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Special Report on

Marketing of Crops

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is used to describe the broad and general use of plastics in agriculture. Plasticulture can extend the growing season and improve crop health and growth. This web page includes links to information on the use of plasticulture in the form of plastic mulch, degradable mulch, tunnels (low and high), hoophouses, greenhouses and agricultural plastic recycling as well as crops most often grown with plasticulture, and agriculture plastic recycling in the Northwest. For an overview of why and how season extension can be accomplished through plasticulture, see: Season Extension Techniques . Season extension can enable year-round crop ...
of agricultural land, including more than 5.0 million ha of arable land. Before independence from Portugal in 1975, Angola had a flourishing tradition of family-based farming and was self-sufficient in all major food crops except wheat. The country exported coffee and maize , as well as crops such as sisal , bananas , tobacco and cassava . By the 1990s Angola was producing less than 1 per cent of the volume of coffee it had produced in the early 1970s, while production of cotton, tobacco and sugar cane had ceased almost entirely. Poor global market prices and lack of investment have severely limited the sector after ...
News: Rekha Mehra and David Kauck, ICRW, on issues facing women's ...
Rekha Mehra, director economic development, and David Kauck, senior gender and agriculture specialist, provide an insightful analysis on practical measures needed to address critical issues facing women farmers (particularly given the release of the new US govt. hunger and food security initiative) at the Katrine Chronicals Blog .  Go to the post or read the text (pasted below) Source: Katrine Chronicals Blog “Most notable about Feed the Future, the US government’s recent initiative to tackle global hunger and food security, is its emphasis on women – unprecedented in the US and timely. More than three decades ... market research, surveys and trends
Indian banking system: Development banks: National Bank of ...
National Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) was set up on July 12, 1982 under Act of parliament as a central or apex institutions for financing agricultural and rural sectors. National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) is an apex development bank in India. It has been accredited with “matters concerning policy, planning and operations in the field of credit for agriculture and other economic activities in rural areas in India”. NABARD was established by an act of Parliament on 12 July 1982 to implement the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development Act 1981 . It replaced the ... market research, surveys and trends


ERS/USDA Briefing Room - Brazil: Issues and Analysis
Brazil has dramatically increased its financial support to its agricultural sector in the past few years. Government agricultural credit administered by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture (Ministério da Agricultura, Pecuária e Abastecimento, MAPA) and disbursed through the National System of Rural Credit rose to US$13 billion (R$39.5 billion) in 2004/05, up 48 percent from 2003/04 (see table ). (See footnote 2 in the table for details on the exchange rate used.) International and domestic ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Florida Agricultural Overview
totaled $1.833 billion, up 10 percent from the 2005-06 .... higher cash receipts from marketing of crops. Florida accounted for 70 percent of total U.S. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
We started by listening to farmers; we still are
The inspiration that led to Agweek came from talking to farmers. Although I grew up in northeastern Indiana, in a region surrounded by fields of corn and soybeans, my agricultural background was strictly as a consumer. My career in the newspaper business had been in large cities: Detroit, Philadelphia and Miami. By: Mike Maidenberg , Special to Agweek The inspiration that led to Agweek came from talking to farmers. Although I grew up in northeastern Indiana, in a region surrounded by fields of corn and soybeans, my agricultural background was strictly as a consumer. My career in the newspaper business had been in large cities: ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Advanced Organic Products Worldwide, a Subsidiary of Talisman Holdings, Inc ...
SPRINGFIELD, OH, Aug 24, 2010 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- Talisman Holdings, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: TMHO) -- The issue of escalating food prices is a matter of global concern. Food demand has outpaced the world's ability to increase food supplies. This has resulted in a rapid rise in food prices and local food shortages. On top of this, the world's population grows by 80 million individuals each year. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates that the total world demands for agricultural products will be 60% higher in 2030 than it is today. The problem is that options for increasing food ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Co-existence of GM and non GM crops: current experience and key ...
the production and marketing of crops approved for use. When is co-existence an issue relating to GM crops? It becomes an issue only when there is a ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Agricultural Cooperatives and Marketing Bioenergy Crops: Case ...
Agricultural cooperatives play an important role in marketing agricultural crops. A cooperative structure serves to provide agricultural producers the opportunity to process and market their crops in a joint business venture with other producers. Producer cooperatives provide uniformity in quality by inspection during production, at harvest, and upon delivery. Uniform preparation of a commodity for a buyer can also be achieved, as can minimization of the numbers of farmers with whom a commodity purchaser must do business. Additional benefits of cooperatives are: Four agricultural producer ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Marketing New Crops
Marketing New Crops from University of Kentucky Agricultural Economics Extension . Green Edible. Soybeans. FRESH MARKET. Green edible soybeans are ...
  1. profile image Agwag 1.5 inches of rain last night. This will finish corn and soy crops nicely. Marketing is the focus now.
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Land Bank of the Philippines at AllExperts
however, it is officially classified as a "specialized government bank" with a universal banking license.Landbank is the fourth largest bank in the Philippines in terms of assets and is the largest government-owned bank. It is also one of the biggest government-owned and/or controlled corporations in the Philippines. Unlike most Philippine banks, Landbank has an extensive rural branch network. It services many rural sector clients in areas where banking is either limited to rural banks or is non-existent. Landbank was established on August 8 , 1963 as part of the Agricultural Land Reform Code, or Republic Act No. 3844. ...
WikiAnswers - Farm Crops Questions including "Where can you obtain ...
Wheat, rye, alfalfa, soybeans, other grains and corn are well-known farm crops, but farmers might also grow fruits, nuts, vegetables, tobacco, food or bedding for animals, cotton, flowers, and other crops, too. Whether grown for commercial or subsistence reasons, questions about the crops and those who grow them on all sizes of farms in all countries and regions of the world are welcome here. Come on in to this category to learn more and share your knowledge about Farm Crops and those who grow them. Total questions 13800 Where can you obtain farm insurance? Farm Insurance Ask your current Property and Casualty lines ...