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Special Report on

Magic Numbers for Consumer Marketing

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Karl Baehr directs Business & Entrepreneurial Studies at Emerson College. Karl came to Emerson in 2004 to design a program in Entrepreneurial Studies. The program known as E3 has seen over 50 student business opportunities created in just three years of formal coursework. Karl was also centric in the design of the Minor in Business Studies which launched in SEP 2008. Karl draws on more than 25 years of experience in business and entrepreneurship when he teaches. He remains an active entrepreneur and is a Managing Director of InterTerra New Media Group, a company involved in media, entertainment, publishing and ...
Prior to academia Davis led global marketing organizations for Fortune 1000 companies including: Nike, Informix, and Transamerica (where he received the company’s highest honor—The Presidential Award). Davis also started two award-winning companies with private investor groups, including in his non-academic role as Chairman of Brand New View. He has taught business leaders from many of the world’s most respected companies, including: IBM, DOW Chemical, Allianz, TIAA-CREF, OCBC, SingTel, SK Telecom, Commerzbank, Schneider Electric, MSIG, SingHealth, Boeing, VSP, Intercontinental Hotels, Intertek, Synovate, Harris Corp., Swiss ...
dinner talk by john davis november 15
The Stanford Club of Singapore, the Columbia University Club (Singapore), and John Wiley & Sons are pleased to invite you to a talk by John Davis on “Magic Numbers for Consumer Marketing”.    Marketing is a strategically vital, yet imprecise activity that is under increasing pressure to demonstrate positive returns.  With everything from amusing advertisements to hard numbers coming under marketing, there is also a misunderstanding about what marketing really is. John will explain how to use and measuring effectively. Leveraging timely examples from television and other media in ... market research, surveys and trends
announcing my new book! it's not about a boy wiz...
It's not about a boy wizard...but it is about magic, in a sense. As a new author, it is exciting to actually complete a book. Entitled "Magic Numbers for Consumer Marketing" (Wiley 2005), my book is for business people who want to understand how to better measure their company' s marketing efforts. So when you bored with a certain boy wizard, I encourage you... Of course, this excitement has propelled me to write more books for which I am now under contract (so I actually have to get them done, not just talk about it...). The next book is on sales management, another on marketing analysis and one on brand ... market research, surveys and trends


The Red Tape Chronicles -
Corporate sneakiness. Government waste. Technology run amok. Outright scams. The Red Tape Chronicles is's effort to unmask these 21st Century headaches and offer real solutions that save you time and money. Bob Sullivan covers Internet scams and consumer fraud for He is the winner of multiple journalism awards for his coverage of online crime and author of Gotcha Capitalism: How Hidden Fees Rip You Off Every Day and What You Can Do About It. and Your Evil Twin: Behind the Identity Theft Epidemic. Got some red tape you want Bob to untangle? Write BobSullivan@ Is Facebook the next ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Cvent Survey
It may seem outrageous to think that something as simple as having a pretty face or a great figure is all it takes to put one job candidate ahead of another. Well, according to two surveys conducted by Newsweek, that's exactly what does happen more often than most people realize. The findings in Newsweek's surveys don't in any way suggest that a gorgeous job applicant with absolutely no skills for the job will be hired over someone who is skilled simply because she's good looking and her skilled competitor is not. What it does reveal, though, is how often physical appearance could be the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Wasn't the Kindle supposed to be firewood?
But Wall Street had been hoping for good things, and the results were still pretty decent. One of the areas of growth worth highlighting the most for Amazon was all things Kindle--the e-reader device, and the huge marketplace of digital books available for it as well as for apps on third-party devices like Apple's iPhone and iPad and the Android mobile operating system. In the earnings announcement Thursday, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos characterized the Kindle system as an area of the company defined by "rapid growth." Pardon the corny "Fahrenheit 451" nod, but right around when the iPad became a huge ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Apple's $15.7 billion in revenue is highest ever
The company reported its fiscal third-quarter results on Tuesday. Its reported earnings for the quarter represent an 88 percent increase in revenue over the same quarter a year ago, when Apple recorded revenue of $8.34 billion. The $15.7 billion figure is also on the high side of what Wall Street had been expecting: Analysts were anticipating between $13.82 billion and $15.74 billion in revenue, and earnings between $2.65 and $3.74 per share. Apple had offered a typically conservative forecast of third-quarter 2010 revenues between $13 billion and $13.4 billion, and earnings per share between $2.28 and $2.39. Apple said it sold ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Magic Numbers for Sales Management: Key Measures to Evaluate Sales ...
Marketing: 103 Key Metrics Every Marketer Needs and Magic Numbers for Consumer Marketing, and is founder of Brand New View, a global consulting and training ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Letters, numbers, symbols and words - Organizations such as the ...
marketing and graphic design). Because empirical evidence on the use of symbols comes from ... and consumer organizations to communicate quality of evidence .... Miller G. The magic number seven plus or minus two: some limits on our ca- ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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What is the percentage of small to medium businesses that use ...
In my experience with yellow pages, about 1% of small to medium size businesses use unique phone numbers in different campaigns to track ad results. The real question is, how many of those calls are genuine, qualified leads. The more ads you run, the more people will call you looking to sell advertising or services and solicit donations. Also, remember to divide your total cost by your calls to get a cost/call ratio for your cost benefit analysis. posted 10 months ago Chris, I do not have an exact percentage, but it is certainly becoming more and more popular. Our company sells trackable phone numbers, real-time call tracking ...
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Looking for an inexpensive place to buy up-to-date B2B leads. I'm familiar with InfoUSA, Hoover & Zoom Info. Any other suggestions? It would be great to buy a lead list that had email addresses, website info, and the right contact. Again, we are just targeting small town America. Dentists, Carpet Cleaners, Auto Dealerships, Plumbers, etc... Thanks! Anyone have experience as a creative content/marketing writer consultant? I'm in the market for a domain name for my law firm, and I'm looking for terms that will occur to the relevant demographic. How in the world can I successfully promote / market my business ...