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Kano Model Tutorial

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Handling customer requirements for web projects can be a very daunting task. How do we break down your customer needs into a meaningful implementation roadmap? What are the basic features and functions that we must have? What are the “wow” factors? On top of that, how do we reconcile customer needs with business requirements? I’ve been using the KANO model for some time now with great effect for several of our web development projects. So far, it has worked better than all expectations. Basically, it helps us to break down the customer requirements (derived by conducting various types user research) into the ...
These categories have been translated into English using various different names (delighters/exciters, satisfiers, dissatisfiers, etc.), but all refer to the original articles written by Kano. Attractive Quality These attributes provide satisfaction when achieved fully, but do not cause dissatisfaction when not fulfilled. These are attributes that are not normally expected, For example, a thermometer on a package of milk showing the temperature of the milk. Since these types of quality attributes of unexpectedly delight customers, they are often unspoken. These categories have been translated into English using various different ...
Systematic Innovation . . . an oxymoron?
He is a principal of C2C Solutions Inc.,  a company that specializes in best practices for the front end of Product Development. Introduction Are “systematic” and “innovation” two words that can’t coexist because they are mutually exclusive?  Isn’t it common knowledge that too much structure stifles innovation?  Can innovation be systematic?  OK, enough rhetorical questions. I assume that anyone reading this either develops products or supplies a service and many of you do both.  In today’s global and competitive market, most will agree, innovation is a necessary element to thrive, and for some to simply survive.  Unfortunately, ... market research, surveys and trends
Top 10 Improvement Tools Named After Lean Sensei - Lean ...
Taiichi Ohno was the Toyota executive largely responsible for structuring and implementing the system known today as the Toyota Production System over four decades after World War II. Ohno was known for drawing a chalk circle around managers and making them stand in the circle until they had seen and documented all of the problems in a particular area. Today the "stand in a circle" exercise is a great way to train one's eyes to see waste and to provide structure for the team leader to do daily improvement or for the busy executive with limited time to go to gemba. When you spend time on the gemba standing in the ... market research, surveys and trends


A Six Sigma Case Study-Tutorial for IT Call Center - Part 1
A combination “case study and tutorial” illustrates Six Sigma use in an IT call center. It tracks a DMAIC project from inception through its five phases. The goal is to make a company more competitive and profitable. By Gary A. Gack and David L. Hallowell IT services is a competitive field populated with companies that all deliver important online and call center support to a variety of customers. Most IT services businesses come to realize that their clients have choices and, within the same pricing range, they gravitate to the support organization where the service is best. In this case study of an IT services ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
product-quality - The Sixth Sigma: Achieve Breakthrough ...
"The price and the sales of your product are not a function of your brand name - they are a function of the quality, utility and reliability of the product - its value to the consumer. " ... Via Evolving Excellence: New Manufacturing Age Labels: brands , china-manufacturing , differentiation , product-quality , quality-leader Read More ... posted by Frank M at 11:29 AM | 0 comments links to this post GameTime sets the leadership pace with lean manufacturing contributing to its product quality and streamlined workflow. ... ... "Norquist said, in the past five years, GameTime has embraced a lean ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


New Product Forecasting: The Bass Model
The Kano Model. • Linking Customer Preferences to Engineering Design: QFD ... A good tutorial with accompanying case study is in Lilien & Rangas- ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Unit in Kano, Northern Nigeria, and as the second of the registrars to ..... Hospital at 09.45 hr, Anaesthesia Tutorial at 10.00hr, and a Vascular Confer- ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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The easiest way that I have seen to do this as well is teach it is the '5-Why' analysis. Keep asking why until you get to an answer that starts sounding stupid. There are many different ways to identify root cause but I have found that the more you complicate things, the more difficult it is to get others to do it. Thanks, Dave posted June 28, 2008 Defining the problem can prove more challenging than striking at the root (once the problem has been correctly identified). Sometimes the person striking at the root does not realise what she is doing - perhaps solving another problem entirely. Simple problems afford simple ...
Slashdot | Best Go Resources for a Beginner?
(or Baduk, as it's called here) is a really popular game with the locals. Unfortunately, it's really difficult to learn how to play it when most people who are good at it don't speak English very well. So, I've turned to the web. There are some okay teaching sites, but often the learning curve beyond simple rules explanation is pretty steep... 'This is a white stone. This is a black stone. They take turns. These are eyes. Ready? Okay, now observe how abandoning the joseki here leads to a gote which needlessly gives white sente...' (Me: 'WTF?!?'). What are the best Go resources for a ...