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Marketing a Non-Profit Brand

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Many times marketing is seen as a dirty word in the non-profit sector. A necessary evil that no one admits spending too much time or money on. But to build a successful non-profit organization to help people, you still need to follow the laws of branding. Because powerful non-profit brands will raise more money, attract more volunteers and help more people. My friend Kate Atwood started a non-profit organization here in Atlanta. I met her through a mutual friend, Thomas Smith, from Northwestern and I have been overwhelmed by her instincts and guts every since. Still in her mid-twenties, she has already been built a strong brand ...
Much of the business of local government in Vermont towns takes place each March at a town meeting held at a meetinghouse, such as this one in Marlboro , Vermont. Vermont is a state in the New England region of the northeastern United States of America. The state ranks 43rd by land area, , and 45th by total area. It has a population of 621,270, making it the second least-populated state. The only New England state with no coastline along the Atlantic Ocean, Vermont is notable for Lake Champlain (which makes up 50% of Vermont's western border) and the Green Mountains , which run north to south. It is bordered by Massachusetts
CESI Debt Solutions Signs 919 Marketing Company for Public ...
Raleigh, NC – June 1st, 2010 – 919 Marketing, a top public relations firm in the Triangle, announced today it will provide national public relations services for Raleigh, NC-based Consumer Education Services Inc. (as also known as CESI Debt Solutions) a national not-for-profit that helps thousands of Americans become debt free and learn lifelong money management skills.   919 Marketing was selected at the end of an arduous RFP process with three other area agencies.  According to Dr. Diane Chen, CEO of CESI Debt Solutions, “We chose to partner with 919 Marketing because of they were responsive, smart, and passionate about ... market research, surveys and trends
Spare Change: Cause-Related Marketing: Brilliant or Horribly ...
which is when a business and a nonprofit link up to bring attention and/or fundraising to a good cause while generating goodwill (and often profits) to the corporate partner.  I consider this area of marketing separate from social marketing , which is behavior change-focused and generally does not have the ultimate goal of profiting a corporate entity (though a corporation may provide the funding for a social marketing campaign). Inger describes seven main types of CRM arrangements (she actually says there are six, so perhaps two of these are supposed to be listed together?): Advertising , where a business aligns itself ... market research, surveys and trends


Ries' Pieces: Ukraine and the Cheaper Trap
On Friday, October 13th, Al and I had the pleasure of giving an all-day seminar in Kiev, Ukraine. It was the first trip for both of us. Ukraine is a country of almost 50 million people, about the size of Italy, and it has enormous potential. The growth in the main city of Kiev is unbelievable. Everywhere you look there are construction cranes working on new building projects. With at least 50 at work in Kiev, we nicknamed it the U-Crane of Cities. Ukraine is a big, sophisticated, highly-educated country just like Italy, France or Germany. But the GDP of the Ukraine pales in comparison to these other countries. What Ukraine lacks ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Ries' Pieces: Advice
    I am proud to announce that the branding makeover of the Swift School is almost complete. The process has taken many months but the results are extraordinary.     Just to recap, back in April 2009 , I was part of the On The House team that donated a total of $100,000 worth of services to a local non-profit organization in Atlanta. The winner of the prize was the Swift School, a non-profit school that serves elementary children with dyslexia.     The mission of On the House was to give a branding makeover to a non-profit that was doing great work, but was not reaching its ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Investing in a positive future
For most, Haiti conjures up images of extreme violence and abject poverty: images of buildings that have collapsed and bodies piled high on the side of the road. But if the Soul of Haiti foundation has anything to do with it, we will soon be seeing the Caribbean country in a very different light. The Irish not-for-profit organisation has been active in Haiti since 2007. Last month, it brought marketing guru Noel Toolan over to Port-auPrince to discuss plans to develop a branding campaign for Haiti. The aim is to create a positive brand and identity for a country that suffered a cataclysmic earthquake six months ago, a country ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
UPDATE: 5th Anniversary Online Trust & Cybersecurity Forum -- Special ...
SEATTLE, WA, Jul 07, 2010 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- The Online Trust Alliance (OTA) today announced keynotes and speakers for the 5th Annual Online Trust and Cybersecurity Forum being hosted at Georgetown University September 22-24 in Washington DC. White House Cybersecurity leader and presidential advisor Howard Schmidt has been invited to provide the kickoff keynote. Later that morning, Greg Link of Franklin Covey will provide a keynote on the Speed of Trust, the New York Times best seller. They will be joined by Mark Bregman, Chief Technical Officer of Symantec, Josh Glantz, VP and General Manager of Publishers ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Elements of a Marketing Plan
Today, many non-profit organizations are still making the operational .... to strengthen their brand and expand their marketing strategies from local, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Nonprofit Resource Seminar Invite - Feb.
brand? In this program, we discuss how any non- profit can build a branding .... online donor programs, online special events and search engine marketing. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Marketing and Public Relations | Rollins College | Winter Park, FL ...
As costs keep escalating for marketing and public relations, it is essential that your dollars go further in increasing your nonprofit’s brand awareness in the community. One key to mission success is brand marketing to maximize communication and awareness. In this workshop, you will understand brands and their roles in nonprofit organizations, learn what makes for a successful brand strategy, analyze strengths and weaknesses of your nonprofit’s current brand, and begin a brand development process plan for your nonprofit. Date: Tuesday, July 27, 2010 Time: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Tuition: $120 Members, $220 ...
What's the best way to build a brand through mobile marketing ...
Mobile Marketing (9), Viral Marketing (2), Advertising (1), Business Development (1), Public Relations (1), Search Marketing (1), Planning (1), Market Research and Definition (1) This was selected as Best Answer Hi David, In my opinion, mobile marketing in itself has no purpose in building brands for advertisers. Mobile devices are largely used by individuals and is considered to be a personal device. As such, the probability that mobile handset users will accept and respond to unsolicited marketing programs delivered on their handsets is likely to be low. That said, the mobile device possess functions (manay described by other ...
What would you consider a better Brand Promotion for a large scale ...
While the Brand Promoters canvassing the event can provide saturation, I think that the Skydiving Demonstration would really catch a lot of people's eyes. Having someone focusing on your specific brand in a memorable setting can provide a real way to stay top-of-mind with that specific consumer, thus the more eye-catching the display, the more likely the consumer will be to recall it. Another factor you may want to keep in mind is if other brands will be doing similar things to your canvasser. While your canvasser may be able to create the same last impression as the skydiving demonstration, are the consumer going to be ...