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Long Tail Keyword Marketing Strategy

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Long tail marketing strategies for SEO & SEM often return higher conversion rates by up to 200% as compared to short tail generic keyword terms. These longtail keyword terms can be extremely profitable for SEM (search engine marketing) in terms of lower cost or bid for keywords and larger returns on pay per click investment. With SEO it is easier to rank well in organic searches for these keywords due to the low amounts of competition. The strategy behind longtail keywords is finding key terms that people search for everyday and weeding out or combining the most competitive keywords. For SEO, longtail keywords are less ...
An example of a power law graph showing popularity ranking. To the right is the long tail; to the left are the few that dominate. Notice that the areas of both regions match. The Long Tail or long tail refers to the statistical property that a larger share of population rests within the tail of a probability distribution than observed under a 'normal' or Gaussian distribution . This has gained popularity in recent times as a retailing concept describing the niche strategy of selling a large number of unique items in relatively small quantities – usually in addition to selling fewer popular items in large quantities. ...
Discover Profitable Keywords With SEO Link Vine
Keywords are the basis of pay per click marketing and search engine optimization, and so require in-depth research. Having effective keywords will be the deciding factor between the success or failure of your online business. SEO Link Vine, by Brad Callen, is one of the best software programs available to assist your finding the most profitable keywords. Brad Callen and a team of leading software developers have been hard at work developing the tools needed by Internet marketers to enjoy a successful, profitable online business. The SEO Elite Software was his doing, and it proved to be quite successful if you wanted to use ... market research, surveys and trends
Strategic Internet Business Advertising Online | articlewrap
Strategic Internet marketing is all about an advertising plan which is much helpful for marketing tactics as it provides high converting results. As you know today is world of advertisement and everything in this world has happen is purposeful. Rather you made advertisement so it is critical to track the results of each and every advertisement. To do strategic internet marketing is tactful and for the purpose you have to use the tool from the toolkit. This tool helps to place create and place simple text ads on popular websites that cater to your target market. This helps to provide you benefits as you can get benefit as it ... market research, surveys and trends


Search Marketing: Search Term Research
Enter a search term or terms, and you’ll be shown other keywords related to that term. You can then sort keywords in terms of search volume popularity. Google Trends : Got some terms in mind and wondering how they’ve been trending, such as becoming more or less popular? Google Trends provides a way to go back in time and chart keywords, based on the accumulated search data that Google sees. Also see Google Meme: Hot Trends Added To Google Trends , which explains more about the day-to-day reporting you can get from Google Trends. adCenter Labs Keyword Forecast : Similar to Google Trends, this shows you ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
AUTHORSADVOCATE.NET: The Long Tail and Self-Publishing
A business marketing strategy that emerged about four years ago, called the Long Tail, describes exactly why the Internet is of such great significance to authors who wish to self-publish today. According to the Long Tail theory, developed by Chris Anderson, the age of the monopoly of the blockbuster is over. Blockbusters are not dead, but now they must share the stage with tens of thousands of products that serve niche markets. So instead of selling five million copies of one thing to five million people, creative people today may sell five hundred copies of 10,000 different “somethings” to five million people. And the Long ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
What is the long tail of search?
When speaking about on line search engine optimization, marketing, and web strategies it is common to hear the term “the long tail of search.” A search on a search engine is just a search right? You might believe that web content should focus upon popular keywords that people go searching for all the time, like the words “dogs” or “money.” But to be focused only on broad keywords that get million of hits a day is to ignore the long tail, and will have a negative impact on your on line marketing strategies. If a broad keyword is searched for millions of times a day, why shouldn't you focus ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
The Challenges of Measuring SEO Success, Part 1
campaign at hundreds of meetings. During that time, both the data that was made available to me to analyze, and the repercussions of what that data means, has changed dramatically. In addition, I've learned a lot about the challenges of explaining to non-SEO folks why we do what we do, and how the data that we see and what it says drives ongoing SEO strategy. SEO Success Measurement Challenges In the old days, one simply looked at total organic traffic from month to month as a primary metric of success. Couple that with a rankings report across "x" number of keywords and you have what served as a ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Niche Marketing with Keyword Research
Rather than gear its marketing strategy to the mass market, the company aims to reach .... long-tail keywords. Not only does keyword research enable website ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Library Info Alert
The Long Tail: Implications for Marketing Library Services. By Deborah Lee ... libraries trying to develop successful marketing strategies. ... keyword searching. A major weakness of keyword searching is its inability to deal well ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
KEYWORDS. The Long Tail, social software, marketing, geography, the Internet ...... Web 2.0: A strategy guide: Business thinking and strategies behind ...
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A Simple, Effective Keyword Strategy for Ecommerce Sites
When it comes to ecommerce sites, there are plenty of keywords to choose from. Because sites typically follow a fairly set format, numerous pages are created between the home page and the order confirmation page. Those pages all need keywords and phrases if they are going to rank high in the search engines. So, how exactly do you choose the best keywords for each page? Here's an easy strategy to follow. (Please keep in mind that all keyphrases used in this article are for example only and have not been researched.) Home Page: Broad Keywords When you start out, use keywords and phrases that are descriptive of ...
A Practical Keyword Strategy: Sustainable and Defensible Longtail ...
By last longer, do you mean does it stay higher up in the serps for a longer period of time, or do you mean do these visitors stay at your site longer? Also is this specifically for affiliate traffic, or traffic in general? Does it stay higher up in the serps for a longer period of time. Actually its long tail used for PPC marketing. Does it take a longer period of time before it gets competitive? But Id like to know for serps as well. By definition, a long tail search has fewer searches than the corresponding short tail search. How long the traffic lasts depends on what is making the tail long - is it something ephemeral or ...