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Special Report on

Services, Economics and Impacts

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This Website contains information on the NRCS uses of the IMPLAN data and model for regional economic, program and project analysis.   IMPLAN� is a PC based regional economic analysis system.   Unlike other economic analysis products, IMPLAN constructs a complete set of regional social accounts.  The 'Region' can be any combination of US Countries.  For more information see NRCS IMPLAN Basics .   For additional materials, see .   The 2007 IMPLAN data is now available.  Please contact  David Buland for assistance. NRCS ...
addressing issues affecting an entire economy, including unemployment, inflation, economic growth, and monetary and fiscal policy. Other distinctions include: between positive economics (describing "what is") and normative economics (advocating "what ought to be"); between economic theory and applied economics ; between mainstream economics (more "orthodox" dealing with the "rationality-individualism-equilibrium nexus") and heterodox economics (more "radical" dealing with the "institutions-history-social structure nexus"); and between rational and behavioral economics .
6 Tools and 4 Words To Measure Your Company's Social ROI
What gets measured gets valued (as well as improved upon).  Tracking and evaluating the social return on investment (SROI) is today’s  Plastics. It’s the future of sustainability–nay–the future of business. Period. While stakeholder demand for sustainability and the impact of companies’ actions grows, evaluation methodologies and criteria still resemble the Wild West.  There’s no standard metric and there are dueling points of view on how to capture the impact of a social action. So with the disclaimer that it’s tricky to capture the total impact of your efforts, you’d be a lousy ... market research, surveys and trends
Methodology for Assessment of Natural Hazard Vulnerability in U.s. ...
Coastal zone is defined as “the coastal waters (including the lands therein and thereunder) and the adjacent shorelands (including the waters therein and thereunder), strongly influenced by each other and in proximity to the shorelines of the several coastal states, and includes islands, transitional and intertidal areas, salt marshes, wetlands, and beaches.” Coastal locations were some of the first settled in the country, and have always accounted for a major percentage of the overall population. They were the primary centers for transportation, tourism, recreation, commercial fishing, and other industry. This ... market research, surveys and trends


California, with approximately $1.660 billion, or 84.3 percent of the ... Sources: UC San Diego Accounting Services; Applied Economics; and CBRE Consulting. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Economic Impacts of Agricultural, Food, and Natural Resource ...
The state of Florida has nearly 24 million acres (36,000 square miles) in forests, croplands, and ranches, which is about two-thirds of its total land area. The agricultural and natural resource industries produce food, fiber, and mineral commodities. They are linked to a broad range of other economic sectors for food and kindred product manufacturing, wholesale and retail distribution, input supplies, support services, and nature-based recreation. In addition to farming, forestry, fisheries, and mining, this grouping of agricultural and natural resource industries includes other diverse activities such as fertilizer ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
'Soulless corporations are the enemy of the environment,' says Pavan Sukhdev
Environment secretary Caroline Spelman will speak at the first Global Business of Biodiversity Symposium in London. Photograph: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images Modern businesses are "soulless corporations" that are in danger of becoming a "cancer" on society, a leading UN environmental official warns today. Companies usually take a short-term view of the importance of the environment, said Pavan Sukhdev, head of the UN's investigation into how to stop the destruction of the natural world. This short-term thinking is seen in their lobbying against new policies that could slow environmental devastation, he said. market trends, news research and surveys resources
Ecosystem Services and the Gulf Disaster
BP’s massive oil spill jeopardizes the underpinning of economic wealth in the Gulf of Mexico region – the diverse coastal and marine ecosystems that generate a bounty of goods and services for communities from the Yucatan peninsula to Key West. Ecosystem services , or the benefits that humans receive from nature, form the backbone of the recreation, tourism, and fishing industries, enhance property values along the coast, sequester carbon dioxide and provide storm and hurricane protection. The Gulf’s ecosystems provide all of these services free of charge, but they are not without value, and the massive BP oil spill has now put ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The Implications and Impacts of Web Services to E-Commerce Research and ... commerce from the organizational, economics, and technical perspectives. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Environmental Economics - Social Value versus Economic Impact ...
Coastal habitat restoration can result in additional wages or taxes earned resulting from an increase in tourism and fisheries harvest. The harvesting, marketing, and consumption of a natural resource generates income and jobs in other industries as the income earned from enhanced harvests ripples through the economy. Then secondary economic impacts occur as the businesses harvesting the natural resource buy products from local suppliers and purchase transportation and other services from local companies. In turn, those companies and their employees increase their local purchases. These economic impacts must be considered when ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
UC Davis News & Information :: News Services : Economics of poverty
The UC Davis faculty has broad expertise regarding economic and social factors involved with poverty in the United States and internationally. If you need information on a topic not listed, please contact Claudia Morain at the UC Davis News Service, (530) 752-9841, or Pat Bailey, UC Davis News Service, (530) 752-9843, UC Davis human development Professor Rand Conger can talk about how economic hardship creates stress in American families. Conger has been conducting research on the consequences of stress in families for more than 20 years. In a recent report, he demonstrated that ...
What is your personal brand statement and what positive impacts ... ★ The Leading trade show booth traffic builder/lead generator in the world ★ GREEN ★100% recycled w see all my answers Best Answers in: Using LinkedIn (211), Business Development (12), Professional Networking (12), Education and Schools (10), Customer Service (9), Organizational Development (9), Government Policy (8), Career Management (8), Small Business (8), Staffing and Recruiting (7), Mentoring (6), Advertising (6), Internet Marketing (6), Energy and Development (6), Computers and Software (6), Job Search (5), Event Marketing and Promotions (5), Ethics (5), Personnel Policies (4), Work-life ...
WikiAnswers - What are the negative economic impacts of tourism
Jobs involved in the industry of tourism are seasonal and not well paid, this can be very dangerous for countries that become dependant on tourism as their main source of revenue. Seasonal jobs such as these could then possibly lead to high rates of unemplyment. Country can generaly become dependant on the tourism industry B) the negative impacts of tourism can leads * inflation * leakage * infrastructure and incidental cost * economic dependence Inflation can rise in general level of prices or a fall in the purchasing power of money. Therefore, tourism can increase the value or price of land, building etc. Leakage, the high ...