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Special Report on

Marketing Statistics and Research

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We do our very best to make sure the items featured here provide you with the best possible information available for your direct marketing and mail order success. Topics include: E-commerce and Web Marketing, Catalog Marketing, Direct Mail, E-mail Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Mail Order Advertising, Database Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Public Relations and Publicity. If you don't see what your looking for, just give us a call or email and we'll try to find it for you. Please ...
Recycling in Post Offices Expanding
WASHINGTON— More than 200,000 tons, and counting. That’s how much paper, plastics and other waste the U.S. Postal Service recycled in 2009, representing a decrease in its greenhouse gas emissions of approximately 1.67 million barrels of oil.   An integral part of that undertaking is the Post Office Box Lobby Recycling program which is expanding to include an additional 2,435 Post Offices, including those in a number of U.S. national parks. That brings the total number of participating sites to more than 8,064, an increase of 150 percent from 2005, when the Post Office Lobby recycling effort started. This program is based on ... market research, surveys and trends
Useful links for Internet Marketing
This complimentary service lets you test your Web design in 55 different combinations of Web browsers and operating systems. It’s a handy tool to show a client how different systems can mangle sites using nonstandard code. CrazyEgg CrazyEgg makes your Web analytics reports pop with a set of color-coded visuals like heatmaps and Confetti, which drops a colored dot wherever a visitor clicks on the page. See instantly where your hot and cold zones are, then toggle a switch to see where visitors are coming from. Woopra Need an alternative to Google Analytics, especially for bloggers? ... market research, surveys and trends


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in marketing statistics and research statistics, since we're talking about ...... and had more than 8 million users by January 2007; 70 percent of those ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Credit card statistics, industry facts, debt statistics
debt, credit card delinquencies, credit scores, credit card interest rates, bankruptcies, average credit card debt and more -- compiled by the staff. Statistics on this page will be updated regularly as we receive new or updated credit card data.  Some data may appear multiple times on the page because the information is applicable in multiple categories. If you have credit card statistics that you'd like to share, or if you have a question, comment or concern about what has or hasn't been included on the page, please e-mail us at . MOST POPULAR SEARCHES Average credit card ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Mount Knowledge Launches Sales and Marketing "Learning Expedition" in China's ...
an educational software development, sales and training company offering innovative and proprietary learning products and training services worldwide, announced today the Company's sales and marketing opportunities in the vast educational market of China. The Private Training and Education Market Size in China was US $17 billion in 2005 and is forecasted to be US $117 billion by 2013, according to the National Bureau of Statistics of China, Ministry of Education. More specifically, the English Language Training (ELT) market in China in 2004 was approximately US $1.9 billion and is estimated to be approximately US $3.7 ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
How To View & Analyize YouTube Statistics For Any Video
If you are an avid YouTube user, then you are likely already familiar with YouTube’s video analytics functionality, YouTube Insight . YouTube Insight will provide you with information on how many people have viewed your video(s), what part of the world they are in, where views originated from and more…  But – did you know that you can also look at the statistics for almost any YouTube video , including those of your competition? NOTE: The user who uploaded the video has the option to disable the display of statistics.  As a result, this may not be available for all videos. First, go to the YouTube video page ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Lyris Email Marketing Statistics and Metrics
Marketing Sherpa's “E-Mail 2008: Top 10 Research Findings and .... Online Marketing Industry Growth, Statistics & Trends. Web Analytics and Comparative ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Market and Survey Researchers
Market and survey researchers can enter the occupation with a bachelor's degree, but those with a master�s or Ph.D. in marketing or a social science should enjoy the best opportunities. Researchers need strong quantitative skills and, increasingly, knowledge of conducting web-based surveys. Employment is expected to grow much faster than average. Market and survey researchers gather information about what people think. Market research analysts help companies understand what types of products people want, determine who will buy them and at what price. Gathering statistical data on competitors and examining prices, sales, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Market Research Tools for Entrepreneurs
the "Customize Data" segment provides demographics, health, income, expenditures, prices, retail trade, etc., with various breakdowns and graphing and mapping applications. The other segments provide the data from thousands of statistical publications. SimplyMap - at geographic units from national to block group level - can be mapped or downloaded. Population studies from the Census Bureau, including international statistics and topic breakdowns. Also - – another way to locate census data from national level down to block level. Consumer markets – voluminous demographic ...
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What master's degree is suitable for a career in marketing ...
I am very interested in a career in marketing research and I have a particular interest in questions concerning consumer behavior, preferences, attitudes etc . I have a bachelor’s degree in marketing and I am now seeking a postgraduate program that could be an asset in the development of my career towards this direction. What postgraduate course would you suggest me? One of my choices is the MSc in Social Research Methods and Statistics, do you think that is suitable? I would really appreciate it if you could give me some advice on that. Thank you in advance. Vassiliki posted 2 months ago in Education and Schools | Closed
How does marketing help the ability to do research & synthesize ...
Marketing research also allows companies to know what their competitorsare doing and how to best increase their current operations in order to exceed what their competitiors do or at least meet them. It allows for companies to know whether to repeat a good promotion or incentive or to withdraw if response has not been satisfactory. These are a few areas marketing reseach can help.Knowing all these information allows you to synthesize information and to draft new promotional campaigns or continue with current campaigns if marketing goals are achieved. and personal experience There are currently no comments for this ...