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Special Report on

Labor Market Information Systems

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A resource for making informed career decisions to support a demand-driven workforce investment system. If you are a student, jobseeker, workforce professional, or employer this site can help you assess your options, find education and training, find a job, or grow your business. ALMIS - America's Labor Market Information System A comprehensive system providing direct access to state-of-the-art labor market information services. It encompasses existing labor market information systems and much more. BEA - Bureau of Economic Analysis A division of the U.S. Department of Commerce that ...
with an estimate population of 718,073. Laredo's economy is based on international trade with Mexico. Most major transportation companies have a facility in Laredo. Laredo's location along the southern end of I-35 close to the manufacturers in North Mexico promotes its vital role in trade between the United States and Mexico. Laredo has the distinction of flying seven flags (the Flag of the Republic of the Rio Grande in addition to the Six Flags of Texas ). Founded in 1755, Laredo grew from a villa to the capital of the brief Republic of the Rio Grande to the largest inland port on the United States-Mexican Border . ...
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One of the most degrees today and demand in the field of technology and informatics, and the variety of college and university programs on the Internet have made it easier to earn an online degree in technology. In fact, some institutions are strictly oriented technology to schools. Can be certified, or you can go for a title s, teachers, or even a doctorate in technology in a variety of online colleges and online universities. Obtaining a degree online technology will help you build a detailed understanding of the functions and code development processes, computer design and programming methods. Students enrolled in degree ... market research, surveys and trends
Information Technology Explored as a Corporate Asset | GIS News ...
It is a significant fact that we are in the focal point of a deep-seated change in both technology and its application. Any institutions in our day expect to get more value from their investments in technology. In the “Post dearth era of calculation” the user-friendliness of dispensation power is not a check where cost of platform technology has become a minor factor in selecting among alternatives to build the business solution and as such the constraining factors are the managerial impact of reengineering the business process and the costs and time required for system development. Additionally, the need to ... market research, surveys and trends


Foreign Labor Trends Report: India 2006
Please Note: The labor force figure relates to the formal sector in India - defined by law - it does not include all industries. Authentic figures for all industries are not available and the Government provides figures only for the formal sector - as defined by it. Informal economy includes the booming software industry and other services not included in the formal sector. 1 U.S. Embassy-New Delhi source for Indicators 8, 14, 19-25, 28 and 29; CIA World Factbook 2005 and 2006, source for Indicators 1-7, 9-13, 15-18, 26 and 27.II. SUMMARY OF MAJOR DEVELOPMENTS 2 U.S. Department of State, Background Notes 12/05 reports that ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Note - How Should Labor Market Policy Respond to the Financial ...
as nearly 11 million people join the rank of the unemployed, the largest ... to 0.5 percent in 2009, the lowest level since WW II.3 ..... improvements in labor market information systems. The atypical nature of crisis may also justify ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
New Business Degrees Target Needs in Growing Fields
UT Dallas is launching three new undergraduate degree programs this fall to answer demand for highly trained information technology, international business and marketing professionals. Given the green light by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, all three programs—in global business , in management information systems (MIS) and in marketing —are four-year School of Management curriculums that each lead to Bachelor of Science degrees. Learn About the New Undergraduate Marketing Degree: July 20, 28 and 29 at 2 p.m. at SOM 1.517 The three programs share an emphasis on turning out graduates with sought-after ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Jobless lament training for work that doesn't exist
NEW YORK - In what was beginning to feel like a previous life, Israel Valle had earned $18 an hour as an executive assistant to a designer at a prominent fashion label. Now, he was jobless and struggling to find work. Updating his skills seemed like the ticket. It was February 2009, and the city work force center in downtown Brooklyn was jammed with hundreds of people hungry for paychecks. His caseworker urged him to take advantage of classes financed by the federal government, which had increased money for job training. Upgrade your skills, she counseled. Then she could arrange job interviews. For six weeks, Valle, 49, absorbed ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Upgrading the Labor Market Information System
wiH be required The consulting team will consist of experts in labor market information systems design, labor market statistics and analysis, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Labor Market Information Systems
This seminar is designed primarily for economists, researchers, labor market analysts, and managers working with labor market information. Participants should have an elementary knowledge of statistics and some experience in analyzing labor or social data. To develop participants' capability to conduct and analyze labor market studies by: Developing labor market information Defining a labor market area Describing the various secondary sources of information about the local labor market, which can be used to prepare a labor market study Teaching techniques for filling information gaps with data from sample surveys and other ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Unlocking the Treasure Chest of Labor Market Information - LMI ...
Feb 10, 2009 ... labor market or economy. While the challenges faced by many state and local workforce information systems vary ...
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How do you learn about the labor market? | LinkedIn Answers | LinkedIn
Like stated earlier, the specifics of where, what type, and what for will help shape any answer regarding the labor market. However, I think it is important to look at two-types of data regarding the labor market; backwards and forwards. Backwards is, of course, data comprised of history; last week, last month, last quarter and so on... This data is useful for strategic planning and gaining a deep understanding of your target information. Like Bob mentioned earlier, I like the BLS; it is thorough and specific. I, like my clients, am more interested in "what's going to happen". And though no one can predict the future, ...