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Special Report on

Software Marketing and Sales Executives

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covering top executives, administration & facilities, business operations, corporate development, customer support, finance, human resources, information technology, legal, regulatory & compliance, manufacturing, marketing, sales, research & development, computer hardware & electronics, software, telecom & network operations, medical & life sciences, and cleantech & alternative energy. Top General Executives Chief Executive Officer - Corporate Chief Executive Officer / President - Subsidiary Chief Operating Officer - Corporate Chief Operating Officer - Subsidiary President - Corporate Top ...
capabilities. In general, EIS are enterprise-wide DSS that help top-level executives analyze, compare, and highlight trends in important variables so that they can monitor performance and identify opportunities and problems. EIS and data warehousing technologies are converging in the marketplace. In recent years, the term EIS has lost popularity in favour of Business Intelligence (with the sub areas of reporting, analytics, and digital dashboards ).
Microsoft Announces New Leadership in Worldwide Partner and U.S. ...
REDMOND, Wash. June 24, 2010 Microsoft Corp. today announced that Allison Watson, corporate vice president of the Microsoft Partner Group, and Jon Roskill, corporate vice president of the Business & Marketing Organization in the U.S, will take on new roles within the company. Microsoft is focused on building and maintaining a strong and dynamic management team, said Kevin Turner, chief operating officer for Microsoft. A key part of that focus is being deliberate about how we move talent across the company and making sure we offer a diverse set of experiences for our executives. Both Allison and Jon have a long history working in ... market research, surveys and trends
Russell Domains & Web Hosting Offers Discount to YTB Travel Biz ...
Logging on at gives exercisers everywhere, free advice, diet tips, workouts videos, user generated articles, recipes, and direct access to Core Rhythms fitness professionals that can help make weight loss dreams a reality. This site also offers the chance to connect with workout buddies by creating customized profiles with before and after photos and video, which helps exercisers plug into a support network that can mean the difference between sticking with their goals or keeping that extra ten pounds on. Through this support network, exercisers across the country and around the world can trade their ... market research, surveys and trends


Sophos Survey Reveals Cyber Attacks on Social Networks Have Tripled
A survey finds that 60 percent of executives view Facebook as a security threat. Meanwhile, experts see LinkedIn as a particular area of vulnerability. By  Courtney Rubin  |  Feb 2, 2010 Warning: Social networking is a huge risk to your company. That's the conclusion of a report  released Monday from IT security company Sophos , which found that the number of firms suffering attacks through social media jumped 70 percent between 2008 and 2009. Boston -based Sophos  polled 502 companies worldwide for what it's dubbed its "Social Security" survey, part of its Security Threat ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Study Implores Marketers to Drive Major Changes in How Companies Measure and Optimize Customer Experience and Advocacy; Critical Need To Improve Listening and Responsiveness Across Organizations PALO ALTO, Calif. (Jan. 26, 2009) - Despite overwhelming agreement on the importance of customer experience and word-of-mouth, senior marketers admit their companies are failing to take decisive, company-wide action to integrate customer voice and experience into key business and marketing processes, according to a new study by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council. Sponsored by Satmetrix, the Net Promoter Company, the study, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Quality Systems, Inc.'s NextDDS Solution Wins 2010 American Business Award(SM)
announced today that its Dental Division's NextDDS solution earned the American Business Award (ABA) for best ad campaign in the health products and services category. QSI's Dental business unit launched an advertising campaign in 2009 to promote its NextDDS SaaS (Software as a Service) application, a new solution for managing electronic dental office records. The Get SaaS-ier campaign included a tri-fold brochure, direct mail piece and magazine ad. All elements of the campaign focused on introducing the company's next generation of dental technologies (SaaS) ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Google and Apple Will Snare the Smartphone Lead from Nokia -- Here's How
(NOK) — when it comes to the main operating system vendors in smartphones, it’s easy to get lost in a forest of sales numbers and forget what they signify. Sort through the meaning behind the apparently sales numbers, and you get a sense of where things are going at the moment. When you do, the picture of the world turns upside down within a year. Android will be at the front of the pack, with Apple second, Nokia third at best, and Microsoft and RIM fighting hard for fourth place. On the surface, unit numbers seem to indicate something different. Apple’s iOS is selling wildly, both on the iPhone 4 and the iPad. However, as ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


101 B2B Marketing and Sales Tips from The B2B Lead Marketing and ...
I bet that's what most CEOs and Sales Executives would say. So why do other departments still think of us ..... process using marketing automation software. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Advertising and Public Relations Services
Competition for jobs will be keen, because the glamour of the industry traditionally attracts more jobseekers than there are job openings. California and New York together account for about 19 percent of firms and 28 percent of the workers in the industry. Layoffs are common when accounts are lost, major clients cut budgets, or agencies merge. Goods and services. Firms in the advertising and public relations services industry prepare advertisements for other companies and organizations and design campaigns to promote the interests and image of their clients. This industry also includes media representatives—firms that sell ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Leading the Effective Sales Force Program – Executive Education at ...
When people and resources are both scarce and expensive, every investment in your sales force must count. The sales force is a major growth engine for a firm, as well as a critical source of market feedback. Yet it is also a substantial investment — and one that can rapidly grow out of control. Stimulating the sales force while simultaneously controlling costs is the balance you must achieve. In this course, you will learn how to cut costs while raising sales — by analyzing your sales calls, realigning territories, shifting product or market emphasis, reallocating salesperson time, and adjusting sales force size. You ...
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Sales Managers' Insulation - Good or Bad Idea? | LinkedIn Answers ...
Yesterday morning we woke up to below freezing temperatures in my neighborhood. I know because as soon as my bare feet trudged past our nice warm fireplace, Mr. Magoo (the cat) stretched up the door with that 'let me out' look. So, then my bare feet tip toed across the freezing tile floor in the unheated sunroom to let him out and tip toed (quickly) back to the nice warm fireplace and morning coffee. Fast forward a few hours..... I was dressed wearing a jacket and leaving for work. Backed the car out of the garage. Got out of the car to put the trash bin out by the street (Thursday is trash day in my neighborhood.) ...
5 Direct Mail Tips for Marketing to Top Executives
Direct marketing guru and author Denny Hatch has a colorful name for executive assistants. He calls these good people, whose responsibilities include screening phone calls, sorting the mail and helping to manage the daily activities of their high-powered bosses… "White Fang." And these days "White Fang" has very capable assistants of his or her own in the form of caller ID, voice mail and email filters. Let's face it, a big part of their job is to keep us - the B-to-B Marketer and sales professional - out . But because these senior-level executives can make or break our sales and marketing efforts, it's ...