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Marketing research and predictions

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Our commitment to customise and add value to quantitative market research data is one of the main reasons why clients say they keep coming back to B2B International. Our research know-how helps us understand where best to use advanced statistical techniques in the different research projects we carry out. We use a wide range of analytical techniques. Click on the different types of analysis below to read more on what we can offer. Correlation Analysis Regression Analysis Factor Analysis Cluster Analysis Correspondence Analysis (Brand Mapping) Conjoint Analysis CHAID Analysis Discriminant/Logistic Regression Analysis ...
in a market-based economy, and it aims to understand the effects and comparative success of marketing campaigns. The field of consumer marketing research as a statistical science was pioneered by Arthur Nielsen with the founding of the ACNielsen Company in 1923. Thus, marketing research may also be described as the systematic and objective identification, collection, analysis, and dissemination of information for the purpose of assisting management in decision making related to the identification and solution of problems and opportunities in marketing . 2 The goal of marketing research is to identify and assess how changing ...
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       Trackback this post  |  Subscribe to the comments via RSS Feed @ beakerindies you know me too well ;) 1 week ago Hi Trans-atlantic flying friends!  Anyone coming from the UK to the US?  I have a request of a UK product from you.... DM me. 1 week ago @ cnn "this is why americans don't watch soccer" then proceed to list xenophobic excuses. nice job, national media outlet. 1 week ago @ cjgammon Yep.  It was a nice start to the ...
                                        market research, surveys and trends
Gerald Celente Predictions – Gerald Celente : America will look ...
The Government has Katrina quality rescue skills …these are not my leaders they could not lead me across the street , we are seeing a workers of the world 2.0 ,we are looking at as the government loses control either by false flag or real they tend to exercise more control , it is as old as the Old Testament…Gerald Celente : America will look like Detroit more foreclosures more empty homes more crime …. Gerald Celente , the CEO of Trends Research Institute, is renowned for his accuracy in predicting future world and economic events, which will send a chill down your spine considering Trends Expert Gerald ... market research, surveys and trends


Gartner Highlights Key Predictions for IT Organizations and Users ...
Gartner, Inc. has highlighted the key predictions that herald long-term changes in approach for IT organizations and the people they serve for 2010 and beyond. Gartner's top predictions for 2010 showcase the trends and events that will change the nature of business today and beyond. These predictions were selected from across Gartner’s research areas as the most compelling and critical predictions. The trends and topics they address this year speak to the changing balance of power and focus in IT. Gartner analysts said last year's themes of shifting ownership and revenue flows continue, becoming more pronounced ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Mary Meeker: Mobile Internet Will Soon Overtake Fixed Internet
Mary Meeker of Morgan Stanley isn’t just any Internet analyst. She was covering the sector when the brokerage firm was the lead underwriter for Netscape Communications’ initial public offering in 1995, was dubbed the “Queen of the Net” by Barron’s magazine in 1998 and was covering the space in 2004, when Morgan Stanley helped launch the Google IPO. Now a managing director at Morgan Stanley and head of the global technology research team, she has released her latest massively detailed “State of the Internet” report, which she has been putting out periodically since 1995. She presented the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
USDA jolts markets with cut in corn acres, stocks
WASHINGTON, June 30 (Reuters) - The U.S. government roiled the grain markets on Wednesday with a sharp cut in corn acres and much tighter June 1 stockpiles, sending corn prices sharply higher and providing a short-term floor for the beaten-down market. Despite predictions for a modest increase in acres planted to corn this year, the U.S. Agriculture Department's survey of 88,000 growers found farmers had planted 87.872 million acres of corn, down from its previous estimate of 88.798 million acres in March. "This is a shot across the bow and is astonishing given the fact farmers like to plant corn," said Greg ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Operators Ready to Open up Femtocells, Says Ubiquisys
Japanese operator SoftBank Mobile will use femtocells in so-called open access mode, in a move to allow all subscribers to make phone calls and surf via the device, improving coverage and offloading traffic from the operator's network. Femtocells are wireless small base stations that send calls and data traffic via a fixed broadband connection. Today, they are mostly used in homes and access is limited to users on a whitelist. That Softbank has decided to use femtocells in open-access mode shows the technology is ready to be used in that way, as well, according to Keith Day, vice president of marketing at Ubiquisys, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Marketing Models: Reflections and Predictions
Marketing Models: Reflections and Predictions*. Jehoshua Eliashberg ..... Science. Ooerations Research. Interfaces and Marketing Science ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Using Prediction Markets to Enhance US Intelligence Capabilities ...
In 2001, the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) started experimenting with methods for applying market-based concepts to intelligence. One such project, DARPA’s Future Markets Applied to Prediction (FutureMAP) program tested whether prediction markets, markets in which people bet on the likelihood of future events, could be used to improve upon existing approaches to preparing strategic intelligence. The program was cancelled in the summer of 2003 under a barrage of congressional criticism. Senators Ron Wyden and Byron Dorgan accused the Pentagon of ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Prediction Markets - In July 2003, press reports began to surface ...
awards, including a related set of complex derivatives and futures. Data used for market research. Virtual currency. Prediction Markets 111 ...
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Google Answers: Predictions about the Internet and/or ecommerce re ...
Is there a website or other source to find predictions by either research cos or analysts or Internet "gurus" that were made 1-5 years ago that are today proven to have be way off. Context is B to B only. Ie, predications about 'o1 or '02 online transaction volume; great b2b marketing sites, how the web would be used today by businesses. I need the "bad" prediction citations..and, if possible, current info that shows how wrong they were. Hello industryguy-ga, You’re in luck. There has been so much hype in the last five years about the transformation of the world of business with the e-commerce that the ...
WikiAnswers - Purpose of marketing research
marketing research can help firms to discover consumers' opinions on a huge range of issues, e.g., views on products' prices, packaging, recent advertising campaigns Reduce the risk of product/business failure - there is no guarantee that any new idea will be a commercial success, but accurate and up-to-date information on the market can help a business make informed decisions, hopefully leading to products that consumers want in sufficient numbers to achieve commercial success. Forecast future trends - marketing research can not only provide information regarding the current state of the market but it can also be used ...