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Personalized Print Marketing

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BUSINESS: Integrated Print Management: Commercial Printing/Automated Inventory Management/Online Integrated Management Systems/Digital Printing/Variable Data Printing/Direct Mail and Fulfillment Services. BLUEWATER DIRECT, INC. (952) 215-0780 (952) 215-0799 FAX 5775 12th Avenue East, Suite 100, Shakopee, MN 55379 Email: Internet: CONTACT: Chad Jackson, Account Executive TYPE OF BUSINESS: Custom Web Interface Direct Marketing, Variable Four Color Print and Collateral Fulfillment. CONSOLIDATED GRAPHICS (713) 787-0977 (713) 493-6178 FAX 5858 Westheimer Road, Suite 200, ...
REVIEWS AND OPINIONS Article: New Pitney Bowes White Paper Highlights ...
Pitney Bowes�s new white paper entitled �The New Economics of Color Print,� reveals technology trends in digital color printing offer potential cost savings and revenue generating advantages to organizations that choose to harness the power of color to enhance the value of their customer communications. The white paper is available for download online. While the benefits of color print have been documented for decades, the economics have only recently tipped from black-and-white to color. �Affordable, color digital printing is a game-changer,� said Kevin Marks, a vice president of marketing for production print at Pitney Bowes. ... market research, surveys and trends
Mouse Pads Are Effective Give Aways For Marketing Promotions
Inexpensive, always useful in the work place and cheap to mail out to Promotional winners, the mouse pad or computer pad is an effective give away prize in any marketing campaign, regardless of what type of business you’re in. Finding great prizes and awards for Promotional Campaigns is always a daunting task for any marketing organization. Coming up with new ideas that will inspire a customer base to join the promotion, or be appealed by it, is often one of the most difficult aspects of designing a successful promotion. In mass volume promotions, the computer pad is an ideal entry point give away that can be given away to ... market research, surveys and trends


Relationship Marketing Strategy
personalized print campaigns using variable data? The results indicated that many ...... ing was nearly $10 billion with nearly half of that spent on marketing applications including ... next year, only 7 percent of the spending will go ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
InfoPrint Survey Confirms 75 Percent of Americans Prefer ...
CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - September 11, 2009) - PRINT 09 -- Three out of four respondents would consider opting for traditional mail delivery if they were informed it had less of a negative environmental impact than email, according to a recent survey by InfoPrint Solutions Company , a joint venture between IBM and Ricoh . This is despite the current push from leading banks and credit card companies to move to electronic communications. Added to this, more than half of those polled by InfoPrint would unsubscribe to email newsletters due to a lack of content relevancy. 50 percent of consumers still prefer to receive ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
New Xerox Color 800/1000 Presses Attract Industry Attention: Image Quality and ...
new Color 800/1000 Presses have made a great first impression as printers around the world install the devices to produce vivid images on a wide range of paper stocks. The systems, printing 80 and 100 pages per minute respectively, are ideal for print service providers looking to expand their digital businesses to produce sophisticated, full-color applications including sales collateral and direct-marketing pieces. "This is the first time that the ability to add a special effect, such as this clear coating, has been made available through a fifth imaging ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
StoneHouse delivers with new HP Indigo 7000 install
Palo Alto, Calif. – StoneHouse Marketing Services, a pioneer in the use of digital print for card applications, has extended its loyalty marketing program and ID card offerings with the installation of an HP Indigo 7000 Digital Press.   The new press, with its 120 pages-per-minute letter-size, four-color, printing speed and 3.5- million color page monthly duty cycle, substantially increases the Norman, Okla., company's capabilities for producing loyalty cards, health care ID cards and gift cards. Generating growth with offset-quality personalization Founded in 1995, StoneHouse Marketing Services began moving ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Direct Marketing and Fulfillment: Success in Difficult Times ...
Dec 28, 2009 ... 1:1 (Personalized) Printing: Boosting Profits Through. Relevance by Heidi Tolliver-Nigro. The world of print marketing is rapidly moving ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics | Direct to Consumer Marketing of Genetic Tests
These keywords (sometimes called "tags") are added by our site's editors to help you find related pages more quickly; however, they are not linked to our search engine, and are not meant to replace site search. We are constantly reviewing keywords for relevance.   [ Close ] Direct to Consumer Advertising Workshop Summary Many genetic testing laboratories have begun to market their tests directly to consumers through print and television advertisements. While this may increase public awareness about the availability of genetic tests, there may also be some risks in adopting this strategy. For instance, some ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Direct Marketing: Ad Creation, personalized baby items, mail campaign
I just started a business in order to sell some personalized baby items my family makes. I would like to start with some mailing to new parents and maybe a magazine ad.  I don't know which one to start first.   Also, I have no idea where to go to have my one-page ad printed or created.  I have two items I would like pictured in the ad together with the order form; but I don't know if I need to take the picture myself and then take it to a place to have it printed, or if there is a place that takes care of everything to create your ad.  Can any print shop do that?.  Could you tell me the ...
Personalized Emails
I'd like to take a closer look at the idea of personalizing mass emails: using the person's name in the subject, the greeting, and/or the body copy. The direct mail industry has seen great success with personalizing their pieces - so much so that DM mail shops have expensive laser divisions that add all kinds of personalized touches from a database after the basic print run is finished. Many people assume that this success in snail mail will automatically transfer to email marketing. But there are many reason that this may not be well as the possibility that it may. First, this is a technique and NOT really a ...