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Spending by political advertisers on Internet ads, marketing and promotional efforts is poised this election cycle to be 150 percent higher than the last presidential election cycle. However, although a new PQ Media report shows it could hit $73 million by next November, Web revenues from political advertisers are still a drop in the bucket. The preliminary Political Media Buying 2008 forecast from PQ estimates $4.5 billion will be spent by political advertisers in '08 and leading up to this year's presidential primaries on all media measured, including broadcast and cable TV, direct mail, PR, newspaper and Internet. ...
"Meshing" may describe activities and motivations of an information receiver which are completely independent of the intentions of the source of that information. "Meshing" may also be used to describe the activities of an information provider, who may intentionally encourage consumer engagement by using multiple media or channels of information exchange related to a product or organization, as in an integrated advertising campaign . Strictly, in both cases, "media meshing" ultimately describes the behaviour of the person receiving the information. When the meshing of media sources is encouraged by ...
Eco-Packaging Transformations Or Not? | ClickZ Media
What if you could wave a wand and magically reduce the amount of product packaging? I’m sure you would have an instant success with consumers who are concerned about the amount of product packaging. The problem isn’t as simple as it seems at first. That’s why it’s so difficult for companies to remake their entire product packaging to satisfy everyone. Its not that companies don’t want to reduce their packaging it’s just hard for them to factor in all the variables that apply or might come into play. Sometimes it comes out of left field something you couldn’t anticipate either. Newton Shoes: Take this Newton shoe packaging ... market research, surveys and trends
Incisive Media's ClickZ Launches "Connected Marketing Week" in San ...
The first of its kind, Connected Marketing Week will be the biggest gathering of interactive marketing events aiming to educate marketers on every aspect of the digital industry. Participating events include SES San Francisco , Online Marketing Summit (OMS), Jeff Pulver's 140 Characters Conference , Email Experience Council , the IAB's ad exchange day, and Tim Ash's Conversion Conference . San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom has welcomed the innovative festival, wishing it "all the best for a productive and rewarding event. San Francisco is more than a place, it's an idea - an idea that innovation is ... market research, surveys and trends


More Standards Coming to Social Media Advertising | ClickZ Rewind ...
In April, Nielsen predicted social network advertising revenues would hit an estimated $1.825 billion. Last week, eMarketer released a new study saying advertising on social networks will drop three percent in 2009 to $1.1 billion. Whether social media advertising will grow or shrink in 2009 remains a question. A lot has changed in social media advertising in the past two years — and not just revenue predictions. There are new players, new technologies, and new places and ways to advertise. Social media advertising hasn’t followed the norm of existing online advertising, either. You’ve got applications, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Twitter Hits 75 Million Users, Most of Them Inactive - ClickZ
Twitter continues to sign up users at a remarkable rate, though a vast majority of those users almost never use the service, according to a new study from RJMetrics. The online measurement firm, which is based in Camden, NJ, analyzed Twitter's backend data for a closer look at the numbers behind the nearly three-year old social platform. What they found was that Twitter has a remarkably high number of inactive accounts, but enjoys ever-deeper levels of engagement with its frequent users. Seventy-five million people signed up for a Twitter account by the end of 2009, the study said, though only 17 percent of them sent even a ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
When the Conversation Goes on With or Without You
about Prince (you know, that artist who was formerly known as a symbol), who proclaimed that the "Internet's completely over." Well, Prince should be sent off to marketing camp with former U.S. Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska to be schooled in how the Internet works and its effects on our society, not just in the U.S., but globally. Prince has been at this whole "the Internet is evil" thing since 1997. The problem is, while he's bashing everyone on the Internet from YouTube to eBay and even his own fans, the fans are talking about him, and not in a very favorable way. He may not be involved in ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
How to Make Social Media Work for Your SMB
" focused on what social media could do for your small- or medium-sized business -- the fact that it's neither a broadcast medium nor a marketing tool. But now that we know about the what , how about the how ? Getting Started First, work out which social media sites you want to engage with. There are a lot of them, even if you only count the bigger names, and you almost certainly don't have the time or resources to be active on all of them. You need to cherry-pick a handful (or even just one), and really focus your energy on that select group. The most important question to ask yourself is whether a given site ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


A Look at Key Emerging Media Trends About the Author. Jeremy is an emerging media expert at Razorfish where he is also a ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Welcome To ClickZ
While many online marketers may feel like they are sometimes dealing with clients from a foreign planet, no one knows this to be truer than Kirk Goodall. Goodall is one of the visionaries behind NASA's immensely successful Mars Pathfinder web site, which created one of the largest public relations successes to date on the Internet. Honored with a Tenagra Award at the recent ad:tech conference in Chicago, Goodall was glad to see that the Mars Pathfinder web site was the receipient of its due credit.   Clearly, Goodall's three-man skeleton crew accomplished a task that would make even the most savvy web ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Trends in Higher Education
become the determining Factor in enrollments, not just getting out of .... 2007, ClickZ Newsletter, ...
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Did Profit Clickz Media SCAM anyone else using - Yahoo ...
I sent Profit Clickz Media my resume. They responded and told me I was a likely candidate for the position available. I was asked to follow up with them for an interview on the terms that I create a $30-$40 account with to post my resume. They assured me that this was the only way to view my resume (although they responded to me BECAUSE of my resume) I think it's an obvious SCAM, anyone else? 1 month ago (Tiebreaker) Answerer 1 I sent my resume too and almost told me the same thing but they didnt mention anything on paying to create my account!! Weird!! 1 month ago Sign in to vote! 0 Rating: Good Answer 0 ...
ClickZ and Search Engine Strategies Sold
Jupitermedia Corp... Tuesday announced plans to sell its online news sites and a series of trade shows about search engine strategies for $43 million in cash. The buyer, London-based trade publisher Incisive Media plc, will be paying about one-time full 2004 revenues for the Jupitermedia assets. For calendar 2004, Jupitermedia reported $39.9 million in revenues for its online media and events divisions. The units generated $23.6 million in gross profits that year. The deal is the second major acquisition of an Internet-related conference and trade show business this year... The deal includes the Search Engine Strategies trade ...