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Portal of Republic of China

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Please help improve the WLT by reporting broken links and suggesting additional content and features by contacting the Country Correspondent or the WLT at View Taiwan in a larger map Legend: = Government Agency, = NGO, = University, = Professional Society, = Poison Control Center, = Toxic Site. Dr. Tsungming Tu, the first medical doctor and pharmacologist in Taiwan, began his studies on opiates, morphine, Chinese herbs, and snake venoms after he was graduated from Kyoto Imperial University in 1922. His team has cultivated a lot of outstanding pharmacologists and toxicologists in the Graduate Institute of ...
(ROC) since the 1950s. The term "Taiwan" has also become a commonly used alternative name both domestically and internationally to refer to the entire country of Republic of China after ROC lost international diplomatic recognition as "China" in the 1970's. 1 Separated from the Asian continent by the wide Taiwan Strait , the main island of the group is long and wide. To the northeast are the main islands of Japan and the East China Sea , and the southern end of the Ryukyu Islands of Japan is directly to the east; the Philippines lie to its south across the Bashi Channel . The mountainous island spans the
Vyhlídky a doporučení do budoucna
V současné situaci bude jistě zajímavé podívat se na budoucí vývoj vztahů mezi Taiwanskou vládou a čínskou Lidovou republikou. Dle Dafydda Fella, odborného asistenta na katedře politických a mezinárodních studií při University of London, by se měl prezident Čínské republiky na Taiwanu Ma Ying-jeou pokusit o rozpoutání skutečné otevřené a veřejné diskuze, místo pokračujících jednání za zavřenými dveřmi. [1] Jedním hlasem se pak k němu připojují i další odborníci z celé Evropy a apelují na potřebu rozšíření vztahů mezi Taipeiem a Pekingem do co možná nejširších politických oblastí. Zároveň však dodávají, že ona nezbytná ... market research, surveys and trends
BAYOMBONG, Nueva Vizcaya , Philippines � Six Chinese nationals were arrested for engaging in the illegal extraction of black sand in the northernmost mainland Cagayan province Thursday, reports showed. Police identified the six arrested aliens as Lin Zhenquo, 45; Lin Qingmu, 26; Lin Jianxin, 38; Lin Zhenbing, 41; Lin Wende 50; and Lin Derong, 36; all residents of Yuchien, China, who were reportedly caught red-handed conducting the mining activities along the Cagayan River bank in Barangay Jurisdiction, Lal-lo town around 7 p.m. Cagayan police director Senior Superintendent Mao Aplasca said the Chinese were arrested by joint ... market research, surveys and trends


The Republic of China Yearbook 2009 / CHAPTER 13 Transportation ...
Taiwan’s well-developed transportation network and advanced telecommunications services have been critical to the growth of its export-oriented economy, the improvement of its living standard and the enhancement of its national competitiveness. Successive administrations have therefore consistently given top priority to the creation of excellent transportation and communications networks. Most recently, this has been evidenced by the Cabinet-approved Economic Revitalization Policy—Project to Expand Investment in Public Works. Of the NT$500 billion (nearly US$16 billion) to be invested in public infrastructure over the four-year ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
UNESCO - Forty-six million children out-of-school in South and ...
More children are attending school than ever before in the countries of South and East Asia, but vast numbers of them drop out before the end of the primary cycle and the region still accounts for the world�s largest share of out-of-school children, according to a new report published by the UNESCO Institute for Statistics*. The South and East Asia Regional Report presents the latest education data for the region**, ranging from the Philippines in the East to Afghanistan and the Islamic Republic of Iran in the West, and including five of the world�s most populated nations. The Report shows that an estimated 46 million children ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
BUYINS.NET: PCL, EPD, JEC, RSH, SOHU, RPM Expected To Be Lower After Earnings ...
BUYINS.NET / is monitoring the performance of all stocks with earnings being released Monday, July 26th and determining how the stocks have performed after their last 12 quarterly, 6 quarterly and July earnings reports. Plum Creek Timber (NYSE: ), Enterprise Product Partners (NYSE: ), Jacobs Engineering Group (NYSE: ), RadioShack (NYSE: ), (NASDAQ: ) and RPM International (NYSE: ) are all expected to be lower after their earnings are released Monday. The movement of stock prices in the days and weeks leading to and following these earnings announcements may follow a predictable pattern. Most ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
News and FDA Updates for LabCorp® (NYSE:LH), Ligand (NASDAQ:LGND), Lotus (OTC ...
BioMedReports.Com, the news portal which covers Wall Street's biomedical sector and delivers financial and investment intelligence to a community of highly informed investors has Healthcare stock news and updates to its calendar database of Clinical Trials and upcoming FDA approvals & decisions. A complete list of all headlines and biomedical stock developments can be found on BioMedReports.Com On 07/22/10, Laboratory Corporation of America� Holdings (LabCorp�) (NYSE:LH) today announced results for the quarter ended June 30, 2010. On 07/22/10, Ligand Pharmaceuticals Incorporated (NASDAQ:LGND) announced plans to report ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The Construction of Integrated Information Portal Based on ...
by Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. References. 1. Jia jun, Xu, et al. Enterprise Information Portal. Beijing: China Machine Press, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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news aggregator | UC Berkeley Environment & Sustainability Portal
Remember the debate about the subsurface "plumes" or oil released by the leaking BP well in the Gulf of Mexico? A new report released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy about subsurface oil monitoring in the Gulf of Mexico contains preliminary data collected at 227 sampling stations extending from one to 52 kilometers from the Deepwater Horizon/BP wellhead. The data shows that the movement of subsurface oil is consistent with ocean currents and that the ...
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What are some examples politically correct terms?  Examples of politically correct incorrect words?  What are five examples of political correctness?  Political correctness for the word plagiarism?  What are some types of political correctness?  Complete list of politically correct changes?  What is an examples of Political corruption?  Political correctness of the word freshman?  An easy example of political odeology?  What are examples political bondaries?  Advantages of political correctness?  What are politically ...
Compare Japan of today with Japan of the 1930s? - Yahoo! Answers
Can someone help me on this, mostly of what japan was like in the 1930s and if possible the link to where you got that info. Thanks Fascinating question! Similarities: Both Japans are/were very homogenized societies with significant though almost invisible subcultures (Christians, the Ainu, Koreans, et cetera). While I don't mean to generalize, the Chinese and the Japanese have one of the most complex and difficult to explain love/hate relationships on the planet. Probably more hate than love. Given what the Japanese Empire put the Chinese people through during the 2nd World War this isn't surprising. ...