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Niche Cruise Marketing Alliance

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Each year since 2000, about one-third of people who cruised chose to do so in the Caribbean. However, from a high of 42% in 2002, the number of travelers dropped to 32% in 2009, suggesting that the Caribbean may no longer have the appeal it once did. Significant increases in nights spent aboard a cruise ship by travelers were recorded in those choosing the Mediterranean as a cruise destination. In 2000, the Mediterranean represented 12% of the cruise market. In 2009, it was chosen by 16% of travelers. Niche markets growing fast The largest gain, however, was reported in small ship cruises to Antarctica . In 2000, the destination ...
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Eco-conscious Coaching – What is it and Why?
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This year was another record one for the cruise business, as more people are taking cruises than ever before. In response, more ships are being built, big and small ones, and new onboard activities are being offered. In 1980 only 1.4 million North Americans had ever been on a cruise. In 2007 more than 12.6 million Americans set sail on cruise ships, an increase of almost a million passengers from 2006. In fact, passenger growth is averaging more than 8 percent a year, and 2008 is expected to be another record year, with cruise ships sailing out of about 17 ports in the United States.  This increasing number of cruise goers is ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Rising Small-Ship Sales
River and small-ship cruising is red-hot—posting an impressive 200 percent capacity growth since 2004, according to Patrick Clark , managing director, Avalon Waterways , who also reports more than 300,000 North Americans annually now vacation on a river cruise. Avalon’s U.S. sales have doubled since last year, based on capacity increases and robust demand. Similarly, in 2009, Viking River Cruises was more than 90 percent sold in Europe and Russia , and for 2010, it is tracking even better, says Richard Marnell , Viking’s senior vice president of marketing, “There is still space to sell, but it is moving ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Круизный рынок меняет тренды
• Авиабилеты • Визы и паспорта • Погода и климат на курортах • Валюта и курсы• Зарубежные консульства России • Табло аэропортов и вокзалов Личный кабинет • Сообщества по странам • Блоги путешественников • Отзывы об отелях, авиакомпаниях и турфирмах • Видеофильмы • Фотоальбомы • Поиск попутчиков Главная / Новости туризма / Круизный рынок меняет тренды   21.07.2010, 13:32:08 Круизный туризм претерпел целый ряд существенных изменений, они коснулись ценообразования, направлений, типа отдыхающих и общего имиджа данного вида отдыха. Классический имидж ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Can Tourism Be Sustainable?
With Machu Picchu literally sinking into the ground, Peru looks for authentic, eco-friendly ways to grow its travel sector. I t was an adventure getting to Veinte de Enero. From Lima, Peru’s capital, it was a two-hour flight to Iquitos , a jungle-locked city of 600,000 people whose streets buzz with “mosquitoes,” or motorcycles rigged with wagons to carry passengers. From there, it was another two hours in a taxi that had one main peril — its driver, who may not have had as great a need for the religious icons that swayed from his rearview mirror if he’d slowed down and stayed in his lane. Then the fun began. market trends, news research and surveys resources


Capt. Luther H. Blount is a tough act to fol-
Niche Cruise Marketing Alliance, whose members include small cruise lines. “He was probably the father of the industry in a lot of ways.” ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Sustainable tourism is not about a small niche market in the travel ... traditional tourism sectors like cruise ship travel are now focusing more on .... alliance to support sustainable tourism around Morne Trois Pitons National Park ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Russian Cultural Tourism Planning, Marketing, and Development: A ...
An „aggressive‟ tourism marketing plan would be able to use a variety of features to draw tourists and other visitors from the Volga River cruises or local ...
  1. profile image trainingniche Trends Change in the Cruise Industry: (press release)The Niche Cruise Marketing Alliance recently a...
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Collaberation, partnerships and transparency will be required by luxury travel providers to stand out from the crowd and drive customer loyalty. The impact from 2009 will continue to be felt throughout 2010. posted May 26, 2009 Business Development Mgr. at Robert P. Schron Associates (MICE, DMC & Event Services); experienced Equity Analyst see all my answers Here in the US, there are some great travel deals for those with money to spend, and I think bargain hunting is going on and it will continue into next year, in all market segments luxury no exception (except maybe at the ultra high end). Part of this is obviously motivated ...
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