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The film was promoted in a marketing campaign by a fictional organization, the "Institute for Human Continuity"; this entailed a fictitious book written by Jackson Curtis titled Farewell Atlantis , and streaming media , blog updates and radio broadcasts from the apocalyptic zealot Charlie Frost at his website This Is The End . This campaign was subjected to numerous criticisms, and was regarded as a form of viral marketing . The film received mixed reviews from film critics , but topped the international box office in its first weekend with $225 million. It ultimately grossed over $769 million worldwide, becoming
DayTimers and the State of New Mexico Partner to Help Individuals ...
Jan Distefano’s The Fearless Attic Explorer, the first in a series of seven Cottage Kids books for young children, is a charming story about the unexpected treats of a gloomy day. Imagination, bright colors, and whimsical rhyme are all part of Jan Distefano’s wonder-filled children’s story. Frankie is a young boy who can’t go outside because of the rain. He mopes and frets and feels terrible until he discovers a door to a magical attic, which becomes a veritable play land full of surprises. Children will love the playful rhymes and bright colors in the text, which make learning to read inviting and fun. Distefano’s illustrations ... market research, surveys and trends
Climbers to Fight Cancer at SLC Climb-A-Thon
Press releases are often one of the main ways a business attempts to get its message out to the public. Companies, organizations, and institutions spend thousands of dollars each year on the crafting and distribution of press releases containing information about their recent achievements and innovations to a wide range of news outlets in the hopes that the authoritative voice of the media will deem the information newsworthy and share it with the general public, who, if the information bares enough relevance to their lives, will hopefully respond to free brochure and product offers. Now, with press release optimization ... market research, surveys and trends


USA Technologies Awarded $20 Million e-Port Contract For NYC Taxis ...
USA Technologies, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: USTT) will install 15,000 e-Port(TM) devices in taxis and limousines operating in New York City. The deal with United Taxi Alliance (UTA), one of the biggest taxi and limousine companies in the world, is valued at $20 million over three years, and represents one of USA Technologies' biggest contracts since e-Port was first unveiled a little over 20 months ago. This deal could revolutionize the global mass transit marketplace and open up new revenue streams for taxi and limousine operators. "e-Port, with its leading edge cashless payment technology, will immediately and ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
New York taxi drivers, activists take on authority | Trends ...
When New York's Taxi & Limousine Commission last month issued a press statement saying that 35,558 of the city's taxi drivers overcharged customers over 26 months, there was some consternation. The statement - a summary of an investigation conducted by the TLC using global positioning data and instigated by a passenger's complaint about being overcharged for a ride - even said that 3,000 of the drivers charged 100 times or more. Passengers were overcharged $8.3 million in 360 million estimated trips, the TLC charged. TLC Commissioner Matthew Daus later concluded that the data was not that definite and the number ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
FOSS-tablet Business Report: "Tear down this stair!"
Even though all ingredients for a successful Linux tablet were ready, and the distributed software development used by FOSS is normally much quicker in replying to demands than a closed environment, Apple is already satisfying the tablet-PC market with their iPad. A viable FOSS-solution is not yet available, though Computex will ameliorate the situation. This 'report' - provided for free to you by LXer Linux News - will show how Apple became the leader and what the competition needs to do to have a shot at all consumers who didn't buy a tablet yet. As an extra, at the end of the article, there's an ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Questions pour Jeff Whatcott VP Marketing de brightcove
est le leader mondial des plates-formes de vidéo en ligne. Nous avons débuté nos activités il y a 4-5 ans. Le concept est le suivant : les organisations de tous types et de toutes tailles mettent leurs contenus vidéos en ligne, les monétisent et analysent le trafic de manière à être en parfaite adéquation avec la demande de leur public. Nous faisons en sorte qu’ils uploadent leurs vidéos sur la plate-forme Brightcove, nous l’encodons en plusieurs formats et la délivrons sur divers types d’équipements mobiles, à la fois pour le web, mais aussi pour d’autres équipements tels que les télévisions connectées. Nous prenons en charge ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


LCT East Program Guide-Draft#1
LCT Magazine and the National Limousine Association. ..... portfolios, marketing kits, promotional items, and website design and reconstruction. Serving the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
PDF 403 KB - White Paper on Propane Vehicles: Status, Challenges ...
internal and external marketing and communication mechanisms; ... compliant conversion kits and made it cost prohibitive for some small-volume ..... key associations, such as Taxicab, Limousine, and Paratransit Association, National ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Are YOU realizing the opportunity?
Limousine service is available from. Syracuse from Airline Limousine, ... Dr. Kit Carmen Yarrow. Professor of Psychology and Marketing, and Chair, Depart- ...
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Google Answers: Funeral homes on the decline
Along with some of my friends, I have been having trouble swallowing the high costs of burial and funerals. Funerals are the only time I ride in an expensive limousine and am feeling foolish that the funeral business exists by presuming to have such a lock on my emotions. It seems like an institution built to serve the needs of my great grand parents and without change will go the way of the buggy whip. Can you point me to articles, books, Web or other references that a) discuss current thinking, express frustration or provide hope that the funeral system can be upgraded to serve the needs of the baby boomers, and b) discuss ...
January 2004 Archives | Ask MetaFilter
Okay. So I was discussing the politics of the sub-continent with a friend of mine from New Delhi... and the issue of Kashmir came up. I know a little bit about the situation (more than he expected by any stretch of the imagination), but I didn't feel really capable of having a serious discussion on the matter. So here's my question: does anyone have background on the matter? Are there any reputable sources? Has any consensus been reached by parties outside the conflict? This was all stirred by my friend's comment that the Kashmiris want Indian statehood — and that this is really just a land grab by the Pakistani ...