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Smart Marketing in a Downturn

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You’ve got anecdotes, case studies, Top Ten Lists, provocative insights and more on your corporate or organizational blog. Hat’s off to you. That’s a huge achievement, particularly if you’ve been publishing a blog for a year or more. But what is your CTA ( Call to Action )? And by that I mean, what step is a visitor prompted to take after landing on your blog. BTW notice that I said "landing on." One of the myths of corporate blogging is that you are cultivating repeat, loyal readers. Just ‘aint so and for a number of reasons. One is that your corporate blog may be, er, boring . Frankly, a ...
Previous to the 1996 introduction of the first generation Acura RL was the second-generation Acura Legend (1991–1995), equivalent to the second-generation Honda Legend, which in turn was preceded by the first-generation Acura Legend (1986–1990), equivalent to the first-generation Honda Legend. The current second-generation Acura RL is a rebadged version of the fourth-generation Honda Legend and was introduced into the North American market in September 2004 as a 2005 model. The 2009 model year of the second-generation Acura RL is the product of an extensive mid model change (MMC), reportedly the most extensive refresh in the 20+ ...
Love is (still) the killer app!
That's the title of a very cool book by Tim Sanders. A book about networking and creating value for others, kinda a pay it forward approach to business. This post combines the wisdom of three of my favorite thought leaders and authors into resources to help you through this downturn (whether you are out of work or not). The thought leaders are Tim Sanders, Debbie Weil, and Seth Godin. The books that every young professional needs to own are Love is the Killer App , The Corporate Blogging Book , and Tribes - We Need You to Lead Us . I got to meet Tim at my all-time favorite annual conference,  Association ... market research, surveys and trends
The young and the restless Indian « Death to internal marketing
in India and one of my colleagues in the MS&L Group Brand & Talent Practice that I head globally.  I asked Malavika to provide an insight into the Indian talent communication and employee engagement market – I hope that you find this guest blog on DTIM as interesting as I do! The Young and the Restless Indian Young. Restless. Ambitious. Probably less than focused. Trying to prove a point in an extremely competitive environment, there were 1.2 billion of us at last count. In a hurry. To get that car, that house, that foreign posting. All that Dad never had. Born in New India. Not the India their parents grew up in, where ... market research, surveys and trends


Jessica Vaughn - New York Archive at JWT AnxietyIndex: Brand ...
JWT’s AnxietyIndex is designed as a place to discuss how brands and consumers are responding to the global recession. With daily content updates, includes contributions from around JWT’s network, offering a truly global perspective. With today’s big kickoff, World Cup fever is upon us. To tap into nationalist excitement, The New York Times reports, European retailers are offering money-back deals on a range of merchandise—TVs, cars, driver navigation systems, even vacations—if the relevant home team takes the trophy. The most fascinating promotion comes from Nationwide bank in the U.K., a sponsor of ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Q & A With Author Anna Bernasek on The Economics of Integrity
On one level, it means that companies can do well by doing good. But she goes one further, positing that companies and organizations that build up trust with customers, and are genuinely committed to integrity, are ultimately going to be more profitable. If economics, much less an economics book , is not your cup of tea, never fear. Anna is a financial journalist and her new book is highly readable. It’s constructed as a series of linked stories that explores, among other things, how trust between multiple parties underlies the milk industry in the US, the ATM system and the Federal Reserve Bank. She also analyzes what ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Cayenne Creative founders talk about giving back, downturn
Last year in an effort to make a bigger impact, Cayenne chose Hands On Birmingham, an agency that coordinates volunteers for area projects, as the first beneficiary of its Fire in the Belly Initiative , which gave Hands On Birmingham a free marketing and branding campaign. Dan Murch is a founder of Birmingham's Cayenne Creative. Over the course of a year, Cayenne redesigned Hands On Birmingham's corporate identity, and helped raise the agency's profile. Next week, Cayenne is renewing the initiative as it begins to accept applications from area nonprofits that want to be recipients of the 2011 free campaign. In a ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Changes to MBA admissions test replace essay with analysis
Management Admission Test — the dominant test for MBA admissions, but one that is facing competition — will soon have a new section, designed to test the ability of would-be business students to analyze multiple kinds of information. The new "integrated reasoning" questions will present test-takers with a spreadsheet, a table, text and other information and then ask either single or multiple questions. While the answers will be multiple choice, there will likely be multiple correct answers, with test-takers asked to list all correct answers. These new questions will replace one of the two GMAT essays and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Digital in a Downturn: Smart Strategies for Tough Times ... Doing More with Less : A Point of View on Marketing in a Recession ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
is a combination wholesale/retail event that has won numerous awards from American Style Magazine and the Southeast Tourism Society. The Market is a rare opportunity for retailers to place orders directly with producers of Kentucky traditional and contemporary fine art and craft along with authentic folk art, Kentucky related books, musical recordings and specialty food products. Kentucky holds the distinction of being one of the few states in the country to sponsor a wholesale show for its art and craft businesses. Other activities of the Market include the “Blue Moon” ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
IBM & CEIBS Co-host “Smart Marketing in a Downturn” Seminar_Media ...
March 4, 2009. CEIBS Lujiazui International Financial Research Center -- CEIBS and IBM today joined forces to host a half-day seminar entitled “Smart Marketing in a Downturn”. The event featured presentations by CEIBS Professor of Marketing & Strategy Waldemar Pfoertsch, Worldwide Vice President of Marketing for IBM Ms Katharyn White, and Corporate Vice President for Rohm & Haas Bruce Hoechner. Prof. Waldemar Pfoertsch, CEIBS Professor of Marketing & Strategy The event began with an inspiring Opening Address from Mr. Rakesh Ahuja, Vice President of Business Development & Operations for IBM Global Business Services, who ...
Entrepeneurship in an economic downturn? | Ask MetaFilter
I guess my basic question is: given the generally negative forecast everyone seems to have for the economy, would it be unwise for someone to start their own business now? Also, are these fears US-centric or can I expect equally bad things for Canada? This depends entirely on the type of company and, if it's a company that depends on local conditions, the particular conditions in your locale. I wouldn't start a bank right now, but it might be a good time to open a restaurant in Vancouver. It's also probably a pretty good time for energy startups. And if this is a typical business cycle recession, we'll be ...
Small Business Blog - Surviving the Downturn
the program offers a variety of informational resources for small business. Office Depot has also launched a contest offering prizes worth $2000 to 500 of "the best and smartest" small businesses in the country". The contest runs from June 1 through July 31. "The Survival of the Smartest" website is the hub of the Small Business Bailout Plan program. ( ) and the contest. The site provides small businesses with the tools, resources and support they need to help their business survive and thrive in this current economic downturn. The site features advice from ...