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Social Networks Marketing

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Social networking is one of the fastest-growing activities among mobile users and has become a significant driver of Internet usage on mobile devices. Yet, as impressive as the growth is, gaining a voice in the conversations taking place across mobile social networks will be challenging for marketers. Most marketers are thinking through key issues, such as internal ownership and scalability of mobile-social programs. Budgeting and definitions of ROI likewise continue to evolve. In addition, dedicated mobile-social ad inventory remains limited. The biggest near-term opportunities will come from location-aware applications, ...
Recently the game has shut down forever and is now called The Club (Currently under beta testing). Before that, the game grew in popularity, and had over 8 million users. The game has received positive ratings in terms of appropriateness for children, with mixed critical reviews. The game was divided into five main parts: TeenNick (containing rooms with Teenick themes), Downtown (An area with chat areas and stores for purchasing items) The Pier (containing boardwalk-style games), and Nicktoons Boulevard (containing rooms with Nicktoons-related themes). The game also contained a section desgenated for advertising known as the ...
Green Marketing on Social Networks « Marketing Green
Participation in social networks continues to grow seemingly without bounds as more people seek to connect, share and collaborate with likeminded individuals online. Today, hundreds of millions of online users have already signed up, with an increasing number belonging to more than one network. For green marketers, social networks provide a compelling channel to communicate with consumers that have an affinity for green or are at least open-minded enough to listen. Today, those users can be found across a wide variety of social networks, including both general interest and vertically focused networks that connect those ... market research, surveys and trends
What Is The Value Of A Facebook Fan? Part 2 | Forrester Blogs
  I appreciate the great dialogue from the folks who offered feedback in blog comments and on Twitter.  Because this is such a hot topic and because the feedback was so thoughtful, this seemed worth further exploration. In that blog post, I suggested that marketers approach the question of how much a Facebook fan is worth as if the answer is zero.  I said, “It is what companies do with fans that creates value, not merely that a brand has fans.”  I went on to suggest that marketers should recognize a difference between potential value and real value.  Like a coil that is compressed to ... market research, surveys and trends


Game startups raised $600.5 million in 2009, down 36 percent ...
Game startups continued to score big investments in 2009, but the amount of money raised in the year fell considerably compared to 2008. Our analysis shows that 97 game startups raised $600.5 million in 2009, down 36 percent from a year ago. Last year we tallied 112 companies that raised more than $936.8 million , not counting fundings with undisclosed amounts. This year was looking pretty weak until Zynga scored $180 million in a deal with Russia’s Digital Sky Technologies . Zynga has more than 232 million monthly active users playing games such as FarmVille (pictured, right), and it makes money on its free games through ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Online social networks marketing to preteens
Laurel Ettinger, 9, plays on the website Webkinz, her favorite social networking site, in her Oakland home. Chronicle photo by Kat Wade Laurel Ettinger is typing at the computer in her parents' bedroom, chatting on a mushrooming online social network called Webkinz. She changes screens to play a game in which she accumulates "Kinzcash," the online currency she uses to decorate her "home." "There's the treadmill, I love that," Laurel says, pointing at the screen, "and there's the TV -- but some of the programs on it are really dorky." Laurel tried to get her neighbor Maria ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Sometimes, Social Media Is Right For Your Business
If you’re feeling guilty, outdated or downright dowdy because your business is not using social media, consider this column your safe island in the storm. “Just do it” may work for Nike, but it has no place in your marketing efforts. The mere size and speed of social networking has made everyone sit up and take notice. The mantra, “If Facebook were a country it would be the world’s third largest” is enough to make any business person’s heart go pitty-pat. Or consider this: a recent Consumer Reports’ “State of the Net” survey said that “two out of three online U.S. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Social Marketing Doesn't Have to Suck
In this view, the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas can tell that it outperforms the competition on social networks in recommendations between people, service and location, but not rooms, cleanliness and value. Heyneker, a former sales exec at Akamai, said the web-based Revinate typically pays for itself if it results in one extra booking per month, and that it’s relatively easy to sell to hotels — especially if their data is already showing up in the system, which could mean one of their direct competitors is tracking them already. If your competitors see this stuff, Heyneker’s pitch goes, why shouldn’t you? ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Social networks and marketing cooperation in entrepreneurial ...
Social networks . Marketing cooperation . Salmon industry . Chile . Scotland. Introduction. The role of regional clusters (Porter 1998) in the development ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
eHealth Marketing
popular niche social network sites as well. The Division of eHealth Marketing, a unit of CDC's National Center for Health. Marketing (NCHM), is currently ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Marketing, social networking
The explosion of social networking sites has been a boon for direct marketers. For the hundreds of millions of users of Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and so on, they are fun ways to communicate with their friends and make more friends. But for marketers they are huge databases of consumer information. This information is used increasingly by direct marketers as an efficient and cost-effective way to send targeted promotional messages to customers. But is it the best way? Not so, according to new research by Peter Zubcsek , a PhD candidate in management at INSEAD, and Miklos Sarvary , Professor of Marketing. In fact, they ...
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What marketing strategies are you considering adding to the mix in ...
1) Advanced tracking - if their tracking is not there, is not working, is outdated. This helps them calculate ROI and test more areas - without ROI it is hard to push for new things to try. 2) SEO is always on our to-do list: it is not a project (which is how many marketing managers see it) but a process. There's always something you can do better with your SEO! 3) Local Search - both paid and organic. This is relatively new as we have noticed more volume and focus here this year. Definitely worth the money and the attention in 2010. 4) Social Networks Marketing - depending on the business, we may recommend going after ...
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Spokeo is a search engine specialized in organizing people-related information from phone books, social networks, marketing lists, business sites, and other public sources. Most of this data is publicly available on the Web. For example, you can find people’s name, phone, and address on , and you can get home values from . That said, only Spokeo’s algorithm can piece together the scattered data into coherent people profiles, giving you the most comprehensive intelligence about anyone you want to find. Spokeo’s innovative technology has received numerous accolades and reviews from Newsweek, WSJ, ...