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The "X" in XHTML signifies HTML's addition to a large family of extensible, interoperable, and self-describing markup languages. This is the Extensible Markup Language (XML) family, which defines a general way to create application-specific markup languages for different purposes. The XML clan frequently welcomes new members, including XHTML, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), and Rich Site Summary (RSS) for news syndication. In this chapter you'll learn how to push XHTML to extremes, but abide by the family rules. Due to its stricter rules, XHTML can use a subset of the optimization techniques you learned for HTML
Computers and digital fonts allow sentence spacing variations not possible with the typewriter. Most digital fonts permit the use of a variable space or a no-break space . However, writers who wish to use wider sentence spacing should avoid striking the space bar twice—as this creates a no-break space which can lead to uneven justified text and additional unwanted spaces or line breaks in the text. In addition, many modern fonts, such as OpenType , automatically create additional space following terminal punctuation , and users can typically choose sentence spacing variations.
Fresh jQuery dropdown menu for Wordpress | Chromaloop
It takes advantage of Wordpress's built-in menu structure and a little bit of jQuery to handle the dropdown effect. To get started with this tutorial, you'll need to have a Wordpress website up and running and a willingness to alter your theme files. Once that's squared away you're ready to rock! If you don't feel like following along with the tutorial, you can skip ahead and just download the files directly. (Static HTML is used instead of the Wordpress template code shown below.) Let's start with the markup you will need to add to your theme header.php template file if it doesn't already ... market research, surveys and trends
Question: Valkyrie (L) MU > 400 ped for how long
market research, surveys and trends


Cover Pages: XML Markup Languages for Tax Information
[February 08, 2002] This document references several initiatives in which XML vocabularies and schemas are being developed for the processing and exchange of tax-related information. [Provisional status only; please contribute URLs for additional coverage.] [November 11, 2002]     OASIS Members Form Tax XML Technical Committee.     A new OASIS 'Tax XML' Technical Committee is being formed to "focus on developing a common vocabulary that will allow participants to unambiguously identify the tax related information exchanged within a particular business context. The Tax XML TC will begin by ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
AAAS - R&D Budget and Policy Program - Home
which would give the President 45 days to examine spending bills after they are signed into law and submit to Congress a list of proposed rescissions (deletions of funding for specific programs). The list of rescissions would then be voted on as a package by Congress without amendment. The "expedited rescission" bills would be fast-tracked through Congress and would require only a majority vote in both chambers to pass. Although the chances of both houses passing the Spratt bill are problematic, similar proposals have arisen in five different bills between the two houses, and if passed, such legislation could have ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Capitol looking into gas gouging: Hopes to keep prices steady in emergencies
The Legislature and the attorney general's office are at odds over a proposed measure to fight gasoline price gouging during times of emergency. The problem, said Assistant Attorney General Doug Davis, is that Marathon Oil Corp. sells the lion's share of gasoline in the state, and during times of emergency, it bucks the price gouging-law by sometimes simply refusing to sell gas. Legislators and the attorney's office don't agree on how to fix it. "All we're getting from the attorney general's office is objection, objection, objection," Delegate Patrick Lane told Davis during a meeting of ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Read all 'H.264' posts in Webware
One month after releasing its open-source, royalty-free VP8 video compression technology, the company already is working on significant revisions to the technology. VP8, combined with the Vorbis audio technology, form the WebM codec with which Google is trying to unfetter Web video from the patent and royalty encumbrances of rival codec H.264. To make WebM a stronger competitor, Google is beginning work not just on ways to speed up encoding and decoding of the VP8, but also deeper changes to the format itself. "Like every codec, WebM is not immune to change; the difference in our project is that the improvements are ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


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Nov 1, 2002 ... reference for markup language standards [1,2]. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a non-governmental, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Bill Status
A markup is a meeting of the committee to debate and consider amendments to ... The markup determines whether the measure pending before a committee will be ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
6.10 Reference List Markup
Many sections include a list of references to module documentation or external documents. These lists are created using the \seealso or \seealso* environments. These environments define some additional macros to support creating reference entries in a reasonable manner. The \seealso environment is typically placed in a section just before any sub-sections. This is done to ensure that reference links related to the section are not hidden in a subsection in the hypertext renditions of the documentation. For the HTML output, it is shown as a ``side bar,'' boxed off from the ...
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image preloading problems
Although I tried every trick, my background images for my main menu are not preloading... hence it flickers on first attempt. This is because the browser request the image... You'll have to Force refresh or clear cache to see it again. But if you have Firebug net panel open, you will see that the images WERE already loaded... and that your roll over will trigger the request again. So why can't I get those background images to load?! Please see the following page: thanks for your help! [ edited by : swa66 at 7:02 pm (utc) on Nov. 2, 2009] [edit reason] No links, please see ToS and Forum Charter. [/edit] The ...
WikiAnswers - How do you calculate a Markup For example i want to ...
You mark things up with percentages. Example your $200.00 item X 25% would be $50.00 dollars. If you want to make $25.00 on an item you payed $200.00 for then you would divide the $25.00 dollars by $200.00 which would equal .125 or 12.5%. When you multiply 12.5% by $200 your answer would be $25.00! First answer by ID1633987565 . Last edit by ID1173160270 . Question popularity : 1 [ recommend question ]. Can you answer these small businesses and entrepreneurs questions? Related answers: What a markup ? increasing the value of product cost price What are the examples of markup language? i dont know but if you can ...