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What do the Roman Catholic church and the city of New York have in common? Both are using the New Media to expand their audience reach. Let's first look at how the Roman Catholic church is making use of the New media. According to a recent statement by Bishop Gerald F. Kicanas of Tucson, AZ, in the Catholic News Service, America's Roman Catholic church's great communications challenge today is to "keep the interest of people who have so many places to turn." Bishop Kicanas argued that the church should not hesitate "to engage the modern digital technologies," which "can be vehicles for ...
from which they made millions of dollars in revenue. It has since stopped distributing those programs after complaints from groups in the United States and Canada, and announced it was talking with several United Kingdom Internet service providers (ISPs) to deliver targeted advertising based on the websites that users visit. The company's proposed advertising system, called Webwise, is a behavioral targeting service (similar to NebuAd or Front Porch ) that uses deep packet inspection to examine traffic. Phorm says the data collected will be anonymous and will not be used to identify users, and that their service would even ...
d r i f t g l a s s: The Pros And Cons Of Hitchhiking
Blogger “The Beautiful Kind” learned the hard lesson about freedom of expression in this here Land o' Liberty (From the " Riverfront Times ") St. Louis Blogger "The Beautiful Kind" Fired for Writing About Sex By Tom Finkel, Monday, May. 3 2010 Two months ago Riverfront Times featured local pseudonymous sex blogger The Beautiful Kind as part of our "Bloggers Bakers Dozen." "The Beautiful Kind might make you blush," RFT's Kristen Hinman wrote of the blog. "Or it might make you barf. All depends on what the polyamorous, BDSM, swinging, all-around-sex-lovin' ... market research, surveys and trends
New Media Age panel at LA Entrepreneurs Conference 2010
I was incredibly honored to be invited to moderate the New Media Age panel at the LA Entrepreneurs Conference yesterday.   The panel organizer, Ryan Jones did a fantastic job of lining up great panelists: Jesse Albert , an independent media consultant, formerly of ICM, where clients included Showtime Networks, Beyonce…, Scott Carleton of Nomad Editing, Mike Farah of, and Ted MacKinney of Mosaic Media Group.  The room was packed, and the discussion was lively. My panelists weren’t shy about bouncing ideas, throwing in interesting & vivid examples and challenging each others, making my job as a ... market research, surveys and trends


New media age, new marketing strategies
In summer 2005, the children of Washington, D.C., heard a sound familiar to generations before them, the ringing call of the ice cream truck. But this wasn't any ordinary ice cream truck. This truck was handing out information about a website along with the cones and popsicles. The unconventional promotional vehicle was the idea of Tim Ruder, the vice president of marketing for It is one of the marketing tactics he is deploying to increase local awareness and usage of the online news site. The ice cream truck together with other marketing strategies has enabled the Washington Post's website to grow ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Social Networking Moves to the Cellphone - New York Times
But now the market is teeming with companies that want to bring the same phenomenon to the cellphone. There are so many “mobile social networking” upstarts, in fact, that when New Media Age magazine in Britain tried to identify the “ones to watch,” it ended up naming 10 companies. Some of those in the thick of battle are resigned to having a lot of company. “If there weren’t competitors, there wouldn’t be a market,” said Dan Harple, founder and chief executive of GyPSii, a mobile social network based in Amsterdam that is a contender. “Maybe there are 30 or more now — in ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
More than half of TV viewers catch up online
Video-on-demand ad creativity is key to the sector’s growth, according to broadcasters, after the first new media age internet TV audience survey revealed almost two-thirds of people (62%) find ads on video-on-demand services intrusive. The survey, conducted by Lightspeed Research ahead of this week’s Edinburgh TV festival, sampled 4,378 people’s internet TV viewing habits. Almost three-fifths (58%) had streamed or downloaded TV within the last six month, 45% of whom said they watch or download TV content at least once a week. The ad-free BBC iPlayer is the most popular platform, with 86% of people having used it, followed by ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
A News of the World paywall? Readers will make their excuses and leave
has previously stated its intention to charge for online access to all its titles, so it's only a matter of timing. The original New Media Age article says the big lure for payers will be "exclusive video content". That's no surprise either. The paper's investigations (such as those involving John Higgins and Max Mosley ) are often videoed. But do they attract vast audiences? The figures do not suggest much interest. According to ComScore, the News of the World site received 1.1m unique visitors in July who viewed 14m pages for an average of 8.1 minutes a visit. To put that in perspective 1.1m over a ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Mar 3, 2006 ... New Media Age (2003). He identifies two main goals for his book, .... of literacy in "the new media age." He also touches here on ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
2009 FTC Workshop: News Media Workshop
The Federal Trade Commission will hold a series of workshops, to explore how the Internet has affected journalism. The event is free and open to the public.  The workshop will assemble representatives from print, online, broadcast and cable news organizations, academics, consumer advocates, bloggers, and other new media representatives. Updates regarding the workshops, including agendas and panelists will be posted on this webpage, or can be accessed via RSS Feed from this webpage. Questions about the workshops can be addressed to . If you need an accommodation related to a disability, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Literacy in the New Media Age
Kress posits a social trend away from the dominance of the written word (language-as-writing) and towards technological modes that stress the visual and the integration of multiple modes at the same time (multimedia, hypertext, etc.).  According to Kress, while reading in the language-as-writing mode is fixed both by time and by strict standards of interpretation, reading in the multi-modal era departs from the unique significance of the image to a much more open field of interpretation. The decline of literacy as the major mode of communication or ...
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22. Michael Jackson. I listened to his songs when I was a child before switching to death metal and alternative rock in my teens. I shall forever remember Michael Jackson for his moonwalk and the charity work that he did, and the fact that he was a really talented musician who wrote and composed almost all of his songs. I shall love him till the end of the world. I know I&#039;m one of those who will miss him. Michael Jackson is the BEST ever! Nobody can ever replace him. There can never be a second Michael Jackson. His musical legacy would live on for centuries to come. He&#039;s a pop legend and would always be. He was ...
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