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Kansei/affective engineering design

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LearnSigma blogger and Six Sigma black-belt Rob Thompson offers an insight into Kansei Engineering including the process behind it and to what it can be applied. He also provides a case study on Mazda from the QFD Institute Kansei is a Japanese term where the syllable kan means sensitivity and sei means sensibility, together it addresses the psychological feeling or image of a product. It is used to express the quality of an object for producing pleasure through its use taking into account subjective issues (emotion, affect, perceptions, sensations�) in user experience. It is sometimes referred to as �sensory engineering� or ...
emotional / affective engineering) is a method for translating feelings and impressions into product parameters, invented in the 1970s by Professor Mitsuo Nagamachi (Dean of Hiroshima International University ). Kansei Engineering can "measure" the feelings and shows the relationship to certain product properties. In consequence, products can be designed to bring forward the intended feeling. It has now been adopted as one of the topics for professional development by the Royal Statistical Society .
The TQM Journal, Volume 20 Issue 4: The International Review Of ...
The TQM Journal, Volume 20 Issue 4: The International Review Of Organizational Improvement Kansei/affective Engineering Design (formerly The TQM Magazine) Guest Editor: Professor Jens J. Dahlgaard Publisher: Emerald Group Limited Number Of Pages: 128 Publication Date: 2008-12-22 ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1846639808 ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781846639807 ISSN : 1754-2731 Description: The papers selected for this edition were all except one presented at the 10th international conference on Quality Management and Organizational Development (QMOD), which took place at Lund University, Campus Helsingborg, Sweden, 18-20 June, 2007. As the QMOD conference ... market research, surveys and trends
where is emotion in instructional design?
Ho is nothing new, particularly in product design. Many approaches that take emotions into consideration during the designing process have been introduced. One of these approaches is of course Kansei Engineering as proposed by Nagamachi. Though principles of emotional design have been adopted in product design, less its known on its effect in the field of instructional design. This is what my current research is all about. In my latest paper (to be presentend in CISSE 2008 ) " Bridging the Emotional Divide in Instructional Design: A Kansei Prespective ", I have summarised clearly the need to reconsider the effects of emotion in ... market research, surveys and trends


Cultural innovation through store atmosphere and product design: a ...
sample show that store atmosphere, product affective design, and functional ... amusement, education, and culture in 2005 amounts to 128 billion NTD (equivalent to ... Seventy percent of the local population and more ... design. The term Kansei engineering refers to the technique of transforming a customer's ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Kansei encompasses the oneness of the product and the user. .... (2006) reported that sales for the first year surged 20 percent year on year to 37.7 billion yen ($362.5 ..... dispenser, design), all the participants felt that there was nothing special .... The Case of Warmth, Cognitive and Affective Reactions to ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Perspectives and new trend of Kansei/Affective Engineering
Keywords: Kansei Engineering, Affective Engineering, Customer-oriented, .... Usually the kansei engineering is able to design the kansei product and it is ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
LBL Scientists Develop Tools For Architects and Engineers
From the gigantic glass blocks of a huge international conference center at the base of the Eiffel Tower to the catwalks of a cozy theater near San Francisco's Candlestick Park, buildings around the world are being designed with the help of a powerful set of tools developed at LBL. American buildings alone consume a hefty $200 billion worth of energy per year. For more than a decade, scientists in the Energy and Environment Division have been creating computer programs to help building designers keep that energy consumption down. Building Technologies Program leader Steve Selkowitz says these tools offer the potential to ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
New Visions of Kansei Engineering Approaches to Design - 7th ...
This Special Session is organized by the editors of Craft Research - the first peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to developing and advancing contemporary craft practice and theory through research. Craft Research is concerned with the crafts as a vital and viable discipline that offers a vision for the future through its ability to explore and challenge technology, to question and develop cultural and social practices, and to interrogate and affirm philosophical and human values. We are calling for papers that are concerned with ideas and research relating craft and emotion. Craft is, and has long been a discipline for ...
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