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Special Report on

Purpose-driven Marketing

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 is a model of state-level futurism, with "original research, policy analysis, public education, and advocacy" all built around the theme of smart growth.  From the trendspotting site Springwise : "Supercool School is an education platform that lets anyone create and monetize an online school of their very own. For USD 15 per month, users of San Francisco-based Supercool School can create real-time classes and make them available to an unlimited number of students from all around the world." Can the same technology be used to create and monetize online museums (or at least online exhibits and programs)?
Higher efficiency can be achieved by changing the vehicle's design, and/or by modifying its powertrain. Energy consumption as low as 5-12.5 kWh/100 km (180-450 kJ/km) is achieved directly by battery electric microcars. When comparing the efficiency of electric cars with IC cars the efficiency of the power generation has to be considered, for example the distribution efficiency for Europe is about 40%, so the overall energy consumption of electric cars lies in the range 0.45 to 1.1 MJ/km. (Average energy efficiency of US plants 33% US DOE (ref to follow) US grid transmission loss 9.5%, UK grid transmission loss 7.4 (ref ...
Trivani is the world's first Purpose Marketing® company, 트리바니 ...
Trivani International, the leading purpose-driven marketing company, is launching a major expansion and development of its humanitarian and world-wide relief efforts this year. The Trivani Foundation, backed by eco-conscious and toxin-free product seller Trivani International, expects to broaden its reach in places like Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan. Springville, UT (PRWEB) March 27, 2010 -- Trivani International ( ), the world’s first purpose-driven marketing company, will expand its humanitarian reach in countries around the world this year. Trivani has created an international network of members that ... market research, surveys and trends
Q&A: Jim Stengel on purpose driven brands and the state of ...
Jim Stengel spent seven years as the global marketing officer at Procter & Gamble and is largely credited for transforming P&G into one of the most admired brand-building companies in the world. He is now president of Jim Stengel, LLC, a think tank and a consultancy that focuses on proprietary research and ways to drive business growth in the current economy. He is also a director of the Motorola Corporation and serves on the Board of Advisors for MarketShare Partners, a marketing analytics firm. His new book 'Packaged Good', which is set to come out next year, examines the role that purpose driven marketing plays in ... market research, surveys and trends


ExactTarget Acquires CoTweet. What Does It Mean? | Kyle Lacy ...
over the past month. It is always fascinating to meet people that want to change the way corporate culture uses social media. It has been said that the future of social media is in enterprise expansion and we are officially witnessing the push into one virtual platform (thanks to ExactTarget). As of 11 am (EST) ExactTarget officially announced that they will be acquiring  CoTweet , a Web-based collaboration platform that allows companies to manage multiple Twitter accounts from a single dashboard, support multiple editors, track conversations, assign roles, and create follow-up tasks. Social tools have been random and ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Changing Church
"One of the most amazing aspects of the May Day event, planned in Washington, D.C. at the Lincoln Memorial on May 1, 2010, is its Official Program stating the 'Prayers of Repentance for the Seven Mountains of Culture.' Many good-intentioned believers are being led into this event because they support its conservative political ideologies and moral overtones. They support Israel and they are against abortion. But do these folks also support the Seven Mountains of Culture Mandate? And are they fully in agreement with the esoteric theology of these spiritual warfare prayers and the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
'The world is heading towards Marketing 3.0'
Marc Pritchard, global marketing officer at Procter & Gamble, takes the trip to Cannes very seriously. Besides a speaking engagement at one of the seminars, Pritchard and his team — head honchos at P&G — sit through many of the other presentations and workshops soaking in and learning what the field of communications has to offer from across the world. “We started coming to Cannes eight years ago. Back then very few marketers showed up here,” says Pritchard, as he settles in for a chat. The intention, he says, is to “increase our creativity and inspire us.” So Pritchard handpicks about 20 top leaders including general managers, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Sarah Palin plays media for chumps
that his media colleagues are far too willing to hype Sarah Palin's every Facebook and Twitter update as huge news: My only quibble is that Todd, in criticizing Palin for griping about media bias even as they lavish attention on her every Tweet, casts the media as passive victims in this process: "I hope we don't hear from Sarah Palin about media bias anymore. Because it is amazing the ability this woman has to get media attention with as little as she does, whether it's a Twitter or a Facebook update, and she gets all this atttention." Right, but media outlets aren't passive participants, compelled ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Jim Stengel Rewrites Marketing Textbook - Life After P&G: Jim ...
Mar 15, 2010 ... under way toward purpose-driven marketing. That mission is starting with 140 second-year M.B.A. students as he seeks to create change agents ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The One Page: A Web Design Guide for Kentucky's Public Libraries ...
The premise of the show, "Extreme Makeover," is to give participants an opportunity to fulfill "lifelong dreams and fairy tale fantasies" through physical self-transformation; they endure horrific surgeries to be �presented at the end of the show in all their beautified glory, hope shining anew, with the torment of their former life subsided into memory.  But, do their lives really change?  Does changing their looks change the way people feel about them?� (Are people really that shallow?)� After a while, doesn't this new beauty fade, and the public again focuses upon ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Information-driven marketing strategy
1950s that the sole purpose of a business is ... Information-driven marketing strategy resources that create customer value. So ...
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  3. profile image CIMTIGmarketing Companies need to adopt 'purpose-driven' marketing in order to survive in the post-recession...from Cutting Edge
As we continue recovery waht wil lbe different in sales and ...
As the economy moves forward, now what? Do you think companies will rebuild internally or begin to use more outsourced services for core functions like sales and marketing: sources that can be cut, changed or grown as the circumstances require. Will companies bring in highly specialized organizations that can be completely transparent and accountable as strategic partners? posted 3 months ago in Business Development | Closed Share This President at Partners In EXCELLENCE see all my answers Best Answers in: Business Development (10), Sales Techniques (5), Internationalization and Localization (2), Customer Relationship Management ...
Discover What Your Employees Really Want
Some managers get it--most don't. Discover what employees really want from a boss and then learn how to give it to them. by Terry Bacon Are you a natural "people person"? Only a few managers are. Most are technical experts promoted for hands-on achievements, not warm-and-fuzzy interactions with others. And while many managers love their job, most hate managing people. The reason: They have no idea what employees really want from a boss. To give managers an inside track on what matters most to workers, my company, Lore International Institute, surveyed 500 employees from all types of organizations and industries. Our ...