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Science or marketing?

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In pharmacoeconomic research sponsored by companies, there is an obvious tension between the desire to undertake studies to show a marketing advantage and the desire to adhere to good scientific principles. This tension was explored in an early issue of PharmacoEconomics and is now revisited 5 years on. Bias is still perceived to be a major problem in industry-sponsored studies, both by healthcare decision-makers and journal editors. However, the debate about bias has matured over the years. Also, actual evidence of bias in study methodology is sparse, although biases in study topic selection and in the use, in promotion, of ...
company that produces various nutritional and skin-care products. Most of these products are manufactured in the United States and sold in thirteen international markets. The company has sponsored and provided products to several athletic organizations. In 2007, several of its executives were discovered to have made false statements in their resumes. 1 Cite error: There are tags on this page, but the references will not show without a {{Reflist}} template or a tag; see the .
Backing away from the Bid | Vancouver Condo Info
and are trying to get out of their contract. They complain about changes to plan and faulty fireplaces. Presales contracts of course always favor the developer, and these issues aren’t enough to break the agreement, so the approach their lawyer is taking is to claim that the City of Vancouver took over as developer. Since they aren’t listed on the paperwork this would be a technicality that could nullify the contract. If they manage to make this argument work and other buyers want a way out of their purchases it could be more trouble for the O.V. The buyers put down deposits of between $60,000 and $300,000 for ... market research, surveys and trends
The Oracle - Students voice concerns over Greek life funding
When Christopher Leddy and Richard Shockley began reviewing Florida laws at the end of the spring semester, they came across a possible misuse in student-paid Activity and Service (A&S) fee allocations. Their suspicion prompted an internal investigation with the help of University administrators. “It was really random how it happened. We were just going through the laws to make sure that the University is following the laws and A&S fees are being distributed correctly,” said Leddy, a senior majoring in political science and history who ran for Student Government (SG) president in February. What they ... market research, surveys and trends


Dana Ullman: How Scientific Is Modern Medicine Really?
Doctors today commonly assert that they practice "scientific medicine," and patients think that the medical treatments they receive are "scientifically proven." However, this ideal is a dream, not reality, and a clever and profitable marketing ruse, not fact. The British Medical Journal's "Clinical Evidence" analyzed common medical treatments to evaluate which are supported by sufficient reliable evidence (BMJ, 2007). They reviewed approximately 2,500 treatments and found: • 13 percent were found to be beneficial • 23 percent were likely to be beneficial • Eight percent were as likely to be ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Integrity in Science Watch ~ Newsroom ~ News from CSPI
A half dozen environmental groups last week protested the presence of two scientists on a proposed Environmental Protection Agency panel that will consider the best way to combat oxygen depletion in the Gulf of Mexico. The Mississippi River Basin Alliance, Iowa Environmental Council and Center for Science in the Public Interest, among others, contended that Howard Marshall, a water-quality scientist recently retired from EPA, and Derek Winstanley, chief of the Illinois State Water Survey, have repeatedly made public statements attacking the government's plan for combating oxygen depletion, which is known as hypoxia. Their ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
What 'clinically proven' means for a beauty product
Look no further than the beauty industry. It does lots of testing and flaunts products with scientific terms like microbeads, enzymes and rejuvenating serums. But what are the data behind them? And what if the company selling the product did the tests? Take Inneov Sun Sensitivity, a nutritional supplement "clinically proven" to protect your skin from the sun's harmful UV rays while leaving you with a nice tan, according to its maker Laboratoires Inneov, a joint venture between L'Oreal and Nestle. The pill combines lycopene and beta-carotene — the red and orange substances in tomatoes and carrots, respectively ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
DIY wine books
What is the future of the wine book? Or rather, whither wine book publishers? Life in the online age is tough for most publishers, and wine writers seem increasingly to be taking the initiative. Allen Meadows, an American finance executive turned burgundy guru, aka Burghound, has just published his first book himself. Well, not exactly himself. In charge of just about everything except the 180,000 words in Pearl of the Côte , a handsome, fully illustrated 350-page monograph on the wines of Vosne-Romanée, was his wife Erica. What she had to do was “put together the entire team – and cover all the costs – featuring several ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Cosmeceuticals: Science or marketing - Values and scientific ...
Apr 25, 2007 ... Cosmeceuticals: Science or marketing? 'Cosmeceuticals', 'performance cosmetics', . 'functional cosmetics', 'dermaceuticals', ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Warning Letter to Healing Edge Science for Marketing Unproven ...
Healing Edge Science. 7451 Warner Avenue. Suite E169. Huntington Beach, CA 92647 ... The marketing of these products with these claims violates the Act. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Is Science Marketing
Science is analyzed as a special case of marketing-the marketing of ideas in the form of substantive and methodological theories. The marketing mix, target markets, and marketing objectives are developed for the scientific arena, and a formal analysis of a relativistic/constructionist view of science is used to support the approach. This view is contrasted with the positivistic/empiricist perspective of science currently dominant in marketing and other social sciences. Recommendations are offered for improved methods of developing knowledge.     For more than 30 years, marketing scholars have debated whether or ...
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'Ionic ceramic technology' - real science or marketing speak ...
I just bought a new hairdryer for the first time in years. Most of the decent looking ones claimed to utilise 'ionic/ceramic technology', with a bullshit-sounding explanation on the box. I bought one, I've used it once, and it actually seems quite good (my hair was much softer and silkier than usual), but I'm dubious that this technology is real. A Google search didn't turn up anything conclusive. So, is it real science, or marketing bullshit? Ionizers built in to hair dryers attempt to generate enough negative ions in their airflow to reduce the positive static charge created in hair by friction of hot ...
Are there fast certifications that lead directly to good jobs ...
That's a rather tough question to answer. Cisco, Microsoft and Redhat certifications all are well recognized in the IT job market and will certainly help your career should you obtain them. Question is how much time and money do you have to invest in certification and ultimatley where would you like to eventually end up. My advice for a quick path into the job market would be to seek some type of administration cert. You will need to obtain the skills and training required to work in your occupation of choice. Here is one resources to help you achieve your goals - There are currently no ...