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Special Report on

Mental Health Marketing Professionals

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But if you'd just like the job done, and would rather not spend the time figuring it all out yourself, just drop us a note -- we can help. Editor's Note: Since the opening of our partner site at in 2008, we have reserved our individual practitioner marketing services solely for the participating practitioners of While wearing my business consultant hat, I've made keyword analysis services available to a selected list of private practitioners since 2003. As part of this new business section of, we've decided to make the service available more broadly. ...
The party contains the most registered voters of any political organization in the world as of 2004, with 72 million voters. 4 Polls taken over the last decade indicate that roughly 35% of American voters self identify as Democrats. Since the 2006 general elections , the Democratic Party has been the majority party in both the House of Representatives and the United States Senate . Democrats also hold a majority of state governorships and control a majority of state legislatures . Barack Obama , the current President of the United States , is the 15th Democrat to hold the office. Cite error: There are tags on this page, ...
Southern Miss Marketing & PR - Students Encouraged to Use Free ...
With another hectic fall semester fast approaching, mental health professionals at The University of Southern Mississippi want to help lower the stress level for all new and returning students. To that end Student Counseling Services is offering a free, anonymous online mental health self-assessment that might assist students in indentifying the symptoms of anxiety disorders, depression, eating disorders, relationship issues and alcohol-related problems. Additionally, Student Counseling Services has six licensed mental healthcare providers on staff with a wide range of training. The counseling services are available from 8 ... market research, surveys and trends
Mental Health Professionals: A Holistic Online Presence for Mental ...
I also touched on the fact that a good online marketing strategy goes way beyond the creation of a website. So what else is there? This article lays out six of the KEY components to a holistic online presence. When combined and implemented effectively, they provide you with an exceptional platform for reaping all of the rewards today’s new media can deliver! There’s a lot to cover under each of the components. Enough to warrant an entire book! I will be going into more detail on each of them over the coming months. For now though, here’s a summary to help you structure and kick start your online marketing campaign. An effective ... market research, surveys and trends


Survey of Higher Education Professionals Shows Increase in ...
DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - April 29, 2010) -   Recent research shows that eating disorders on college campuses are increasing in prevalence across the U.S., students are unwilling to seek treatment, and many campuses lack the resources to assist students with these diseases. These trends were revealed in a March 2010 survey of higher education professionals conducted by Eating Recovery Center , a licensed and Joint Commission accredited behavioral hospital providing comprehensive treatment and sustainable recovery for eating disorders and the Enrollment and Retention Services Division of EducationDynamics , higher ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Poll: Professionals working with children say whites have more ...
WASHINGTON — Minority children have fewer opportunities than their white peers to gain access to high-quality health care, education, safe neighborhoods and adequate support from the communities where they live, according to a nationwide survey of professionals who work with young people. Of the professionals surveyed, 59 percent said young white children in their communities have “lots of opportunity” to play in violence-free homes and neighborhoods, while only 36 percent said the same about Hispanic children, 37 percent about African-American children and 42 percent about Native American children. The survey refers ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Hernando business digest
11375 Cortez Blvd., Spring Hill, has received full heart failure accreditation from the Society of Chest Pain Centers. The three-year accreditation extends until June 2013. To receive accreditation, a facility must demonstrate expertise in several areas. • • • The Hernando County Tourism Bureau is offering free listings at to local tourism-related businesses, including restaurants, hotels, entertainment, attractions, campgrounds, golf courses, vacation rentals, charter captains and parks, until June 30, 2011. To create a listing, businesses must fill out a short online application. Visit ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
On the Move - Business edition
Erin Herbert has been hired as a graphic designer by Devaney & Associates, of Towson. Herbert was most recently employed as a design assistant for the Liza Byrd Boutique in Owings Mills. She also worked at Merrick Towle Communications as a studio artist. Herbert has a B.A. from McDaniel College. Advocacy Michele L. Whelley has been named president and CEO of the Central Maryland Transportation Alliance. Her most recent position was CEO of the Economic Development Corporation of New Haven. She previously was senior vice president of Colliers Pinkard’s real estate strategic advisory group and president of the Downtown Partnership ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Marketing a mental health program
the auspices of the Mental Health Association, to ... but with a name that defied marketing efforts. ... With the support of mental health professionals ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
CDC Health Marketing | Entertainment Education
The CDC recognizes the power of popular entertainment in shaping the perceptions and practices of its viewers. Television shows, movies, and music not only command the attention of their audiences, but also reinforce existing behavior, demonstrate new behavior, and affect audience emotions. The CDC often partners with Hollywood executives and academic, public health, and advocacy organizations to share information with writers and producers about the nation's pressing health issues. The CDC Entertainment Education Program works in ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Marketing mental health to men: Theoretical and practical ...
specific features of mental health marketing materials and should be ..... congruent with the values and culture of men in need of professional help. ...
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Tonight is my night of asking Using LI here's one ...
I started a new group called Psychodynamic Psychotherapies....and would like to invite all the mental health professionals. How do I do that? Do I have to be personally connected to those people for this to happen? Is this considered spam? My group is professional and I expect it to be very reputable and useful......(don't they all say that?) I don't have outlook, so is there any other way? Thanks a LOT in advance. M. PS: And if you are a mental health professional, licensed or registered, please consider joining. We're planning to discuss case conceptualisation, intervention strategies, theory, practice, ...
A Stress Survival Guide for HR Managers/Professionals
In today's 24/7, constantly changing, merging and consolidating, "do more with less" work environment, the letters "HR" could as easily stand for "Hub of Reorganization" as for "Human Resources." And, in fact, it's the intersection of these two organizational dynamics -- human exchange and systemic change -- that accounts for the inherent challenge and performance pressure for the HR Manager and other human resources professionals. When a person, over time, is confronted by high demands along with rapidly changing requirements and responsibilities ...