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Reach teenagers now

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— Though many U.S. adults consider today’s teens to be selfish and lazy, nearly seven out of 10 parents say the current economic climate has made their teens “more aware of the needs of others,” according to a new World Vision study. The survey, conducted by Harris Interactive, examines parents’ perceptions of their teenagers during the current recession. The study also illustrates that more than half of parents say their teens support charities actively, for example, by volunteering time in a “fasting event” such as World Vision’s upcoming 30-Hour Famine happening Feb. 27 and 28, ...
", was also their biggest hit. After Lymon went solo in mid-1957, both his career and those of the Teenagers fell into decline. By age 25, he was found dead in his grandmother's bathroom from a heroin overdose.
Rebecca Serle: Forever Young…Adult Edition | What's hot right now....
There are few things in life that make me truly squeal. When I was younger it was Leonardo DiCaprio, maybe an 'N Sync concert and definitely Graham Quinn (we had Spanish together, I don't think he knew my name). Now as an adult it's, OK, pretty much the same thing. I'm going somewhere with this. Just give me a minute. Enter Forever YA , a hit blog of the teen-litosphere that's actually not for teens at all. It's a place online for grownups to gush and chat about young adult books. Leave your Tolstoy at home. These women--yes, women--are all about crushes and perfect first kisses. So when bloggers ... market research, surveys and trends
Five Songs You Need to Hear Right Now | The Critical Condition
Happy Monday! Nothing kicks off a week like hot new tunes, which is why I’m offering the following jams for your consideration… (1) “Choices” by The Hoosiers The Hoosiers are one of those British groups, like Scouting For Girls and Sugababes, whose good-to-great pop music  never catches fire in the States. As usual, that’s our loss. This electro-bubbly confection would sound right at home next to that new Enrique Iglesias song and that Usher-goes-disco single about falling in love because a DJ demands it. And unlike those songs, the more I listen to “Choices,” the more I think ... market research, surveys and trends


AT&T, Verizon dominate wireless... Is it time to regulate?
is out, and its conclusions are not what the wireless sector wanted to hear. Over the last half-decade, concentration in the industry has gone up—way up, in fact. The Federal Communications Commission says that the two dominant providers, AT&T and Verizon, now enjoy a 60 percent chunk of revenue and subscribers, "and continue to gain share." Their nearest rivals, T-Mobile and Sprint, serve most of that remaining 40 percent. T-Mobile enjoyed some growth over the last two years. Sprint lost subscribers. As a consequence, the antitrust measurement gauge that the FCC uses, the Herfindahl-Hirschman Index, has ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
ONLINE OXYGEN | An emerging consumer trend and related new ...
Big Trend. Just consider the fact that these days, consumers don't want online access anywhere/anytime, they absolutely CRAVE it! From airports to living rooms to roof gardens to classrooms to city parks, people go to great lengths to get a dose of what TRENDWATCHING.COM has dubbed ONLINE OXYGEN . Seven years after the first web sites started popping up, and email made its way from science labs to office desks and living rooms, 600 million consumers worldwide are beginning to see online access as an absolute necessity, and there are no signs that the pace of integrating online access into daily life is ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
DeMorning DeBonis: Aug. 10, 2010
Last night's Ward 8 community forum, like so many this reporter has witnessed in the past three months, wasn't especially notable for the incisive questions posed or the answers the candidates gave. But in terms of spectacle, this one was sui generis. There was the woman who strolled to the front of the St. Elizabeths auditorium to bark -- literally, bark -- at the candidates. There was Ron Moten and his cadre of teens wearing T-shirts blaming Vince Gray for the early demise of the summer jobs program. There was Sulaimon Brown leveling increasingly nasty personal attacks against Adrian Fenty -- leading Hizzoner to ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Facebook reaches 500 million users
Facebook has zoomed past one-time social network giants such as Friends Reunited, Bebo and MySpace. Photograph: Chris Jackson/Getty It started in February 2004, with a college-room project only available to people who had gone to Harvard University in the US. But that quickly grew to other universities, and then secondary schools, until finally in September 2006 the site threw open its doors to anyone over 13. And today, according to the statistics, Facebook passed its 500 millionth user. That makes it not only the biggest social network in the world, but also the fastest growing, able to create its own virtual currency ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Download the PDF - Reach Out Now: Part 2 of 2
For free printable copies of the Reach Out Now materials, visit: .... Teenagers are smaller than adults, so it takes less alcohol to have the same effect ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Understanding Teens
way to reach teens. For example, a teen lets a friend drive her car, and the friend gets a ticket. ... ignore, for now, hurtful things they may say and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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How do I attract teenagers Jr High & High Schoolers to downtown ...
Looking for themes. The hooks of specials and promos goes only so far. I'm looking for atmosphere and theme suggestions. Here is the dilemma… while I’m not declaring pizza dead like ‘Print media’ dead… Pizza is a tougher sell than it used to be. I do enjoy his pie but know it’s time to revamp the menu…. I do feel that my challenge to provide a ‘hang out’ for today’s fickle youth is going to be difficult. It is a no alcohol venue and the owner wants to target youth market. Myself I would try to develop several different revenue streams. Dart/ cricket ...
Are there any teenagers who believe in corporal punishment? Will ...
Most of them will probably say they won't because they didn't like it as children. However no child enjoys any of their consequences, spanking or otherwise. My parents used spanking on me even as a teenager. I would say use it on a child and ONLY as a last resort on teenagers. Report Abuse * You must be logged into Answers to add comments. Sign in or Register . i will definitely spank my kids if it's necessary because i refuse to raise disrespectful or hardheaded children but although that may be considered hard discipline, i will love and care for them twice a hard there has to be a balance, maybe ...