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Optimize Your Marketing Performance

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So I've weeded through all that to provide annotated links here to truly helpful Google AdWords tutorials, tools, and Web sites and blogs that cover AdWords. You'll find links to official Google AdWords information, tutorials, tips, AdWords optimizing tutorials, creating and optimizing landing pages, Google AdWords arbitrage help, click fraud tips, and helpful AdWords tools, such as Google Analytics, Google's keyword tool, and more. Be sure to also see Tutorials, Articles on Marketing Copy, Content for Online Marketing via Internet Marketing, Online Marketing Tutorials here at There you'll ...
is a relatively new discipline within the Corporate Marketing function. Its existence was first recognized 15 years ago by research firms such as IDC and SiriusDecisions. Early adopters were high tech companies such as Cisco Systems , Symantec , and Adobe . Today, hundreds of companies across a variety of industries staff a Marketing Operations role within the Corporate Marketing function. The scope of responsibilities varies across Marketing Operations teams and so, therefore, does the definition. Here are definitions of the discipline. Examples include: IDC : The purpose of the Marketing Operations function is both to increase ...
Bing, Yahoo ready to Merge, Optimize Now – Advises Biz Coach Terry ...
Seattle Biz Coach Terry Corbell writes Microsoft’s Bing is about ready to merge with Yahoo, which means it’s time to optimize your Web site if you haven’t done so. He provides a free checklist. Terry Corbell FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 20, 2010 – The long-awaited merger for Bing and Yahoo for Internet search is about to be consummated for an anticipated 30-percent market share. So Seattle business-performance consultant and media columnist Terry Corbell says optimizing for Bing is important. “Bing will power the search for Yahoo,” explains Mr. Corbell. “However, each will still have separate ... market research, surveys and trends
How to Optimize Your Site for Better Loading Time « gabriel ...
is important — not just to site owners, but to all Internet users. Faster sites create happy users and we’ve seen in our internal studies that when a site responds slowly, visitors spend less time there.” There are plenty of reasons a website could slow down such as large images, too many Flash files, video the list can go on and on. With that being said, there are plenty of tools and tactics to use to improve loading time for your clients webpage. People are impatient. We want things when we what them, and usually don’t want to wait for them. The same is true with loading times. If a user goes to a website, chances are ... market research, surveys and trends


Digital Marketing Driving Transformation in Global Marketing ...
PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwire - April 19, 2010) -  Watch out if you're a traditional ad agency with a limited suite of standardized creative and media services. You're likely to have less budget, control and influence with your client. According to the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council's latest State of Marketing Report, corporate marketers expect to become less dependent on agencies and more self-sufficient with their own internal digital marketing infrastructures, talents and go-to-market capabilities. The global affinity network of 5,000 senior marketers surveyed more than 600 of its members to gather ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Interview: trends in Search Engine Marketing and PPC advertising ...
« Looking for fresh data regarding the impact of the number of links and the subject length on email marketing results | Main | When launching a viral marketing campaign might not be a good idea » Whether you’re talking about Twitter, social bookmarking or any other service: search engine marketing is never far away.  In case you haven’t read the interview with Michael Kahn regarding Twitter and social media (and you really should read it, see link below this post): Michael stated that the search engines rank Twitter pages highly for brand name searches.  He also said: “Social sites within the search ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
RelayWare Releases Significant Upgrade to Partner Relationship Management (PRM ...
REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., Jul 20, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- RelayWare, a global provider of cloud-based Partner Relationship Management (PRM) software, today released a significant upgrade to its Sales Opportunity Manager, a key module within RelayWare's industry-leading PRM platform. The upgrade includes enhanced lead and pipeline management, deal registration and added support for partner-driven software license renewal management, providing companies that rely on channel sales with a powerful solution for recruiting, engaging and managing their extensive ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
TAXS.OB, NYSE:MA, NYSE:FIS. Financial Market Watch From
Stock-PR Reporting FREE Daily Stock Alerts From ________________________________________ TaxMasters, Inc. (TAXS.OB) filed a Current Report on Form 8-K on Wednesday, July 7, 2010 to announce that Patrick Cox, its founder, CEO and majority shareholder, voluntarily entered into a Financial Reorganization Agreement in which Mr. Cox deposited 200 million shares of his TaxMasters common stock with TaxMasters' transfer agent, Olde Monmouth Stock Transfer Co., Inc. 100% Free Network Management Software and Helpdesk Tools Download a completely free network management software ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Optimize Your Marketing Performance™. BEYOND RATINGS: MONETIZE YOUR DATA TO DRIVE NEW REVENUE. By Adam Gelles. CEO. June 2009. Page 2 ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Technical brief, optimizing cooling tower
Reducing energy expenditures for your cooling tower may be as simple as regular maintenance. This Technical Brief explains how proper maintenance will optimize heat transfer and help your equipment operate more efficiently. It also identifies strategies for upgrading cooling tower performance. Hot water from chiller Flow control valve Distribution nozzles Draft eliminators Make-up water infeed Float valve Collection basin Strainer Cooled water to chiller Fan Gear box Drive shaft Fan drive Bleed water Cooling towers reject heat from the cooling water circulating through the condenser of a chiller. There are two basic types of ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Really, I Can Return It? Sold! - Optimizing your returns policy
Around Christmas, Celeste Pramberger visited Babies R Us in Tampa, Florida, to exchange an outfit for her then eight-month-old baby, Allie. But the store did not have Allie’s size, so Pramberger asked to return it. She was mortified when the clerk said she could not because she had returned too many past purchases. “I was so surprised,” Pramberger said. “The only things I had returned had been four months prior from my baby shower registry. It wasn’t like I was reckless, buying things then returning them without a receipt.” Pramberger said that after her baby shower, she had returned about ...
Optimize Your Pay Per Click Ads
For small business owners, one of the biggest worries about using pay per click advertising to build their business is that people who aren't likely to buy their products or services will click on their ads and drive up their advertising costs. The auto repair shop owner in Peoria, IL doesn't want people from Lansing, KS clicking on his auto repair ad, and the hair salon in Ontario, California, isn't likely to want a lot of women from Ontario, Canada clicking on pay-per-click ads it buys on various search engines, either. Fortunately there's an easy way to solve the problem. Optimize your pay per click ...
Big Changes to Yahoo Sponsored Search TOS
Yahoo search marketing recently made a major change to their TOS that allows them to access and make changes to your accounts without your prior approval. The full text is below. OPTIMIZATION. In the U.S. only, for those advertisers not bound by an Insertion Order, we may help you optimize your account(s). Accordingly, you expressly agree that we may also: (i) create ads, (ii) add and/or remove keywords, and/or (iii) optimize your account(s). We will notify you via email of such changes made to your account(s), and can also include a spreadsheet of such changes upon your written request. If you would like any of such changes ...