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Special Report on

Perceptions Of Unfair Marketing Practices

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I am excited to announce the release of my latest journal publication on word-of-mouth marketing communication. This piece was published in the Journal of Marketing Communications titled " The Role of Disclosure in Organized Word-of-Mouth Marketing Programs ". If this title sounds like a familiar topic for me you'd be right as it is the the academic version of my industry research report " To Tell Or Not To Tell?: Assessing the Practical Benefits of Disclosure for Word-of-Mouth Marketing Agents and Their Conversational Partners” " published in January 2006. At the time the research received a lot ...
that examines ethical principles and moral or ethical problems that arise in a business environment. It applies to all aspects of business conduct and is relevant to the conduct of individuals and business organizations as a whole. Applied ethics is a field of ethics that deals with ethical questions in many fields such as medical, technical, legal and business ethics. Business ethics can be both a normative and a descriptive discipline. As a corporate practice and a career specialization, the field is primarily normative. In academia descriptive approaches are also taken. The range and quantity of business ethical issues ...
Illinois Insurance Continuing Education – Insurance Agent 's ...
The agent must act ethically in order to conduct business.  Experience alone will not be enough to meet this extremely important responsibility. Ethical Responsibilities to the Insurer The duties of an insurance professional to his/her insurer are established by the concept of “Agency.”  This concept is represented by the agent contract, which both parties agree to and sign.  In carrying out his/her duties, the insurance professional  is  the direct  representative of the insurer.  The professional must keep this in mind.  His/her day to day activities will be a direct reflection on the insurer within the community. ... market research, surveys and trends
A New Church? — The New PR/Marketing Campaign at Mormon ...
Don’t get me wrong.  I THRILL at this campaign.  I’m just trying to figure out why it feels a bit odd to me…as a lifelong, active Mormon.  It very well could be my bad attitude.  I’m open to that. Or maybe…just maybe….it’s because of the messages I received growing up in sunday school, seminary, general conference, etc…..about women “ maintaining their place “, and staying home and not working ….about blacks being less valiant ….about interracial marriage being dangerous …. of faith in the Lord requiring “ exact obedience “, etc., etc., etc. market research, surveys and trends


Ethical evaluation of marketing practices in tobacco industry ...
This exploratory study examines the ethicality of marketing practices in tobacco industry. The findings revealed that business practices such as advertising in magazines with at least 15 percent youth readership and in internet, portrayal of smoking as a fun activity, and using younger looking models in tobacco advertisements were perceived to be unethical. Further, ethical evaluations of marketing practices were found to differ depending on age, belief in freedom of business operations, and marital/family status. Specifically, older married individuals with children, and those who support government intervention in business ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
One-in-Four Female Workers Have Experienced Discrimination or ...
–Twenty-five percent of female workers have experienced discrimination or unfair treatment in the workplace, and 17 percent said they have felt sexually harassed by a fellow employee or manager, according to a nationwide survey by and Kelly Services, conducted by Harris Interactive. Of those who reported the incident to their employers, the majority said the offender was not held accountable. The study, “Diversity in the Workplace,” was designed to gauge the frequency, severity and occasion for perceptions of discrimination or unfair treatment and how diversity impacts hiring, compensation and career ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
GENERAL CONFERENCE CORPORATION OF SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS AND GENERAL CONFERENCE OF SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS, AN UNINCORPORATED ASSOCIATION, PLAINTIFFS-APPELLEES, v. WALTER McGILL, D/B/A CREATION 7TH DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH ET AL., DEFENDANT-APPELLANT. No. 09-5723. United States Court of Appeals, Sixth Circuit. Argued: March 11, 2010. Decided and Filed: August 10, 2010. Pursuant to Sixth Circuit Rule 206 ARGUED: Charles L. Holliday, SPRAGINS, BARNETT & COBB, PLC, Jackson, Tennessee, for Appellant. Joel T. Galanter, ADAMS AND REESE LLP, Nashville, Tennessee, for Appellees. ON BRIEF: Charles L. Holliday, SPRAGINS, BARNETT & COBB, PLC, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Yes, You Can Raise Prices in a Downturn
economic turmoil continues, many companies are reconsidering their strategies with an eye toward going lean and slashing prices. And that might work for a few companies—but very few. Instead, companies should compete "on the basis of initiatives for which their customers willingly pay higher prices," says Frank V. Cespedes, a senior lecturer at Harvard Business School, who spent 12 years running a professional services firm. That's right. Higher prices, not lower. "Competing on price is ultimately a bet on your cost position." Cespedes teamed with Benson P. Shapiro and Elliot B. Ross to write the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Perceptions of unfair marketing practices: Individuals aged 65 and over. Chronological age 65 years. 1. individuals who are targeting with non ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Farm Products Marketing Practices by Limited Resource Farmers
Abstract: This study explores the perceptions and practices of limited resource farmers in South Central Alabama regarding farm product marketing. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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With over 16 million visitors a day, no business, big or small, can afford to ignore YouTube. Behind only Google and Facebook, YouTube is third most popular site in the world. And, it�s a goldmine for the marketing savvy. Creating a quality instructional video is a simple and effective way to generate traffic and increase your brand awareness. Ways to Test Subject Line Performance If you have spent any amount of time crafting sales emails, you know the importance of a good subject line to its overall performance. You also know predicting which subject lines will set your bottom line on fire and which will leave your ...
Why are business ethics important? - Yahoo! Answers
Business ethics is a form of applied ethics that examines ethical rules and principles within a commercial context; the various moral or ethical problems that can arise in a business setting; and any special duties or obligations that apply to persons who are engaged in commerce.” Generally speaking, business ethics is a normative discipline, whereby particular ethical standards are assumed and then applied. It makes specific judgements about what is right or wrong, which is to say, it makes claims about what ought to be done or what ought not to be done. While there are some exceptions, business ethicists are usually less ...