounted for approximately 70% of total culture, with over 3400 aquaculture operations in the United States. This trend is driven by increased demand for fisheries product and reduced yield from traditional fisheries landings (National Research Council, 1982). Given the increased demand, there is a significant potential for job creation in an expanded aquacultural industry. The estimated U.S. Total Aquaculture Production (including freshwater) has more than doubled ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Faculty-Industry Development Grants: Faculty & Staff: Katie School ...
In addition to Katie School Research Grants, the Katie School provides development support for faculty members for projects that create value for the faculty member and the insurance and financial services industry. Value may be added to the industry in the following ways: Developing a high quality, interactive, and educational curriculum that will help instill students with applied, critical thinking skills. Examples of such programs may include industry-related class projects, interdisciplinary case studies, and extra-curricular workshops Providing information and analysis that is timely, relevant, and helpful ...
What do you think is the best training/learning resource on Social ...
Hate to say it but blogs etc are great for case studies but i found actual social monitoring/listening about my brand in the space then testing a few promotions have given me excellent results. Our last test showed a 49% per visit spend result from a social marketing campaign test. posted 4 months ago Serial Entrepreneur, Educator, Facilitator, Speaker, Web Publisher, Seedfund: Marketer, Author, Green Business Advisor see all my answers Best Answers in: Using LinkedIn (1) You can get huge info in youtube about social and business media marketing i think linkedin is the great resources to get lots of info about social media ...
Promotion/Marketing - alternatives to search engines
) about Google's share of the search market has me concerned and motivated to put more thought into other ways of promoting web sites. I made a list of alternate ways to promote a site, not just in case you suddenly get a PR0, but stuff you can do now so that a PR0 might not hurt so much if it should happen. I put the list here in an outline form - and since marketing is not my strong point to say the least - I would love to know what other ideas you may have to add. I - Web Site Promotion A - Online 1 - First time site visitors (of course repeat visitors may find your site through these methods also) a - major search ...