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The National Wrestling Coaches Association is pleased to announce their 2010 Annual Convention, to be held at the Delray Beach Marriott in Delray Beach, Florida on August 5-8th. This year's convention features many informative sessions that will be beneficial to both the scholastic and collegiate coaching communities. The NWCA Convention is the time for coaches to interact with one another outside of the wrestling season, paired with informational sessions on how to take a more proactive approach to being the coach and "CEO" of your team. This year's focus for the collegiate divisions is, "To Protect and ...
won gold at an Olympic Games hosted at home in an "official" sport, having failed to do so at both the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal and the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, although Canada won a gold medal in the "demonstration-sport" of curling in Calgary. Canada clinched first overall in gold medal wins on the second to last day of competition 2 and became the first host nation since Norway in 1952 to lead the gold medal count. With 14, Canada broke the record for the most gold medals won at a single Winter Olympics, which was 13, set by the former Soviet Union in 1976 and Norway in 2002 . 3 The United ...
Best Links: An Oily Crisis, Infographics, How to Sell an Idea
Are fundraisers and program staff at your organization even on the same planet? Heidi Massey, on Pamela Grow's blog, asks Fundraisers and Program Professionals: Can't Everyone Just Get Along? Janet Levine, of the Too Busy to Fundraise blog, suggests that actually getting something done in fundraising is a little like planning a trip. Try out her terrific to-do list and you'll be on your way to success. I couldn't help but think of nonprofit fundraising when I read Fast Company's Abracadabra Moments, the Opening Line You Should Never Use, and 10 More Ways to Sell Ideas . These points come right out of Sam ... market research, surveys and trends
The doers - part 2
A month ago I asked blog readers to nominate some of the “doers” in the sport of wrestling - the people who may not always get the recognition, but who work tirelessly for the growth and betterment of the sport. Almost immediately I got an email from Jason Bryant, nominating Pat Tocci and Tammy Tedesco at the National Wrestling Coaches Association. “…(they) are the lifeblood of the organization.” After watching Tammy log dozens of miles as she covers the UNIDome during National Duals, I have to concur. Jeff McCall, the coach at the University of Texas-Arlington, brought up Jim Giunta, the head of ... market research, surveys and trends


Game startups raised $600.5 million in 2009, down 36 percent ...
Game startups continued to score big investments in 2009, but the amount of money raised in the year fell considerably compared to 2008. Our analysis shows that 97 game startups raised $600.5 million in 2009, down 36 percent from a year ago. Last year we tallied 112 companies that raised more than $936.8 million , not counting fundings with undisclosed amounts. This year was looking pretty weak until Zynga scored $180 million in a deal with Russia’s Digital Sky Technologies . Zynga has more than 232 million monthly active users playing games such as FarmVille (pictured, right), and it makes money on its free games through ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Protests of tuition increase continue on California campuses -
Students block a vehicle with college staff members during a protest Thursday at the University of California, Los Angeles. NEW : Nearly 100 have been arrested at UC campuses over the past two days NEW: 41 demonstrators at Berkeley cited for trespassing after taking over building Higher-ed students across California have been protesting a 32 percent tuition hike University officials say fee hikes needed since they've already made deep spending cuts Los Angeles, California (CNN) -- Protesters of a tuition hike at University of California campuses stood their ground into Friday night, with 41 demonstrators at UC Berkeley ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Biggest storylines from college football's bizarre offseason
Coaches hit the beaches, players returned home and there was very little news from the end of spring practice until the start of preseason camp. Not anymore. That summer reprieve has been devoured by a 24-hour news cycle as the game has turned into a 365-day sport. The past six months were an offseason that anyone connected to college football -- coaches, players, administrators and fans -- won't soon forget. Here's a rewind of college football's big offseason stories, in descending order of importance: [+] Enlarge AP Photo/Ed Andrieski Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott almost turned college football on its head ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
adidas Turns Your Smartphone Into a Personal Coach
/PRNewswire/ -- adidas miCoach, the personal and real-time audible training system, takes its offering to the next level with the introduction of the miCoach app featuring sports-specific training programs designed to coach sports and fitness enthusiasts, amateurs and professionals alike. With the new miCoach app, adidas extends its personal coaching program for running and introduces six specific conditioning programs for basketball, football, running, soccer, and tennis as well as an additional program for staying fit. The miCoach app, using GPS for active real-time pace-based coaching and location tracking, makes the adidas ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Adidas Women's World Cup Tactical print
The campaign is a multi-sports celebration of pre-season training and running .... Riot believes that great digital marketing is created by combining talent ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Manzanar National Historic Site - Japanese Americans at Manzanar ...
“We had about one week to dispose of what we owned, except what we could pack and carry for our departure by bus…for Manzanar.”   William Hohri Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941, led the United States into World War II and radically changed the lives of 120,000 men, women, and children of Japanese ancestry living in the United States. The attack intensified racial prejudices and led to fear of potential sabotage and espionage by Japanese Americans among some in the government, military, news media, and public. In February, 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066 authorizing the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Riot police shut down Palmerfest
On Saturday, May 9, 2009, at about 9:54PM, the Athens City Police Department responded with the Athens Fire Department to a fire set in the middle of Palmer Street, mid-block. By 10:05PM the fire was extinguished. Units moved back to near the Hocking Valley Bank parking lot and the fire was quickly restarted. At 10:30PM police units moved down the street and the fire department was able to once again extinguish the fire. During both extinguishing efforts, persons on packed house and porch roofs and persons in the shadows between buildings were throwing full cans of beer and glass bottles at mounted and foot officers as well as ...
  1. profile image MartyBartram Congratulations Riot Sports Marketing + @jimharshaw on winning the bid to manage the NCAWA web presence. We look forward to the improvement!
  2. profile image gftv Click Here To Watch: Jim Harshaw on Riot Sports Marketing - Jim Harshaw, founder of Riot Sports Marketing, talks abo...
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What do you think of my co-worker Gomez's comments and analysis of ...
For the most part, the managers here come and go as they please. They come in when they wake up, and leave when they want. My co-worker says that this is the only job where the children come in early, open up the school, and wait for the teachers (His analogy). He says management here has the attitude, say if Vince Lombardi called members of his team on Super Sunday (The Packers) and said "Sorry guys, I can't make it in today. CALL ME if you win!" Management had heard complaints that the body shop wasn't receiving their parts in a timely manner and had asked Gomez if he could remind Raymond (parts manager) of ...
Where is the first impressions for Call Duty Modern Warfare 2 lately?
First off, during the Activision Conference last Wednesday, Infinity Ward came out and played a never before seen level of Modern Warefare 2. They said no one could take any pictures or videos of the game because this level wasn’t released to the public yet. However, before Infinity Ward came out, they did have an awesome firework show which I taped and will post on the site at some point. With that being said here is my hands on preview… I got to play the co op special forces mode two times through. The level I played was a underground level. Looked almost like sewers. We spawned and there were about five different guns hanging ...